The Kiwiana Shop

by lou16

If you're looking for a gift that is quintessentially Kiwi then the Kiwiana Shop is the place for you.

Kiwi inspired t-shirts are really popular which is why they're the main staple in this young New Zealand centric online store.

The latest edition to this online gift store are Kiwi inspired throw pillows which are sure to be a hit. This is a young store so the product range is only going to get bigger and bigger.

Nek Minnit - A Kiwi Phrase

Nek Minnit is such a Kiwi saying that it's hardly surprising that the most popular selling t-shirt in my Kiwiana Shop has these words on it.   In fact the t-shirt featured opposite sold within days of my producing it and with no promotion whatsoever.

I'm not sure when this saying became so popular as I don't remember us using it in the 10 years I lived in NZ, but over the past few years I've heard it every time I've popped back there and our Kiwi friends say it all the time.

In fact because of the popularity of the 'Nek Minnit' t-shirt I decided to make some throw pillows with Nek Minnit on them and I have a number of friends hinting that they want them for Christmas!  

I think I might just get a couple for my bar which already has plenty of Kiwi influences (well I am married to a Kiwi) like the All Blacks and the Waikato Chiefs memorabillia.   I think a Nek Minnit cushion would fit in really well, don't you?

More Kiwi Sayings on T-Shirts

I focused on t-shirts when I first started this Zazzle store as one thing I can tell you about the Kiwis I know - they love their t-shirts.   This is probably one of the reasons I fit in so well in New Zealand, but I'm digressing.

There are lots of Kiwi sayings which I've put onto tee such as 'Chur Chur Bro,' 'No Worries, Mate' and of course 'Sweet As'.    I remember taking my daughter back to New Zealand one year when she was about 3 and she spent quite a bit of time with one of my nephews - returning to Australia I noticed her saying Sweet As after nearly every sentance and this continued for weeks!   I'd never noticed how often our nephew used that phrase until then :)


Lots of Kiwiana To Come!

This online store is one of my Zazzle stores - Zazzle is what's called a POD or a Print on Demand store which allows you to buy cool designs that are printed when you order them, this means you can customize them ie you could change the 'Sweet As, Bro' shirt to a 'Sweet As, Coz' shirt as in some parts of NZ I've noticed Coz is used far more than Bro.

The Kiwiana Shop is a very small shop with only a dozen items at the moment, but it's one that you should bookmark if you're going to be looking for some cool Kiwi inspired shirts or other gift ideas in the future.   I have big plans for this store and you're welcome to visit it in jandals, singlets, whatever you like!


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Lissie on 03/06/2012

I live in NZ and I never heard "nek minnit" until it became "world famous" on social media.

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