Owl Throw Pillows: The Best Picks

by SusanM

Owl themed throw pillows are a fabulous decor idea for fans of these amazing birds. These pillows are some of the best you can find...

Hedwig, the owl from the Harry Potter series, has brought owls back into the limelight but if you've ever seen an owl in the wild you're unlikely to have forgotten it.

I once saw a large, snowy white owl when I was a child. The owl landed on a tree branch in our garden just near where I was standing. We quietly contemplated each other for a moment before the owl flew off. It was amazing and I understood that day how these birds have become connected to many powerful symbols. They have an incredible intensity.

Owls have been symbolic for learning and wisdom. They're thought to offer protection. They're also thought to be mystical.

These symbols and feelings are also part of any owl decor you include in your home - like throw pillows. There are some really nice designs in owl throw pillows. Many suitable for children's rooms (where the symbol of protection is a nice thought). Some are also great for any age.

Artistic Owl Throw Pillow

This owl pillow is created from a hand drawn artistic design (looks like oil pastels have been used). The colors used in it's creation are peaceful but still bright.

The mood of the owl is quiet wisdom - which fits in with the most popular symbolism connected to this animal. That of the wise, old bird watching events around him.

This is a pillow that would be good for either an adult or child. It's also in a color scheme that would be suitable for boys or girls. So it's a nice choice to start off an owl pillow list.

Cute Owl Throw Pillow

This cute blue owl has a whimsical look on it's face. This is the type of owl that looks like it has just flown off the pages of a children's story book. This means it's a fun choice for a child's room.

It comes in both blue and pink as well as green and orange - so it's good for a boy's or girl's room. 

This pillow is also a fun choice for a playroom because it adds a lovely feeling of brightness. The owl symbolism of protection works well in a child's bedroom or playroom too.  

Color Change Owl Pillow

This owl patterned pillow is a fun addition to a room. It's also a pillow that lets you change the background color making it really easy to coordinate with any color scheme. 

I tried the color change myself and it's easy if you follow the basic instructions: "By using the CUSTOMIZE IT button above and accessing the EDIT > Background menu, you can give this transparent owl design new look!" There's a lot of colors to choose from but make sure you change both the front and back of the pillow (you can swap sides by clicking on the "front" - "back" option just under the photo of the pillow design).

Retro Owl Throw Pillow

This red retro owl pillow is a bright decor addition. The pillow design has the owl art of Thaneeya McArdle and has an almost folk feel to it. This is an owl throw pillow that connects to the mystical symbolism of owls too I feel. 

I don't think this pillow would be the best choice for a child's room but it would be great for a teen girl's room or an area in your home frequented by adults. 

This style of owl pillow is created in a few designs in browns, pinks and reds by Thaneeya McArdle. All have the same folk style. 

Starry Owls Throw Pillow

If you're looking for an owl pillow for a child's room this is a fun choice if it goes with your color scheme. The owls are very cute and the bold colors make it good for either a boy or girl - if the child is a toddler or young preschooler. For older children it's best for a girl's room.

The big eyes on these owls look fabulous and make them look wise. While the night sky behind them, which changes from a dark blue up the top to a brighter blue at the bottom, is a really nice touch. 

Owls Dreamland Throw Pillow

This Owls Dreamland pillow has an interesting design. The choice of mauve and green not only looks good but also symbolizes the unreal world of dreams - where owls can be green and the sky mauve. 

This makes it a nice choice for a bedroom when you want something different and bright but still with a sleepy theme. It's also the perfect choice for a mauve or green colored bedroom where you want to add a bit of bold color. 

I would probably use this pillow in a child's room but the design is also well suited for a grown up's bedroom too.

Owl Family Throw Pillow

This Owl Family throw pillow has an unusual design I really like. 

The owls on this pillow remind me of matryoshka dolls (those Russian nesting dolls). I think this is a nice design for a family of owls because matryoshka dolls usually have a family theme. The colors also remind me of Russian folk art with it's brightness and use of lots of red. 

I don't think this design is specific to any age or area of your home. Although there are probably better owl pillows choices for very young children. 

Classic Owl Throw Pillow

If you want something earthy looking this might be a better choice than those with brighter colors. 

This is a very detailed chenille tapestry pillow in shades of brown with earthy toned greens, blues, reds and yellows. This pillow is very soft to touch because because of the chenille. 

These pillows come in a set of two so they're perfect for a sofa in a living area that has warmer, earthy tones.

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SusanM on 11/24/2012

That's interesting Katie. I had no idea they were coming back into fashion. Really pleased to hear that they are tho' - such beautiful birds!! :)

katiem2 on 11/24/2012

So true, my daughters have checked these out and love them as well. My youngest has a long owl sweater chain she wears and gets lots and lots of complements on. The young people are falling in love with owls and will no doubt create a demand turning it into a new and popular trend. :)K

SusanM on 11/23/2012

Great designs aren't they. I was really pleased with what I found for this article :)

katiem2 on 11/23/2012

I adore the owl designs in throw pillows, I wouldn't mind having each one of these fashionable throw pillows. Great colors and designs. :)K

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