LEGO Monster Fighters - 4961-4968

by TerriRexson

LEGO Monster Fighters is a new Lego theme introduced in summer 2012 featuring mummies, vampires, frankenstein and other monents. Perfect for Halloween Lego builds.

The LEGO Monster Fighters sets are inspired by classic horror movies and feature vampires, ghosts, Frankenstein's monster, mummies and even a swamp monster!

The sets are aimed at children from age 6 up, some of the sets are from age 8. These sets are sure to appeal to lots of teenage and adult fans of Lego too.

Now available to order at ToysRUs.

Lego Monster Fighters 2012

The new Lego Monster Fighters theme is out in summer 2012 and there is some availability from May 2012. So you can buy them over the summer and have your cool Lego display ready for Halloween. 

Halloween Lego Sets

The Lego Monster Fighters theme is perfect for a Halloween Lego display. Lots of people have been putting together custom Halloween Lego scenes and train sets. The Lego Monster Fighters range gives us some great new official Lego sets that work well as a Halloween display or a Halloween gift for older kids. 

There are glow in the dark pieces in these sets too to create an eerie feel. 

Lego 9468 Vampire Castle

Lego Monster Fighters 2012

The Lego 9468 Vampyre Castle is one of the largest sets in the Lego Monster Fighters theme. 

This is a Vampire / Dracula themed set with an impressive spooky gothic castle to build. 

The castle has lots of features like shooting spiders and a trapdoor. 

You also get a hero car for the monster fighters. 

6 Minifigures:

  • 2 monster fighters: Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer
  • The Vampire and the Vampire's bride
  • 2 man-bat monsters

LEGO Monster Fighters 9468 Vampyre Castle

LEGO Monster Fighters 9468 Vampyre Castle
$384.99  $339.88

Lego 9467 Ghost Train

Lego Monster Fighters

The Lego Ghost train is another large set with a Halloween ghost train to build. 

The ghost train has a prison carriage, lots of bone details and some glow in the dark bits. Excellent for Halloween. 

You also get another vehicle with the set, the heroes Vintage airplane.  

Minifigures: 3 Ghosts and the monster fighters Frank Rock and Ann Lee

LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost Train

LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost Train
Only $79.99

Lego 9466 Frankenstein

Lego 9466 is the Crazy Scientist's Lab. This is a medium to large set. It includes a resurrection table which has a LEGO light brick. And there's also a prison cell. You get the Mad Professor and his monster minifigures.

You also get a hero car with the monster fighters Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele. The car is equipped with flick missiles.

Can our heroes retrieve the moonstone and stop the monsters getting in to the Vampyre castle?

LEGO Monster Fighters 9466 The Mad Professor and His Monster

LEGO Monster Fighters 9466 The Mad Professor and His Monster
$179.99  $169.88

Lego 9464 Vampire Hearse

The Lego 9464 Vampire Hearse goes with the Lego Vampire castle.

You get the big black hearse hearse to build. The hearse has a catapult feature and comes with Lord Vampyre. You also get a driver for the hearse. 

This set also includes monster fighter Dr. Rodney Rathbone and his motorcycle. 

LEGO Monster Fighters 9464 The Vampyre Hearse

LEGO Monster Fighters 9464 The Vampyre Hearse
$146.7  $110.88

Lego 9463 Were Wolf

Lego 9463 Werewolf set is a medium sized set. 

There's a very cool Lego Werewolf minifigure on top of a tree. My older son loves Werewolves so this is probably going to be his favorite set. 

You also get a Lego Monster Fighter Major Quinton Steele minifigure with his jeep. The Major's weapon is a huge blunderbuss and he wears a pith helmet. 

The tree a reasonable sized model to build so there's plenty to keep you busy with this set. 

LEGO Monster Fighters 9463 The Werewolf

LEGO Monster Fighters 9463 The Werewolf
$89.82  $77.01

Lego 9462 Mummy

Lego 9462 Mummy set includes a Mummy monster figure and a Monster Fighter Ann Lee minifigure. 

The main vehicle is a horse and cart - the Mummy's chariot. The horse glows in the dark. Very cool. 

There's also a small helicopter. 

Ann Lee must stop the Mummy from giving the (included) moonstone to the Vampyre!


LEGO Monster Fighters 9462 The Mummy

LEGO Monster Fighters 9462 The Mummy
$11.99  $7.79

Lego 9461 The Swamp Monster

Lego 9461 The Swamp Monster is a smaller Monster Fighters set with a green swamp monster minifigure and the monster fighter Frank Rock minifigure on a small boat. 

This is the smallest Monster Fighters set but still includes two minifigures and the small boat and scenery to build - a great pocket money choice. 

LEGO Monster Fighters 9461 The Swamp Creature

LEGO Monster Fighters 9461 The Swamp Creature
$59.99  $55.0

Lego Monster Fighters Storyline

We're back in the Victorian era with classic horror story characters. The monster fighters, a collection of historical explorer and hero types, must stop the monsters. 

The monsters are trying to collect all six moonstones and place them in their spots on the Vampyre castle - this will eclipse the sun forever! Uh oh.  

The monster fighters enter the monster realm to try and stop them. 

Lego Monster Fighters Video

What do we Think of the Monster Fighters Range?

I have to admit when I first heard about the Monster Fighters range I ignored it. I thought it would be imaginary monsters with action hero types. Something kids might enjoy, but nothing special. But now I've got a glimpse of the actual range I'm impressed. 

I love that Lego have drawn on classic monsters from books and early horror movies, and that they've taken the action heroes from a different time as well. It looks like great fun. 

We're going to have a brilliant Lego Halloween in 2012!

The Monster Fighters

The monster fighters look amazing! They seem to be partly based on the old Lego adventurers theme which was set in the time of the great explorers with bowler hats, pith helmets and monocles. (This was a very cool pre-Indiana Jones theme Lego range.) There seems to be some Steampunk body parts going on there too. Very neat. 

Lego Monster Fighters Fun

LEGO Monster Fighters Site
Watch videos about the Monster Fighters story and more coming soon.

LEGO Monster Fighters on eBay

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