Rolling Shopping Carts - Not Just for Seniors

by TerriRexson

A rolling shopping cart is a very practical item to own. Yes, they are useful for seniors, but they're great for carting kids stuff and shopping without a car.

Yes, I've got a rolling shopping cart. I use it regularly for trips to the store. And I'm under 40! Yes I do feel just a little self-conscious when I use it, but it's very practical.

I tend to get admiring looks and comments of 'ooh that's a good idea' when I'm out with my shopping cart.

Of course shopping carts are useful for seniors too. My grandparents have a four-wheeled shopping cart that they rely on to carry their shopping.

Choose a stylish shopping cart as a mother's gift a Mom who loves to shop, or a practical shopping cart for a senior parent who wants to keep their independence but finds it hard to carry shopping.

Why Buy a Rolling Shopping Cart?

I bought a shopping cart because I don't drive and I want to be able to top up my shopping with fresh fruit and veg in between getting a grocery delivery. I often have a child or two with me and don't want to be weighed down with bags. 

Reasons for getting a shopping trolley include:

  • Saving on gas by doing smaller shops without a car. Or maybe avoiding a car altogether?
  • Finding it difficult to carry shopping home as you get older, a shopping cart can help seniors stay independent for longer.
  • Your kids are out of strollers but still seem to have lots of stuff! A shopping trolley is handy for picnics, spare clothes, toys and all that gear you seem to take on a day out. (A pull wagon is an alternative here too.)
  • You live in a city where driving a car to shop is inconvenient and stores are within walking distance. 

Gimi Shopping Carts on eBay

My Gimi Shopping Trolley

Gimi Shopping CartHere's my Gimi shopping trolley. I'm rather fond of it. It's as close as you get to a designer shopping trolley! It's made my an Italian firm and it's very well designed and rather good looking in an understated way. 

As I write this I've just returned from a trip to the store to buy fresh fruit and salad vegetables and a few other bits for my sons' lunchboxes this week. 

My five year old came with me and loves to take a turn pulling the shopping cart. He has no idea anyone thinks they're just for older people!

My shopping trolley is practical and well designed and make it much easier for me to shop. 

I didn't fill the trolley right up today, but I have done on previous occasions. I've filled it right up with quite a few cans and heavy items and I can still pull it home - and it's up hill all the way. It is good exercise when it's very full and up hill though! On the flat with a normal load it's very easy to pull. 

I like that it has a handle on top that I can use to carry the cart to take a shortcut down some deep steps. The trolley does manage shallower steps pretty well though. 

It's also got a deep hook and eye strip down the front that means you can still secure the lid when the trolley is very full. 

Insulated Shopping Cart

Now this is a clever idea. The Picnic Time Metro Kart Insulated Cooler with Trolley has a removable cooler bag that attaches to the trolley. 

Excellent for getting cold food home from the shops and perfect for taking food on a day out or a picnic. 

The handle adjusts to two different heights which is a great design feature. 

This insulated shopping cart looks stylish and comes in a great choice of colors. 

Picnic Time Metro Kart Insulated Cooler with Trolley

Picnic Time Metro Kart Insulated Cooler with Trolley

Popular and Practical Utility Cart

If you're looking for a popular and practical utility cart on a budget then consider the Whitmor  Rolling Utility Cart. 

This shopping cart is lightweight and has a folding frame. It gets good reviews and is a sensible choice. 

It's not the most fashionable rolling shopping cart you'll find but it's good value for money. A good choice if you are on a budget and value utility over fashion. 

Whitmor 6342-2779-BLUE Rolling Utility Cart

Whitmor 6342-2779-BLUE Rolling Utility Cart

4 Wheel Metal Framed Shopping Cart

The Narita Super Shopping Cart is a high quality four wheeled metal framed cart with a large carrying capacity which can be used to transport heavy loads if you need to. Great for taking beer round to the neighbors for a BBQ!

Add the shopping bag insert and you have a stable high capacity shopping cart. 

Easy Wheels Super Shopping Cart

Easy Wheels Super Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart with Seat

A shopping cart with a seat is handy for someone who needs an occasional rest while out shopping - you never need to worry about not having a seat. 

It's also a good option for sports events, festivals and days out with the kids. You'll easily be able to transport picnics and other gear, and you'll have a seat when you need it. 

Compact Folding Shopping Cart

Another option is a compact folding shopping card which will fit in the car trunk. This is a good option for camping trips and days out with the kids. 

College students and apartment dwellers also use these shopping carts to transport laundry and they have a large capacity. Great for trips to the garden center too. 

It's popular for keeping in the trunk of a car just in case you need it. 

Folding Shopping Cart - with Liner and Lid

Folding Shopping Cart - with Liner and Lid (Blue) (37"H x...
$69.95  $63.60

Shopping Caddy with Hooks

The Hook and Go Personal Grocery Shopping Cart is an interesting option that I'd certainly consider in future. 

Rather than a bag, it has a set of hooks that you can hand shopping bags on. I can see that this would be useful if you needed to get at some of the items you are carrying. That can be tricky with a bag-style shopping cart. 

Hook and Go Personal Grocery Shopping Cart

Hook and Go Personal Grocery Shopping Cart
Only $79.95

The Manhattan Grocery Caddy

The Manhattan Grocery Caddy.


A stylish option is the The Manhattan Grocery Caddy which is a lighweight shopping caddy with a telescopic handle which folds flat for storage. 

The Manhattan grocery caddy is designed for city dwellers who need to get their shopping home without a car, but need something that doesn't take up much space when not in use. 


Can a Young Person Use a Shopping Cart?

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Definitely. They're practical and eco-friendly. Everyone should get one.
terrilorah on 03/26/2012

Why not!~ I say if it makes life easier, use it!

Updated: 03/25/2012, TerriRexson
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Holistic_Health on 03/26/2012

I grew up in NYC where everyone had a shopping cart. Never went shopping without one.

terrilorah on 03/26/2012

Love this idea!

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