Outdoor Electric BBQ Grills

by TerriRexson

Our top pick outdoor electric BBQ grills for hassle free summer cooking and entertaining. Large and tabletop models included.

An outdoor electric BBQ grill is a clean and easy alternative to the popular charcoal and gas-powered outdoor grills.

Modern electric grills are very capable and some even include sear bars that get very hot to sear meats so you don't have to miss out on that feature.

You won't get the charcoal taste, but for many the trade-off is worthwhile for the ease of use of an electric grill.

Make sure you have an electric power supply that you can use at your chosen location for the grill. Some of the smaller electric grills can be taken on camping trips if you will have an electric hook up - not having to take fuel with you is definitely an advantage when camping.

In this article we'll look at the advantages of using an outdoor electric grill and look at popular and high end electric grills for outdoor use.

Electric Grill vs Gas Grill or Charcoal Grill

An electric outdoor grill is an increasingly popular alternative to gas-powered grills and charcoal grills, and for good reason in my opinion. 

  • An electric grill can often be used in places where it not safe to have a grill with an open flame. You don't need as much clearance from structures so an electric grill can be an option in a smaller area. Ideal for apartments and city living. 
  • An electric grill is clean and easy to use. No fuel to install, easy clean up after cooking. 
  • An electric grill doesn't require you to buy additional fuel, you just plug it in to your electric supply. We have solar panels on our roof so our electricity is free during sunny weather - which is exactly when we'll be cooking outdoors. 
  • Electric grills heat up quickly and some are even programmable making it more relaxing to be the one doing the cooking when you also want to socialize. 

The downside of an electric grill is that you won't get the charcoal taste that you get from a charcoal grill, and many think that food tastes better cooked on a gas grill. Many modern electric grills do have very hot searing bars so the lack of searing doesn't need to be a problem any more.

Weber 592001 Q-240 Electric Grill

Popular Electric Grill

The Weber 592001 Q-240 Electric Grill is a popular electric grill. Weber are well known for their outdoor BBQ grills and this is their electric grill model. 

The Weber 592001 Q-240 Electric Grill has electric temperature controls so you can adjust it to cook steak, fish or anything else you choose to cook outdoors. 

The Weber electric grill is also compatible with accessories from the Weber range which means you can put it on a Weber rolling cart to provide a stand and the ability to easily move the grill. 

Weber 592001 Q-240 Electric Grill and Cart

at Amazon
Weber 592001 Q-240 Electric Grill
Only $329.00
Weber 6549 Weber Q Rolling Cart
Only $199.95

Tabletop Electric Grill

The 650 Degree Fahrenheit Flameless Grill

The 650 Degree Fahrenheit Flameless Grill.


If you are looking for a high quality compact tabletop outdoor electric grill then consider The 650 Degree Fahrenheit Flameless Grill from Hammacher Schlemmer. 

The sear bars reach 650F so you'll get sear lines on your meat. Additional heating elements ensure that there are no cold spots on this grill. 

Buying a grill from Hammacher Schlemmer means you get their lifetime guarantee. 

The Best Electric Grill

The Best Electric Grill. The Best Electric Grill is a high end luxury electric grill for those who want the best. 

As well as being very well engineered, this grill looks amazing too and will look very stylish. 

This grill is even programmable, so you can tell it what you'll be cooking and let it get on with the hard work while you mingle with your guests. 

And again this grill comes from Hammacher Schlemmer who carefully select very high quality products and offer a lifetime guarantee. 

More Electric Outdoor BBQ Grills (eBay)

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