Decorative Butterfly Throw Pillows: Flights of Imagination

by SusanM

These three types of butterfly throw pillows add something special to your home.

Butterflies are extremely popular. They're also a nice decorating touch in your home too. Butterfly throw pillows add instant color to any room. They also give a sense of natural gracefulness and lightness. Their fragility a beautiful style.

The butterfly also has a strong symbolic element. Their metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a butterfly makes them an important symbol of change and rebirth. They're also a well known symbol of the soul and love.

The natural colors of butterflies means you can find many options for different color schemes. When you add artistic and abstract designs this gives even more decorating ideas.

Throw Pillows with Realistic Butterfly Photos

I love blue butterflies. They're some of the most beautiful I think - and this one is gorgeous. It's an exotic Blue Morpho Butterfly which are found in some of the tropical forests of Latin America. These butterflies have the most amazing color. A work of art courtesy of Mother Nature. 

Now the differing shades of blue in this butterfly set against the darker green forest foliage make this an truly beautiful, eye-catching and decorative throw pillow. This means it's great for a drab room or living space. It's colors immediately add superb brightness to any room. The focus on blues and greens also means that it's a brightness that's still relaxing. So it won't over energize a living space. 

Here's a Blue Morpho Butterfly Video

Rather than being relaxing this decorative butterfly throw pillow adds a warm and energetic brightness to a room. 

The butterfly on this throw pillow is a Monarch Butterfly which are well known in the USA and Mexico. The colors of the Monarch Butterfly are vastly different to the Morpho Butterfly - but no less beautiful. Rather than an exotic mood this butterfly gives a room a comforting, warm feel. 

The colors in this pillow will also work with color schemes that may not work with the blue butterfly. This shows how the different types of butterflies give great decorating options. 

Create a Warm, Bright Feel

This throw pillow also has a Monarch Butterfly on it. But the flower colors create a pillow that will work in rooms where pink is a featured color. The other Monarch Butterfly pillow I've just featured wouldn't work so well in a room with pinks or purples. 

Being a Monarch Butterfly this throw pillow also has that comforting and warm feel to it. But the background coloring creates a pillow that's more girly and feminine than the other Monarch pillow. 

This makes it a nice choice if you want to add a feel of feminine warmth to a room or living space.

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Documentary

This is a lovely and bright decorative butterfly throw pillow that would be perfect for a child's room or playroom. It may also work in a room where you need a splash of color and fun. 

The hand drawn design, rather than a photo, on this pillow gives it a relaxed, fun feel. This is one of the reasons why it works well in a child's room. The other reason is it's great use of color which gives it a fun, happy feeling. All the different colors in this pillow also help it work with most color schemes. 

The artwork used for this butterfly throw pillow also has a modern feel that's a nice touch for a child's room. 

So it's a very flexible decorating option. 

This is a more formal butterfly throw pillow that's still fun and relaxed looking.

The blues are the main reason for the feeling of relaxation it gives.

The golden brown highlights balance the cold blue with a warmer color. This makes the pillow feel less formal and a really nice choice for a bedroom especially. 

This throw pillow is also a nice pillow for any room where you want to match a blue color scheme but need a little warmth and comfort too. It would add brightness to a room that has a white or lighter grey color scheme as well. 

Create Warmth and Comfort

This decorative butterfly throw pillow has a lovely stylish look.

It's dark coloring gives it a formal feel but this pillow still has a sense of fun. This sense of informality and fun is mostly because of the swirls that are used in this pillow design. 

This throw pillow would work very well in a room that uses color scheme based on blues or purples. It would also add some strong color accents to a white or lighter colored room. 

Although this would work in a bedroom it's a lovely option for a more formal living area. 

Style a Formal Living Area

Abstract Butterfly Throw Pillows

This is an abstract butterfly pillow that doesn't instantly show it's butterfly design. It's obvious when you look closely that it's a butterfly design pillow but it doesn't jump out at you. This is great if you want something more ambiguous than an basic butterfly design. This ambiguity can give a very modern look to a room. 

The use of different colors in this pillow adds to it's abstract feel. It will also add some instant color if you need to give a room a very quick makeover. 

Because the colors in this decorative butterfly throw pillow are a little more sedate than the other abstract pillow I've featured it will work as either a highlight with other plain pillows or as a clump of pillows with this design.

This is a fun and bright butterfly throw pillow if you're looking for something for a kids bedroom or playroom. Although it's also a good choice if you're wanting something in bold colors to brighten up any room. 

The use of different colored background colors on this pillow help give the feeling of flight - as the butterflies fly off the green into the purple part of the pillow. 

The colors in this pillow are well chosen too as they will compliment nearly every color scheme you can think of. This of course will depend on the pillows you match it with of course. 


Modern Kid's Throw Pillow

Flight of the Butterflies
Updated: 02/10/2013, SusanM
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SusanM on 10/07/2012

Yes doesn't it. I've always loved the blue colored butterflies myself :)

Sheri_Oz on 10/07/2012

These are really lovely. I like the Jewel Butterfly best, but that monarch looks so real.

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