My October Bucket List

by SPB

Having a "bucket list" for each month is far easier than designing one for the rest of your life. Having thirty one items on a list is pretty easy! Feel free to borrow!

My Bucket List For This Month

Here's to a great October!

I have often thought of preparing a "bucket list" for myself, but after perusing some of the other "bucket lists" I would come away to say... that's not for me!  With a huge list, I just know that I would never get around to even attempting many of them. That's when I came up with the idea of creating a list for each month and everything on the list would have to be something that was not too far out of my comfort zone. 

So that's what I did. I have begun a list of things that I would like to do for October. While it might not seem like your traditional bucket list... if you can even refer to it as traditional, mine will actually get me out of the house and actually doing something.  And at the end of the month, I will actually feel as if I have accomplished something!

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A Chicago Bucket List

Is Having a Bucket List Worth Your Time?

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Actually, I think that it's a great idea!
PeggyHazelwood on 10/06/2011

I think if you have some things you really want to accomplish, a bucket list can be a great way to motivate yourself to do it!

SidewalkPhilosopher on 09/30/2011

I feel we should all have dreams, no matter how simple or how far out of reach. As we get older, sometimes we forget to dream. A bucket list would bring back that since of things still left to accomplish, a healthy attitude at any age.

What's On My List??

Day 1. Bake Halloween cookies for my husband, 30 year old daughter and myself. You don't have to have little ones to enjoy Halloween.

Day 2. Buy one item to decorate the house.

Day 3. Pull out all of my Halloween books from the shelf and put them on the coffee table.

Day 4. Decorate the front porch for Halloween night. 

Day 5. Find costumes that we can actually wear. We went out to a kareoke bar a few years ago and had tons of fun

Day 6. Decorate the diningroom... I have everything from placemats to eerie candalabras and oh yes, lots of black spiders to sprinkle too.

Day 7. Look for a spooky movie to watch... okay not too spooky.

Day 8. Get out the old photo albums. There should be lots of Halloween pics in there to peruse.

Day 9. Go shopping for really good candy to hand out. What were a few of my favorites when I was a kid??

Day 10. Read ghost stories curled up by the fire.

Day 11.  Go out on Halloween night to see the sights.

Day 12 Look to see if their are any authentic haunted houses in our area.

Day 13. I have lots of old magazines published for October. It might be the perfect place for inspiration.

Day 14. Do a little armchair traveling. I wonder where the spookiest place in England would be?

Day 15. Host a Halloween party for hubby's office.

Day 16. Bake enough Halloween goodies to send to the office each Friday of the month.

Day 17. It might be fun to have my Tarot cards read! 

Day 18. Google Halloween customs in other countries. Now this could be fun. I might even borrow a few ideas!

19. Look in the paper to see what the community is doing. I'm kind of hoping for a Corn Maze to explore. I did this once in England and scared me silly. There is just something creepy about not finding your way out of it. Could make for a great Sunday afternoon!

20. Halloween is just perfect for Candy Apples, but we haven't tried any in years and years. This just might be the year!

21. Hot cider on the front porch sounds like something that would be fun...  There are nothing like the sound of October at night!!

22. My daughter came up with the idea of a hayride in combination with choosing our pumpkin for the front porch! I like that one!

23. Get out the digital camera and actually read the manual about how to use it. My Halloween shots could be a lot better if I knew what my camera could actually do.

24. Decorate the house with lots of candles burning a few nights before Halloween arrives. It will get us all in the mood for the big night. 

25. Decorate the front windows with things called "window clings" but only if your kids are old enough not to get freaked out. It really does look like bloody handprints on the windows. Wait until your kids are teens lol. They will probably think that you are amazing. 

26. If you really have time, get some brown paper and design your own book covers and then display them on the coffee table. Lets see just how "spookily creative" you can get. When the month is over, you can remove the covers and return the books to the shelf. 

27. If you have a front porch, you can either sit some old lanterns on the step or hang them so that they light the way to the front porch. I got this idea from a house a couple of blocks away. They had two rusty lanterns hanging at eye level and it did indeed give me the creeps!

28. Make a wand for Sofie... my soon to be born granddaughter. In a few years she will be into the whole princess thing!

29. Pencil in "Welcome to My Nightmare" thanks to Alice Cooper. Have to see this one!

30. Outdo myself with some really cool Jack-o-Lanterns this year. Mine tend to all look the same!

31. Change the artwork in the house for the month of October. I don't have very much at the moment, but half the fun will be getting started. These days, you can find wall hangings and posters... EVERYWHERE~


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Pinkchic18 on 02/28/2012

You have a great list so far!! My husband and I have created one as well, and have planned events off of it - ready to take on the world! lol wonderful lens, that video was super cute.

SidewalkPhilosopher on 09/30/2011

Great Article...yes, we all need things to look forward to no matter how old we get!

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