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by lou16

An eclectic collection of posters, cards, iphone cases, throw pillows and other gift ideas based on photographs, text and even vintage images.

Lou165 on Zazzle

When I first joined Zazzle I have to admit I didn’t know what I was doing – my store was called Lou’s Zazzle Store and my moniker was Lou165.   I started off thinking I would just use photographs from around the area in Australia that I live and the area in New Zealand where my parents live.   Once on there however I started creating all kinds of products and they really don’t all relate to each other at all!!

I think the word to best describe my store is definitely eclectic as you really never know what design, photo, funny saying will turn up next!   One of my favourite pieces is a t-shirt that says it’s all about me and as my dd also likes this I brought it for her for Christmas – her reaction was priceless and she really is a great advertisement as she’s telling everyone I designed it for her!

I even wrote an article about this shirt I like it so much!

We all know someone who thinks the world revolves around them, well know you can get them the t shirt that confirms this!

The biggest single order from this shop was for postcards of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which you can see opposite.   I love how this turned out, it was originally a family snap that I took when my hubby and I flew down to Sydney for the day a few years ago.   I ran it through an antiquated version of Picture It that I had on my old computer and somehow ended up with this cool looking image.

This image is also available on a range of other products including a rather cool (if I say so myself) throw pillow.

Since the birth of Lou’s Zazzle Store I’ve upgraded to a better camera and I’m also now the proud owner of Photoshop Elements 10 (just need to learn how to use it!), consequently my products are getting better...….I think.   I haven’t deleted any of my old products however, even though I think some of them are embarrassing – do you want to know why?

I have a couple of products that I was thinking of deleting a few months ago when I was looking through the shop and thinking it needed organizing.   I popped it on my to do list and left for the school run, the next morning I got a Zazzle email and guess what had sold?   Yes two each of both products that I was going to delete – they went to the same person and they weren’t returned proving that everyone’s taste is different.

I have just finished re-organizing my store in an attempt to get some semblance of order amongst what I think of as the chaos – how people ever found my products before I have no idea!   I do have a range of other stores now, however, which are a lot more focused and you can check them all out here –

If you love waterfalls you’ll love this Zazzle store as it’s full of images of waterfalls available on canvases, posters, cards, throw pillows, iphone cases and lots more items.
If you're looking for a gift that is quintessentially Kiwi then the Kiwiana Shop is the place for you.
Seagull images star in the ‘Watching Seagulls’ Zazzle Store which features these gorgeous birds on it's range of products.
Looking Back in Time is the name of a Zazzle store that offers vintage photos and illustrations on a number of products from cards to iphone cases and more.

Postcards From
This Zazzle store is made up of postcards from various places, it's still in it's infantry, but there are some great scenic postcards available.

Comb out store for beautiful beach art and beach inspired gifts.

I do love lots of different things so I’ll continue to keep Lou’s Zazzle store as a miscellaneous collection of goodies for people to browse through, although I’m endeavouring to keep it a lot more organized to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for.

Do you have a Zazzle Store?

A Few Featured Products

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Updated: 06/01/2012, lou16
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lobobrandon on 07/20/2012

You've got a great store with plenty of products, I've just begun working on mine, not much time to look into it though :) But, I'm moving along well I guess

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2012

I started a Zazzle store, but haven't had time to work on it with all the other things I'm doing. I'll check yours out.

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