Throw Pillows with a Beach Theme: Shells, Sand and More

by SusanM

A collection of fabulous beach themed throw pillows for your home

Many people feel a strong affinity for the beach. If you're one of these people bringing the beach into your home can give a feeling a relaxation and calmness to your personal space. You can of course do this with ornaments and wall art. But many people forget that throw pillows are also a great (and comfy) decorating idea.

These pillows will look great in a room that has a few shells or driftwood scattered about on tables or shelves as decoration. It's even better if you can collect these ornaments yourself. Collecting empty shells washed up on a beach is better for the environment. It's a fun and relaxing activity for any age. It also means the shells you have on display have some personal meaning to you. They'll remind you of those days you walked along the beach collecting them.

Now there aren't a lot of good quality throw pillows with a beach design - but there are some good ones...

Beach Themed Throw Pillows Using Photos

Setting the Scene

This throw pillow is created from a photo that is mostly blue. This certainly helps give a feeling of relaxation and calmness. But what caught my eye about this beach themed throw pillow was how it catches the imagination.

The photo shows what you would see if you were walking along that beach path towards the clear water. For this reason it draws you into the beach world. So rather than a simple design it's one of the few beach themed pillows that you can interact with on an imaginary level. This makes it a lovely choice for a beach lover.

Tropical Sunset Colors

This pillow is another choice that draws you in - but in a different way. The dark silhouette of the beach against the vibrant purple and yellow of the sky and sea creates an impressive design. 

Not focusing on the usual beach colors this beach throw pillow is a good choice if the classic beach colors won't go with the rest of your decor. So it gives you another color scheme to work with without losing any of the beach feel. Fabulous idea. 

Digging at the Beach

This is a throw pillow that's suitable for any main room frequented by adults. It's also great for a child's room. This is because the mix of the photo style and fun beach theme give this pillow a lighthearted and playful feel. This makes it a sentimental design for grown ups who like to remember their childhood days at the beach. It's also a playful design for kids who love building sandcastles. 

So it's this mood that's created through the spade and starfish on the beach that's the highlight of this pillow.

An Abstract Like Design

This photo of ripples in the sand is a different design to what you'd usually see. It's understated but at the same time gives a strong beach feel. 

The simplicity of the design brings your attention to the look, movement and feel of the sand. It's warmth and graininess. This is a creative approach. 

The focus on the sand itself also gives this pillow an almost abstract design. This is great if you're looking for a design that doesn't have a traditional beach theme throw pillow design. 

Artistic Beach Throw Pillows

Bright and Fun Beach Design

If you're wanting something that will jump off your bed or couch with brightness this is the throw pillow for you.

It's also a good one if you want something that symbolizes those busy, happy days at the beach during the summer (when it does get somewhat crowded). 

This is a pillow that will go with many color schemes because it has so many colors in it. Although I think it would look best if a couple of these were mixed in with some plainer pillows.

Modern Looking Beach Pillow

This beach inspired throw pillow is a clever and modern looking design. It uses the classic colors we associate with the beach - blues and yellows without including the sand. Instead it focuses on the summer sun (well I assume it's a summer sun) and the sea. 

It's the inclusion of the sun for the yellow shades rather than using the usual sand that gives this pillow a unique feel. It takes it out of the more common design range into something that's original and bright. As well as the design the use of bold pattern shapes is another reason why this pillow has such a modern feel to it.

Beach Lighthouse Pillow

When we think about beach inspired throw pillows we often forget about lighthouses. These can be fabulous decorative pillows. They're also good if you want a more masculine feel to a room I think. 

Unfortunately lighthouse designed pillows are rare. This one with a watercolor art look was one of the good quality ones I found that was suitable for adults. Many of the lighthouse design throw pillows are created for use in a child's room. So they don't have the detail or the coloring of the pillow I've featured here.

Beach Pattern Throw Pillow

If you're looking for simplicity in a pattern this one makes a nice addition to your home.

The colors are subtle so this pillow will easily blend in with other your other decor without being too prominent. But this doesn't mean this pillow has a boring style. This is because of the differing shapes used in the beach pattern. There's seashells, rocks and starfish on a sand-like background. The blue also brightens this design and works much better than if this beach throw pillow had been in the subtle colors only.

Because of the colors used in this pillow it's definitely one for a grown ups bedroom, living space or sun room - not a child's room. A child wouldn't appreciate the quietness of this design or the color palette that's been used. 

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Updated: 10/31/2012, SusanM
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