How to Promote your Zazzle Stores

by TilenHrovatic

If you have a store on Zazzle than you probably know that promotion is a big part of sales and success on Zazzle. Here you can learn how to promote your Zazzle stores.

Zazzle is a great place where you can create your own store with awesome and beautiful designs and then sell them on your own Zazzle stores. You can add your designs, quotes or photographs on more than 170 different products and then sell them online. Zazzle is great for designers, photographers, musicians and other creative artists.

When you create a store with some products you need to promote your store well in order to expose your products to your targeted audience and get people to know about your designs. More traffic to your store means more sales. And more sales lead to bigger earnings on Zazzle!

In this article I want to present the best way to promote your Zazzle stores and products. I use these techniques to drive traffic to my Zazzle store and this really increase my sales and reputation of my Zazzle stores. If you have a store on Zazzle it's time to start doing some promotion and marketing and get serious about your stores. Don't give up just because you have no traffic! Do something about it and see your earnings grow and grow!


create a blog to promote your Zazzle products

Blog is maybe the best way to keep your fans and readers updated with your latest designs, drive traffic to your Zazzle stores and improve SEO for your stores and products. You can simply create a free blog and write updates with your latest designs, news and new improvements in your stores.

Below is a list of some awesome providers of free blogs. Use them to expose your products.

Social Networking

Do you have a Facebook acccount? Do you tweet? You probably do. And you can promote your Zazzle stuff on these popular social networks to expand your network, expose your products to a larger audience of potential buyers and increase your sales.

Facebook is most definitely the best social network to promote your Zazzle products. You can post an update from time to time to present your new designs to your friends. You can create a Facebook page for your store or you can install an official Zazzle application for Facebook to directly connect your Zazzle store with your Facebook profile or page.

Twitter is another cool way to promote your stuff on Zazzle. Tweet your new designs and don't forget to include some #hastags. Hashtags and trends will give you more exposure and bigger audience.

Social Bookmarking

bookmark your Zazzle products and stores on popular social bookmarking sites

Submit your Zazzle store and products to best social bookmarking sites and gain traffic and exposure. I suggest you to submit each of your stores, each category and the best products. There is a small bookmarking widget below each product on Zazzle that will help you to quickly submit to hundreds of social bookmarking sites.

There are too many of social bookmarking sites and it's a waste of time and energy to submit to all of them. Below is the list of my favorite social bookmarking sites that you should submit your designs and stores to.

Revenue Sharing Sites

promote your Zazzle products on Wizzley, Squidoo and other revenue sharing sites

One of the best ways to promote your Zazzle stores and products is to create promotional pages on some of the best revenue sharing sites. You will increase your sales on Zazzle and earn some extra cash by participating in revenue sharing. It's a win win situation! :)

I personally recommend sites that have Zazzle as their official source of revenue. These sites allows their members to either promote products from others and earn a commission for each sale or simply promote your own products and stores and increase your sales.

Revenue sharing sites with Zazzle modules:

Some other awesome revenue sharing sites

Do you make money with Zazzle?

Best way to promote your Zazzle stores and products?

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Updated: 08/26/2011, TilenHrovatic
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Mira on 06/04/2014

Hmm, it seems all posts on Digg include a video.

Mira on 06/04/2014

You have some great ideas here. I'll try to promote my Zazzle products more. I'll probably start with Digg. I see you put it at the top of the list. I only use SU of those five bookmarking sites you listed.

allison on 10/24/2012

great article! check out my facebook page

Swisstoons on 01/28/2012

Excellent ideas for promoting. One word of caution. For several months, I promoted like crazy on SU which resulted in dozens and dozens of Most Viewed ribbons and quite a few sales. Problem is, when SU catches on to what you're doing, they will penalize you. You'll find the number of visitors being sent dropping from dozens and even hundreds a day...down to 1 or 2. I suspect that if you limited this self promotion to one product a day, interpersed with other recommended pages, you might be able to continue doing it indefinitely. I was promoting 5-7 of my products each and every day. SU does, however, welcome promo blurbs on a pay-per-click basis. It was 5 cents per last time I checked.

TilenHrovatic on 10/25/2011

@sheilamarie and @ohcaroline I'm glad that you find this article helpful. It's really important to promote your Zazzle store in order to make more sales and expose your Zazzle stores and products. SEO is also an important part of Zazzle income and I will make an article about SEO for Zazzle soon :) I hope these articles will help you to increase your Zazzle sales :)

sheilamarie on 08/27/2011

I have to do more promoting of my Zazzle stores. Friends may visit but it's getting google visits that usually end up making sales. Thanks for putting together this list of all the avenues we need to take to get traffic to our Zazzle stores.

ohcaroline on 08/27/2011

I am always looking for ways to promote my Zazzle products. Thanks. Sometimes I forget even the basics!

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