Playmobil Dragon Knights from Dragon Land

by TerriRexson

Looking for the Playmobil Dragon Knights range? We've got lots of great toys to choose from whether your on the side of the Green Dragon Knights or the Red Dragon Knights.

Dragon Playmobil

Playmobil Dragon Land Range

We're really enjoying the Playmobil Dragon Knights Range. My 4 year old son got Red Dragon Knight sets from his Grandad for Christmas and birthday last year and they were an instant hit. He spends hours matching up the knights to pictures from the box and leaflets so they have just the right weapons, shields, armor, helmets and cloaks. And the dragon is a big hit - he loves to have the knights ride on a Dragon. 

My younger son (nearly 3) of course took an interest too and was delighted to get a Green Dragon Knight set from his Auntie and Uncle for Christmas. The sets are recommended from age 4, and there are lots of little pieces so you really do need to keep them away from babies and toddlers who still put things in their mouths. Once they're past that stage, the main issue is frustration when they can't put the small pieces together. My son is very good at bringing the pieces to us when he needs help so he has great fun with Playmobil. 

The Playmobil knights range has a lot to offer older children too, they love to stage battles and collect knights from the ranges. I can see our Playmobil Dragon Knights being played with for a long time to come. 

Dragon Rock Compact Set with Knights

Playmobil 4147
Playmobil 4147 Dragon Rock Compact Set with Knights
Only $32.46

Dragon Rock Compact Set with Red and Green Knights

The Dragon Rock Compact Set with Knights is a brilliant starter set or standalone gift from the range. It features a Red Dragon Knight and a Green Dragon Knight so you can have a battle or form an alliance. And look at how cool the Dragon Rock is (or should that be hot!), you can see a dragon formed in the rock and flames and lava. 

This set makes a great birthday gift for a child aged 4-8. It also makes a good shared gift for siblings, especially brothers, but plenty of girls will like it too - they can have a knight each and share the scenery. 

Playmobil Dragon Knights Adventure

My boys love watching the Playmobil Dragon Knights video below. It's a mini movie that features the toys from the range. If you look closely you'll see lots of the knights, dragons, castles and other accessories that you can buy. 

After watching the video my kids go off to recreate the scenes they have watched with Playmobil. Brilliant for their imagination. The video is really well made and full of adventure. 

Watch it to get a feel for the Playmobil Dragon Knights range and bookmark this page so your kids can watch it once they get their Playmobil. 

Playmobil Dragon Knights Video

A brilliant video featuring Playmobil Dragon Knights

The Playmobil Dragon Land Story

There's a great story behind the Playmobil Dragon Land range. The Red and Green knights live in an area where there are strong magical forces. They get caught up in the power of Dragons and fall out, becoming foes. 

If you look carefully at the Green Dragon Knight's Dungeon and the Red Dragon Knight's Castle below, you can see that they used to be joined together. 

Dragon Land Set: Dragons Dungeon

Playmobil 4836
Playmobil 4836 Dragon Land Set: Dragons Dungeon
Only $189.95

Dragon Land Set: Great Dragon Castle

Playmobil 4835
Playmobil 4835 Dragon Land Set: Great Dragon Castle
Only $299.98

Playmobil Green Dragon Knights Set

Castle Dungeon

The Playmobil Dragons Dungeon is a brilliant starter set for the Green Dragon Knights. The set includes 3 Dragon Knight figures and a wonderful green dragon. 

It also has a magic light that shoots fireball darts at opponents (that would be those pesky Red Knights!) The Dungeon tower itself is impressive with lots of detail inclding a ladder to climb and a lava pool. 

And as always with Playmobil, lots of accessories that can be swapped between knights. 

Playmobil Red Dragon Knights Set

Big Castle with Red Dragon and Red Knights

The Playmobil Great Dragon Castle is a spectacular starter set for the Red Knights. It includes 4 Red Dragon Knights and a brilliant Red Dragon. 

The castle itself is very impressive, it has two towers, a trapdoor and a drawbridge. It also has a falling stone and a battery-operated firey beacon. 

The there's a catapult for launching firey missiles at those troublesome Green Dragon Knights. 

Lots of weapons and other accessories for the knights as you would expect from Playmobil. 

Red Dragon Knights vs Green Dragon Knights

Which Side are you on?

Playmobil Knights game for Nintendo DS

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Red Dragon Knights and Green Dragon Knights

Use the links below to visit the Playmobil Red Dragon Knights and Green Dragon Knights ranges. 

More Playmobil Dragon Knights

Red Knights and Green Knights
Looking for Playmobil Green Dragon Knights? This range includes dungeons, dragons, knights, a cannon and more. Everything you need to ensure that the Green Knights win!
Looking for Playmobil Red Dragon Knights? This range includes a castle, dragons, knights and more. Everything you need help the Red Dragon Knights to win!
Updated: 06/08/2011, TerriRexson
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