Wedding Invitations for a Same Sex Marriage Ceremony

by JoHarrington

The question has been popped. Rings are on fingers. The big day is planned. Now all you need are the guests! Find beautiful gay and lesbian wedding invitations here.

If you're putting on a big event for your gay union (and you absolutely should!), then you're going to need an audience. Family, friends and colleagues, all have to be there in order to coo over your nuptials.

Time to gather your folk with wonderful wedding invitations designed for same-sex couples.

Word of mouth will pass the news on soon enough, but you can't paste that in your souvenir book!

Your guests witnessed your vows and dabbed a tear or two at the romance of it all. Then they get to relive those memories with photographs and bits of confetti picked up on the day. How better to begin that album than with the invitation in prime position?

Check out these designs for gay wedding invitations.

Two Grooms or Two Brides Wedding Invitations

Indulge in a selection of gay wedding invitations featuring two men or two ladies.

Ricaso Weddings designed these classy wedding invitations for two grooms, or two brides. They have a glorious twist on the traditional look with a couple of top hats or wedding dresses signifying that the union is between a couple of the same gender.

The names can be customized into your own (or else that would be silly), while the reverse of the cards allow you to complete the rest of the necessary details for attendance.

Each card comes with a plain white envelope, though the designer does have those matching the invitation for an extra cost.

Far more blatant is this two grooms wedding invitation and its twin for two brides. Created by Gayshirt, the initials represent the couple being united here. They can naturally be altered to match your own.

On the back of the gay wedding invitation card is a square picking up the colors from the front (black for gay men, turquoise for lesbian brides), wherein you may describe the details of your nuptials for your guests. Its borders pick up the pattern from the other side (stripes for two grooms, ornate swirls for two brides).

SeaLove lets color tell the tale of this particular romance. Blue for the boys, pink for the girls. That the cards are washed through with the same pastel hues hints at the fact that the couple becoming united share the same gender.

Though, in truth, the names are customizable and there are more colors to choose between too. Therefore you can dodge the whole symbolic thing, if you merely like the design, and have whatever color invitation card you wish for your gay commitment ceremony.

Pink Wedding Invitation for a Gay Couple's Union

Of course, in the context of same-sex nuptials, the color pink has a whole different meaning.

From the tragedy of the pink triangles through to modern day headlines about the pink pound, it's a hue hugely linked with gay people.

You can honor that association with a pink invitation to a gay wedding, like that one featured left.

With These Rings can be personalized to add in all of your wedding day details.

Custom Watercolor Gay Wedding Invitation

Or why not go for all the colors? This watercolor invitation for gay commitment ceremonies blends various hues.

Hinting at the tints of the rainbow, without it actually turning into an out and out emblem of Gay Pride.

Softly done and very romantic, it appears almost religious to me. The pattern on the right could be a flower or it might be the Virgin Mary. It'll certainly be a topic for conversation!

Invitation to a Same Sex Commitment Ceremony

Or maybe you want an invitation to your gay union which is plain, simple and avoids all other connotations.

The Dotted Delight design by TwoGrooms is fully customizable. Though the example couples the eponymous two grooms, it could easily be related to a lesbian pairing too.

On the back of the card is the same dotted design, but with space to describe where your guests need to be.

Tree of Love Wedding Invitation to a Gay Marriage

There's a fairy tale aspect to this same-sex wedding invitation. It's the sort of image you found in your childhood story books, where the prince or princess lived happily ever after.

The Tree of Love weaves its symbolic roots and branches around the design, and there's rainbow blossom amid the leaves.

Ignore Henry and Robert. Your names will replace them on the finished product, while the reverse provides details of where your nuptials will be held.

The Tree of Love pings its ancient symbolism from the Tree of Life. Discover more about those Pagan roots here.
Tying the knot is very precisely applied in the Pagan world. Buy a handfasting cord for your Wiccan wedding, which unites not only the happy couple, but above and below as well.

Love and Let Love Personalized Gay Wedding Invitations

Live and Let Love is the legend adorning your gay wedding invitation. It's bold and in your face, but wonderfully simplistic too.

There's a statement here to be made about your love, and advice to be given about your union. A good gay wedding invitation card to be sent to those who need a nudge in the right direction.

The reverse of the card allows you to print the date, time and location for your big event.

Gay Pride Rainbow LGBT Wedding Invitation

No mistaking the nature of the union here!  This Gay Pride Wedding Invitation is in your face, rainbow colored and wonderful!

It also incidentally tells us precisely who is getting married, when and where, and what time the guests need to be present and correct.

Customizable for your own big day in all its proud details.

Love Conquers All is the legend on the rear, beautifully scribed across the same Rainbow Pride background.

Rainbow Blend Gay Marriage Ceremony Invitation

More subtle is this rainbow blend wedding invitation for a same sex couple.

All of the Gay Pride colors are there, but faded into their softest hues making it all much more about romance than history and politics. The message is there, but that includes the love apparent in your union.

At least that's how I interpret it, but I'm a writer not an artist. I can only go with my heart and gut reaction on this one.

More Rainbow Pride Wedding Invitations for Same Sex Unions

You might say there's a bit of a theme here, as quite a few designers have run with the concept of the rainbow for their gay union invitations.

On the extreme off-chance that you don't get the reference, the rainbow is the symbol of Gay Pride. It represents unity in diversity, equality in all things. You can learn more about the history of it by looking into San Francisco's Castro district and the work of Harvey Milk.

Nor is it only the basic gay wedding invitations that co-opt the glory of Rainbow Pride. The RSVP types have gone there too!

Custom Gay Wedding RSVP

Colorful and classy, this RSVP card for a gay wedding is resplendent with its rainbow header. That is what caught my eye!

Referencing Gay Pride, and all the history that brought you to a legal union, the Rainbow RSVP card is billed as non-formal. I think it looks formal enough, though also fun.

It looks like a celebration, and your wedding is most certainly that. It's also fully customizable, hence you may add the names of your guests and let them fill in the rest.

Rainbow Pride RSVP Wedding Invitations for Gay Unions

There's probably a great pun to be made here about making a splash with your Gay Pride related wedding invitations, but that would be too obvious.

Nevertheless, these are both fabulously fun rainbow invitations for a same-sex union. With just a few strokes of color, they manage to convey joy, celebration and style, while drawing upon decades of history. That latter is only another way of describing tradition.

I'm going to go all out and call these traditional wedding invitations for a gay marriage ceremony. And pretty too. And relating the needful information. A triumph!

(If you'd prefer the same, but without the whole RSVP angle. Look again at the collection of Rainbow Pride marriage invitations above. There is one from the same designer there.)

Fancy Rainbow Pride Gay Commitment Ceremony RSVP

I have to admit that this one is my personal favorite, but then I'm all for a few flourishes and swirls!

The Fancy Gay Pride Commitment Ceremony RSVP looks almost Celtic in its design, but the twists don't interweave. I think that's what really grabs me.

Though not knotted in that ancient British way, the recurring pattern carries unity in its swirls. While the mirror image colors denote diversity, and equality implied as no hue dominates.

RSVP Invitation for a Leather Pride Wedding

Talking about diversity and domination...

If your romance has certain risque elements, then that might translate as the theme of your same-sex commitment ceremony. Invitations with a whip masterfully displayed might provide enough hint or warning for your guests.

Again you get to personalize this gay wedding RSVP for each individual guest, which is a lovely touch.

Gay Marriage RSVP Invitations for Same Sex Weddings

Of course, it is entirely possible to have all of that - in a same sex wedding RSVP invitation - without bringing the politics of Gay Pride into it.  Your union may have been brought about by those campaigns, but on the day it's ultimately about two people in love.

Nor does it have to go near the antics of your bedroom.

You might be inviting people who get a little bit worried about the bigger picture, and merely want to bring it down to those whom they know.

RSVP Pink Wedding Invitation for Gay Couples

This one covers all bases. It's pink enough for the politics to be read into by your activist friends, but everyone else will merely be viewing a pretty pattern.

The RSVP pink gay wedding invitation also has strange properties of pareidolia. If you look at it from a distance, the ornate pink patterns look like two people peering back at you. Which will keep the children entertained.

On the rear, there are areas to personalize for your wedding guests.

For those who merely want lovely RSVP wedding invitations for a same sex wedding, with no other symbolism to be read into it at all, how about this lot?

I mentioned before my love of Celtic knot-work, so you can imagine my glee when I found that first gay wedding RSVP invitation. The corners and borders both interweave with those old British patterns - all things in unity, linking into the other.

Unfortunately artist Mark Thaler hadn't created anything similar in his RSVP wedding invitations for lesbian couples. Therefore I've paired it with another of his designs from the LGBT Pride Store on Zazzle.

Mark Thaler is behind these RSVP same sex wedding invitations too. Found in the same store, but not with corresponding designs for another gender. Therefore I've put them together as close enough.

The marriage invitation for two grooms would be very suitable for a beach gay wedding. Shells and sand-castles complete the theme there. But it would equally do for any male same sex union, where a fairy-tale prince found his queen. Or as near as we can get in real life.

Two brides face each other in silhouette, the words between representing the altar (or desk) where they'll make their vows. This classy card works well as a lesbian butch and femme wedding invitation. The lady on the left could be male, if not for the hint of her ear-ring, while her partner on the right is extremely feminine complete with a head-dress of hearts.

Wedding Trendy ran with the idea of traditional wedding hats for these same sex wedding RSVP invitations.

Grooms everywhere wear tuxedos for their union, with the top hat finishing the look. When your wedding has two grooms, invitations need two top hats!

I'll admit that I was expecting wedding veils for the corresponding lesbian RSVP wedding invitation. But these two brides are represented instead by wedding hats that I'd more commonly associate with their guests. Mind you, these cards are addressed to the guests, so perhaps that is the point.

And anyway, according to the blarb given in store, these are lesbian bridal cowgirl hats. My apologies. I'm a Briton. I missed that US cultural link!

And by the same token, perhaps I should just let you provide your own commentary on the two Wild West gay wedding RSVP invitations above. Other than vague references to Brokeback Mountain, we can assume that I know nothing about the cowboy gay culture genre, nor lesbian cowgirls either. I won't insult your intelligence by trying.

Back onto much safer ground for me are these culturally British same-sex wedding invitations:

Keep Calm gay wedding invitations are very fashionable right now, but they have their origin back in wartime Britain. They're more popular now than they were then.

During the 1940s, the stately homos of Britain (to nick a phrase from Quentin Crisp) would only have seen those famous Keep Calm and Carry On posters if the Nazis had invaded. Fortunately for all concerned, the Third Reich never successfully conquered those borders.

Discover more about the origin of Keep Calm and Carry On:
It's quirky and so frightfully British! All that can be said of a stiff, upper lip is in this war-time slogan. But it was never seen at the time.

These RSVP same-sex wedding invitations with the Keep Calm motto and logo are beautifully done. They're rendered gay with same-sex couples silhouetted in kisses and hearts, while you can read what you like into the crown of the queen overhead!

And finally...

The gamer in me adores these wedding invitations for gay couples, even while I'm wondering why they've put me in mind of games. Perhaps it's because generally I see these figures on gaming t-shirts and the like, while the font certainly has the Digital Age in mind.

In reality, I'm more used to seeing those silhouetted shapes on toilet doors. I'm not selling these to you very well, am I?

These gay wedding RSVP invitations are fun though, aren't they? Brightly colored, with love hearts touching upon the romance, while the internet generation is apparent in everything else. I like them, though the choice is up to you.

And on that note, I hope that you did find something that you liked here. If not, then I'll leave you with a few more which might fit the bill.

Congratulations on your wedding and all my best regards for your marriage ahead.

Wedding Invitations for a Homosexual Couple Getting Hitched!

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JoHarrington on 05/24/2014

It sounds it!

Guest on 05/22/2014

Thank you. And yes, it was the height of supreme cool.

JoHarrington on 05/22/2014

No, that's a new one on me, but nice one!

Wow! Your wedding venue sounds epic! I've been up there, so I know what the view would have been like. Sod the relatives. That was the height of cool.

Guest on 05/20/2014

IDAHOT = International Day Against HOmophobia and Transphobia, Jo. No, I'd not heard of it before either.

My older in-laws lead a very sheltered life and can't quite figure either of us out. So some of them have given up trying. Oddly enough the aunt who sent the civil ceremony card is now actually on speaking terms with us after many years of blanking my husband completely when he was single.

We were not married in a church, rather in a wedding chapel on the 55th floor of the Empire State Building in New York. Neither of us is American, but it was the only way we could think of to have the small ceremony we wanted without it being overrun by relatives and colleagues all wanting in. My husband's family is very large and rather fragmented, with most bits of it not speaking to at least one other bit. To ask for a truce even for one day just wasn't on, so we removed the option and seemingly have never been forgiven for denying them all a knees-up, it would appear.

JoHarrington on 05/19/2014

WordChazer - Call me dim, and/or in the early hours of the morning, but what's IDAHOT? I am preparing to kick myself when I find out.

LOL re your relatives and the civil ceremony mix-up. So you weren't married in a church? I thought you were!

Ember on 05/19/2014

WordChazer- :O Okay, that sounds neat. I'll keep an eye out for it :D

Guest on 05/16/2014

Great article for IDAHOT. Work is flying the rainbow flag this week (IDAHOT is actually Sunday) and I found myself testing the camera on my new phone earlier by photographing it. Funnily enough, one of the non-departmental members I know the best at work is the chair of the equality group there, so I hear quite a bit about this kind of thing these days. I love rainbows, but t'would have put the fear of God and everyone else up both sets of rellies if we'd gone with rainbows for any aspect of our wedding. One set of in-laws decided that a civil ceremony card was what couples getting married but not in a church received whether they were gay or straight. Fair enough, we thought. That's a new spin on things from the older generation!

PS: Ember, I promise a series of articles about color symbolism as soon as work lets up - try around 6 weeks or so.

JoHarrington on 05/14/2014

LOL Black being the new black, and white going with everything. I love your thinking!

By the way, if you love colour - and I know you do - VioletteRose is currently populating the Asian Cultures wedding category on Wizzley. It's worth checking her stuff out: The color really puts our Western dresses to shame!

Ember on 05/14/2014

Haha my coworker at my previous job got me a calendar for my last birthday, and she said she got me an Ansel Adams calendar because it was black and white, and she could only guess that however I had my room decorated, it was probably with a lot of color, so she knew something black and white would definitely fit in XD

Which was awesome, because I also love Ansel Adams :D

JoHarrington on 05/14/2014

I love that - 'rainbow is my favorite color'. :D

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