Outdoor Speakers for Music in the Backyard

by TerriRexson

Top pick outdoor speakers for a variety of budgets. In-ground speakers, rock speakers and high end luxury backyard speakers.

So you want to listen to music in your backyard or another outdoor venue? There are lots of different options for outdoor speakers and the best choice will depend on your requirements and the style of your backyard or patio area.

You'll need to decide whether you want the speakers to be a permanent fixture in your backyard or portable so you can take them with you to different venues or just move them around to where you want the music.

Do you want your speakers to blend in and become invisible in your garden or be a design feature that people will notice? Are you looking for basic speakers that will play background music or a high end outdoor sound system?

We'll take a look at various different styles and designs of outdoor speaker and hopefully find something that meets your needs.

Wired Rock Speakers

Rock speakers are a classic garden design. These TIC Corporation TFS5CN 6.5-Inch 150-Watt Terra-Forms Rock Speakers are more stylish than some of the gray speakers I've seen and will blend in nicely to most backyards. They get good reviews too. 

These are wired outdoor speakers so you'll need to run outdoor rated speaker cable to the speakers. Ideally you would do this during landscaping but you can retro fit cables with a bit of care. 

Obviously if you choose a wired solution you won't be able to move speakers around so do try the sound before you fix your speakers in place. 

You'll need to drive the speakers from an audio system. 

TIC Corporation TFS5CN 6.5-Inch 150-Watt Terra-Forms Rock Speakers (Canyon)

TIC Corporation TFS5CN 6.5-Inch 150-Watt Terra-Forms Rock Speakers ...
Only $154.99

Wired or Wireless Outdoor Speakers?

Wired outdoor speakers take more effort to get installed and are not portable - you can't move them to a different location. But wired speakers typically offer better sound and don't run the risk of interference. Wireless speakers also need recharging in order to be able to pick up the wireless signal. Wireless speakers are portable - you can even take them with you to a friends house or outdoor venue. 

Wireless Rock Speakers

The Cables To Go SPK-ROCK-DUO2 900MHz Wireless Rock Speakers are wireless rock speakers that come in a granite color (shown) or a sandstone. 

You don't need cables with these speakers. The speakers have a wireless receiver and are rechargeable.

You get a dual power transmitter with the speakers which you connect to your audio equipment to transmit the signal to the rock speakers.  

You can connect an iPod, iPhone or MP3 player to the transmitter and it also audio inputs including RCA for home theatre systems. 

Cables To Go SPK-ROCK-DUO2 900MHz Wireless Rock Speaker Bundle

with Dual Power Transmitter (Granite)
Cables To Go SPK-ROCK-DUO2 900MHz Wireless Rock Speaker B...

Lantern Style Speaker

Rock speakers not your thing? Why not choose the Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Speaker in Bronze. 

You won't want to hide this lantern style speaker away as it looks great. 

This is a wireless speaker that runs off batteries or an AC adapter. There's a choice of broadcast frequencies which can help avoid interference. 

The speaker takes stereo audio input and is compatible with your iPhone or iPod. 

Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Speaker

Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless S...
Only $259.97

In Ground Outdoor Speakers

TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker

TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker
Only $109.99

In Ground Speaker

The TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker is an in ground speaker is a good low cost but great value wired speaker solution. 

This speaker is designed to be buried in the ground. You can put them in the flowerbeds and have everyone wondering where the sound is coming from. Some people have buried them in large flower pots if they didn't have a suitable area to bury them underground. 

Unlike many outdoor speakers, the TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker gets very good reviews. 

High End Outdoor Speakers

Best Outdoor Speakers

Very High Quality In Ground Speakers

If you're looking for very high quality in ground speakers then the Bose Free Space 51 Speakers should fit the bill. 

Bose are well know as manufacturers of very high quality audio equipment and their in ground outdoor speakers produce excellent sound quality. 

Now these are not the cheapest outdoor speakers you'll find! But if you are planning on owning outdoor speakers for many years and enjoy good quality music, not just acceptable party music, in your backyard then they may be worth the investment. You should be able to take them with you if you move house. 

Bose Free Space 51 Speakers, extraordinary sound outdoors from in-ground speakers - Green

Bose Free Space 51 Speakers, extraordinary sound outdoors...
Only $499.98

The Best Portable Indoor Outdoor Wireless Speaker

The Best Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker.

If you want high quality outdoor audio but with the flexibility of a portable wireless system then consider the The Best Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker

This system has been selected by Hammacher Schlemmer as the best solution they have tried and comes with their lifetime guarantee. 

You can add additional speakers to the system to cover a larger area. 

This wireless speaker is highly weather resistant and produces high quality audio from a wide range of audio sources including computer, CD players and audio systems. An iPod dock transmitter is included with the system. 

More Outdoor Speakers (eBay)

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blackspanielgallery on 06/27/2015

Blending speakers into the scenery is a clever idea.

Regi_B on 03/28/2012

You've said a lot here about outdoor speakers, Terri. Makes me want to have a yard! (A yard of ale? Sure! Why not!)

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