Multiple witness UFO sighting in Ely, Cardiff

by BardofEly

I believe in UFOs because I have seen them. Once when I lived in Ely in Cardiff I had a sighting of multiple unidentified flying objects and had other people with me that witnessed

Multiple witness Cardiff UFO sighting
The main reason I believe in UFOs and beings from other worlds is because I have had many sightings and experiences in my life that have shown me evidence of their reality. UFOs are "unidentified flying objects" and what I have witnessed were in that category. I have to admit that does not prove they were craft piloted by alien beings but it also doesn't prove that they were not!
Whilst for most of my encounters I have been on my own, this has not always been the case and the most notable time was when a whole fleet of 'craft' went over my old house in Ely in Cardiff, and three other people saw them.
I was looking at YouTube UFO videos earlier today when I came upon the one I have featured here and the "swarm of UFOs" is just like what went over my house on the night in question. This was probably about ten years back when it happened.

My old house in Parker Place in Ely

Parker Place house
Parker Place house

UFO experiencers in the same street

My good friend the singer-songwriter Pixi Morgan was in the house at the time, as was my former partner Janice Pugsley, who has very sadly died since the incident. Local taxi-driver Ralph Mundy banged on the front door and asked "Have you seen what's in the sky over your house?"

None of us had, because we were all in the living room at the time. Alerted by Ralph, whom I invited in, we all went out the back garden to see what he was on about and a whole host of moving star-like objects was going across the sky directly overhead. It was impossible to count them because there was so many and they were moving.

If they were satellites there was a ridiculous number of them. They were not shooting stars because they were travelling slowly in comparison with meteors and were not falling towards the earth but continuing in straight lines overhead.

Equally strange as that experience, was the fact that my neighbours next door were a couple called Doug and Andrea and they were UFO sighters and experiencers too. Andrea told me she had seen alien beings as well as their ships.

Next to them lived Mark and Catherine, and Mark was yet another UFO sighter and firm believer in their reality. He told me he had seen a landed craft once in Cardiff but he didn't talk to most people about this stuff because of what they would think.

How likely statistically speaking would it be for there to be three houses in a row in a terraced street in a city suburb with UFO experiencers in each house?  It is not likely at all! 

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UFO swarms

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