Playmobil Red Dragon Knights

by TerriRexson

Looking for Playmobil Red Dragon Knights? This range includes a castle, dragons, knights and more. Everything you need help the Red Dragon Knights to win!

Playmobil Dragon Castle

The Playmobil Great Dragon Castle is the magnificent centerpiece of the Playmobil Dragon Land range. The Castle has two big towers and a trapdoor. There's a battery-operated beacon, lava and drawbridge and lots to investigate. 

There are also four Playmobil Red Knights and a skeleton! There are lots of great accessories including our favorite, the Dragon Eye shield. 

There's a catapult for shooting fire darts at those Green Knights too. And of course we musn't forget the Red Dragon!

Playmobil Great Dragon Castle

Playmobil 4835
Playmobil 4835 Dragon Land Set: Great Dragon Castle
Only $299.98

Playmobil Red Knight Figures and Dragon Set

The 3 Red Dragon Knight figures and the Dragon Knight Leader sets make great additions to a Playmobil Red Knight collection. They make brilliant stocking stuffers and can be used to gradually built up a collection. There's also a Red Dragon set with a Dragon Rock and two Red Knights, one on horseback, the set comes with a powerful catapult. 

Playmobil Red Dragon Knights and Dragon

3 Red Dragon Knights
Red Dragon Knights Leader
Only $56.22
Playmobil Knights of Dragon Rock with...
Only $99.99

Dragon Land Set: Giant Catapult with Cell

Playmobil 4837
Playmobil 4837 Dragon Land Set: Giant Catapult with Cell
Only $174.9

Playmobil Giant Catapult with Cell

My son got the Playmobil Giant Catapult with Cell and Red Knights from his Grandad for his fourth birthday. And was it ever popular! Thanks Gramps. 

The Catapult itself is big and impressive and launches boulders quite a distance. My son is easily able to set the Catapult himself. 

The set comes with 3 Red Dragon Knights and a horse and 1 Green Dragon Knight. Oh dear. It appears he has been captured and put in the cell! Oh no! (Look carefully at the picture and you'll see the Green Dragon Knight in the cell.)

My son loves to move accessories from knight to knight and play out elaborate scenes. Great fun. 

Playmobil Giant Dragon with LED Fire

Playmobil 4838
Playmobil 4838 Dragon Land Set: Giant Dragon with LED Fire
Only $34.99

Playmobil Giant Dragon with LED Fire

My 4 year old son got the Playmobil Giant Dragon with LED Fire for Christmas from his Grandad. Yes the same Grandad who bought the Catapult with Cell. This range is brilliant to buy over a series of birthdays and Christmases. 

The Dragon itself is very impressive. The LED fire is very popular - he was scaring Playmobil figures only this morning! The Dragon is well designed, his wings come off rather than breaking and can easily be popped back on. 

The Dragon comes with a Red Dragon Knight rider with all his accessories including an impressive mace with a fireball on the end. 

Playmobil Dragon Land Range

We're really enjoying the Playmobil Dragon Land Range. My boys have taken sides - helped by my older son being given the Red Dragon Knight Range and my younger son receiving the Green Dragon Knight range. You really want some of each to get the most out of this range. 

More Playmobil Dragon Land

Looking for Playmobil Green Dragon Knights? This range includes dungeons, dragons, knights, a cannon and more. Everything you need to ensure that the Green Knights win!
Looking for the Playmobil Dragon Knights range? We've got lots of great toys to choose from whether your on the side of the Green Dragon Knights or the Red Dragon Knights.
Updated: 06/05/2011, TerriRexson
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