Kindle Fire Decals and Skins

by TerriRexson

There are some gorgeous Kindle Fire Decals available for personalizing your Kindle Fire tablet. Lots of cute and stylish designs for adults, tweens and teens.

Decals for the Kindle Fire Tablet

Did you get a Kindle Fire for Christmas? Or maybe you treated yourself. The Kindle Fire is a great tablet, but it's not exactly the most elegant gadget to look at. Lots of people like to personalize their Kindle Fire with a stick on decal or skin with a gorgeous design. 

There are some gorgeous Kindle Fire skins available from DecalGirl. The decals cover the back of the tablet and also the border on the front. They leave all buttons and sockets accessible and can be left on permanently. You can remove them without leaving any residue if you fancy a change of design. 

In this article we'll look at some of our favorites and we've included the installation video so you can see how easy it is to apply a decal to your Kindle Fire. 

A Kindle Fire decal makes a great gift for someone who has a Kindle Fire. It's mostly decorative, but it does also protect the tablet case from scratches and finger prints. 

Winter Sparkle Kindle Fire Skin

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Winter Sparkle
Only $19.99

A Vibrant Arty Kindle Fire Decal

Women, Teen Girls

This Winter Sparkle Kindle Fire Skin is a very stylish decal with bright colors. It will make it easy to spot your Kindle Fire and you'll get lots of admiring looks. 

This is a sophisticated cover that will work well for adult women and teenagers. 

Owls Family Kindle Fire Skin

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Owls Family
Only $14.99

Cute Retro Modern Kindle Fire Decal

Tween and Teen Girls

The Owls Family Kindle Fire Skin from DecalGirl is very cute. It features a popular retro modern owl design with pretty colors. 

This cute own skin will appeal to teen and tween girls who like cute designs, and also to a lot of adult women too - there's something very appealing about these owls!

Kindle Fire DecalGirl Skin Installation

DecalGirl Skin Features

  • The Kindle Fire Decals are custom designed to be just the right size to fit the Kindle Fire. They don't stop you using any of the features of the tablet. 
  • The decals are durable and designed to stay on your tablet. 
  • You can remove the decals without leaving any residue so you can change the style of your Kindle Fire in the future. 
  • The skins are made from vinyl and have a matte coating to reduce glare and fingerprints. They are also non-slip. 
  • The skins can easily be applied in a few seconds - you just need a steady hand. Watch the video to see how it is done. 

Library Kindle Fire Skin

Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Library
Only $14.99

A Grown Up Kindle Fire Decal

Adult Men and Women

The Kindle Fire Library Skin from DecalGirl is a warm traditional library scene showing shelves of books. 

This Kindle Fire cover will appeal to those with a sense of irony - for many the Kindle Fire replaces shelves of print books. This is an elegant design that will appeal to adult men and women. 

More Kindle Fire Decals

A few more gorgeous designs
Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Vintag...
Only $14.99
Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Line D...
Only $14.99
Decalgirl Kindle Fire Skin - Starry...
Only $14.99

I hope you found just the right Kindle Fire skin or decal to suit your style or to give as a gift. 

Updated: 12/29/2011, TerriRexson
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