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by SeanMac

DC Universe and Lego have produced new Lego figures of all the comic superheroes that we know and love. The new range are 4 times bigger that the popular minifigures.

Lego Batman

Transformer style

Such is the competition in the Toy market that Hasbro Transformers are now in brick format (as KREO) and the most popular ever Lego Batman is now almost transformer like in appearance. DC comics and Lego have produced these new figures that are 8 inches tall and are based on superheroes that appear in the DC comic book range (Marvel comic heroes will also appear as Lego have that franchise too).

Battle royal

DC Universe Lego Batman with Joker
DC Universe Lego Batman with Joker

Lego hero and villain

These are the two most popular figures in the new Ultra range and each of them stands a full 8 inches tall which is a big increase factor on their minifigure versions of only 2 inches high. They are reasonably priced too at under $15 each. Some mini Lego figures are dearer that that especially newer ranges like Lego Friends, Star Wars and Batman. 

Lego Joker with Batman

LEGO Ultrabuild The Joker 4527
$65.78  $66.34
LEGO Ultrabuild Batman 4526
Only $59.99

The toys are marketed under the Lego Ultrabuild title (flexible building system) and feature Superheroes from popular comics. The come with extras; for instance, with Batman there are as 2 swords (which can be slotted together) and if you combine him with another Ultrabuild model his size can be increased. The Joker, with his blaster weapon (included) in the kit, spreads chaos through Batman's Gotham City and is the ideal complimentary toy if you purchase Batman. While the kids will be happy with one figure to play with, they will be especially delighted with a baddie as well.

DC Universe characters

Comic book superheroes

Several other DC Universe Lego characters will become available as time goes by and the most recent one is Green Lantern Lego. All of the DC comic Lego figures in the Ultrabuild series are flexible and have the ability to be twisted and contorted into numerous poses. This is achieved by a fully interlocked ball and socket mechanism which gives the figure its mobility feature. The Green Lantern figure comes with his morning star weapon as an attachment but the bonus is that he can be combined with Batman to make a bigger figure. 

Newer figures due in Lego Ultrabuild

Even newer figures were recently launched to market include LEGO Ultrabuild Hulk and LEGO Ultrabuild Iron Man plus the LEGO Ultrabuild Captain America, but there are others in the pipeline too, so watch out for your favorite superhero.

Lego Green Lantern

LEGO Ultrabuild Green Lantern 4528
$57.59  $56.88

Build bigger Lego figures

Transforming Lego

By combining the parts of any of these Lego men (you will need more than one superhero) you can transform your favorite character up to new heights. Each hero on average comes with 40 pieces. By stripping one figure and then using the parts you can create a super powerful Joker who will dwarf Batman.

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Batman Universe Comments

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SeanMac on 07/22/2012

Batman Lego is the best selling toy from the building brick manufacturer. Hardly surprising really that DC comics and Lego have combined to promote the Caped Crusader (I prefer CC to the Dark Knight). Thanks again, Katie, for visiting my articles.

katiem2 on 07/22/2012

Batman Universe lego figures are sure to be a huge hit, love both batman and legos, so you can't go wrong.

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