Romantic Gay Pride Puzzle Pendants

by JoHarrington

Looking for a romantic token, a gift for a same-sex partner which yells loud and clear - 'I love you'? Then fit together with a puzzle pendant apiece!

Gay Yin-Yang jewelry is perfect for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Gay Pride events or merely for wearing out and about.

You don't need any special date to treat your loved one to a necklace, which binds you both together so neatly. Even apart, you will be able to touch your half of the jewelry and know that the other is safely with your lover.

Puzzle pendant Gay Pride necklaces range from the sublime to the tacky. Enough there to suit any taste!

What are Puzzle Pendants?

You know those old romantic movies, where someone breaks a locket in two and gives half to their partner?  Usually with a speech about no matter where they are in the world, they will always be near, and they will not rest until the necklace is whole again.

Well, puzzle pendants save the hassle of breaking pretty jewelry in half. The heart-warming, romantic monologue is optional, as is the relieved embrace and kiss of the partner receiving their token.

It's probably best to play that by ear.

Also known as Yin-Yang necklaces - or with slightly less marketing aforethought, Break Apart pendants - these gay-friendly jewelry items are designed to be worn by two people. When the couple are side by side, the pieces fit together like a charm.

Steel and Mars Gay Male Puzzle Pendant

Steel and Venus Lesbian Puzzle Pendant

Forged in stainless steel, nothing is going to harm these trinkets.

The two parts of the male gay puzzle pendant come together like a jigsaw.  One piece slotting right into the back of the other. Draw your own conclusions as to who wears which part.

Picked out in CZ stones is the international symbol for men or, as the purveyor would have it, Mars. Hence Steel and Mars, a very masculine romantic gift for gay male couples.

Steel and Venus is the equivalent joint jewelry for gay female couples. Here it's the international symbol for women that's formed from high-quality CZ stones. The symbolism otherwise the same.

Steel Yin-Yang Pendants for Gay Women

Steel Yin-Yang Pendants for Gay Men

Looking much more like their Yin-Yang inspiration, these steel puzzle pendants are a variation on the same theme. They are hard-wearing, as the material would suggest, and interesting pieces when apart. But the full beauty of the picture is only revealed when the couple are together.

With the Gay Pride Yin-Yang necklaces, the international male and female symbols are held very snugly within the other. Like an embrace.

Gay Male Yin-Yang Pendant

Lesbian Yin-Yang Pendant

More colorful and less stylistic than those above, these Yin-Yang pendants for gay couples incorporate the traditional roundness of the original Eastern symbol.

In Chinese philosophy, the Yin-Yang describes how two apparently opposing forces are interlinked in reality. The core of one lies within the heart of the other. In nature this often manifests as night/day, light/dark, hot/cold, life/death and many more dualities.

Does this sound like something that could represent you and your partner? Distinct beings, who make up a perfect partnership when placed together.

Gay Pride Break Apart Jewelry for Women

Gay Pride Break Apart Jewelry for Men

If you are planning on wearing these Break Apart pendants for Gay Pride, or any other scene events, then this might be the top choice for you.

Rainbow colored CZ stones are embedded into the sturdy steel, flanking the gender symbols. The full spectrum isn't arrayed unless you are with your partner. Or, to put it another way, only in love can you fully express your Rainbow Pride.

Taking this one step further?

Though you will find some more romantic gifts for gay partners amongst the wedding presents. It's nice to have options!
The question has been popped. The date has been set. Now all that remains is to arrange the best day of your lives! Wedding planners for gay couples might help out here.
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I'm with Ember :)

JoHarrington on 02/10/2014

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Ember on 02/10/2014

"Puzzle pendant Gay Pride necklaces range from the sublime to the tacky. Enough there to suit any taste!" LOL

Actually several bits of this had me laughing :p

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