Snake Party Food: Cucumber Snake with Carrot Snake Tongues

by TerriRexson

Do you need a snake party food idea? I made this fun cucumber snake with carrot snake tongues for my son's birthday party.

This cucumber snake with carrot snake tongues is great fun for a kids birthday party.

It works well for animal and nature themed parties. I made it for my son's African safari party. But it would also work well for any child who likes reptiles. And also for a LEGO Ninjago party (the enemies are snake people.)

The cucumber snake was a success with the kids. The cucumber actually got eaten which the parents appreciated. Kids can have lots of fun with the carrot tongues pretending to be snakes.

A Snake Party Food Idea

This cucumber snake is very quick and easy to make. It should take about 15 minutes to make and is lots of fun for the kids and it's even healthy. 

Cucumber Snake for a Kids Party

Cucumber Snake for a Kids Party

Prep time 15 min  -  Total time 15 min
Ingredients for 12 servings
1 long cucumber  • 4 large carrots  • 2 cherry tomatoes (plus extras)  • 2 raisins

Prepare a plate or tray

Prepare a plate or tray for your cucumber snake. You could curl him around a round plate. I just lined a tray with foil.

Slice the Cucumber

Now cut a 3" head and 3" tail off the ends of your long cucumber. Slice the middle of the cucumber into slices. Arrange the snake in a wiggly pattern or a circle.

Make the Eyes

Take two small cherry tomatoes and two raisins. Use wooden food picks to skewer a tomato and a raisin for each eye and stick them in place on the head of your cucumber snake. You might need to use a couple of extra food picks to balance the head.

Make Carrot Snake Tongues

Peel your carrots and chop the ends off. Now cut them into long rectangular slices. Cut a triangle out of the end of each slice to make a snake tongue - they don't all need to be identical. Now cut a slit in the cucumber snake head and pop a nice long snake tongue in.

Arrange the rest of the carrot forked snake tongues around the cucumber snake.

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Snake Eye Cupcakes

These reptile or snake eye cupcakes are simple and effective. Great for a snake, dragon, reptile, animals or nature themed party.

More Snake Party Food Ideas

If snakes or reptiles is a major theme for your party then you might want some other snake-themed party food. 

You could bake snake cookies, or cheese biscuits for a savoury version. Anything long and wiggly can pass for a snake! Or your could choose a snake cookie cutter. 

And of course gummy snakes are a classic. Kids will have lots of fun with long gummy snakes and small bags can be given as party favors. 

Green Tableware for a Snake Party

Fresh Lime (Lime Green) Deluxe Pack for 24 Fresh Lime (Lime Green) Deluxe Pack for 24

Bright green party supplies work well with a snake or reptile themed party. 

This range has lots of matching party supplies in fresh lime. 

You can buy them in a party pack or choose individual items separately. 

The cucumber snake would look very at home here!


More Fun with Snakes

Are you looking for fun snake crafts? How about an fuse bead snake (ironing bead snake) that you can make from Perler beads or Hama beads.
Some fun snake costumes for kids and ideas for dressing up as a snake or serpent. Ssss
Snake party favors for a snake themed party. Snakes work well for nature, safari and reptile themed parties.
Updated: 03/28/2012, TerriRexson
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TonfaGuy on 01/31/2013

simple and very effective

Donna_Cosmato on 04/17/2012

What a cute idea! I'm always in need of new ways to tempt our little guy to eat because of his autism. He will probably have as much fun creating this as he will eating!

optimist on 03/18/2012

Hi Terri, I love this idea! I don't have kids but when I do, I'll try my best to get them to eat healthy... This even looks like a fun idea for adults!

lakeerieartists on 03/16/2012

Okay, you really meant a snake party. I thought it was code for something new. Great idea for my nephew. Will pass along.

TerriRexson on 03/16/2012

Thanks @kinworm. I wasn't sure if the kids would actually eat the salad bits or just play with the snake. But it got devoured!

Marie on 03/16/2012

That snake party food looks like so much fun - my daughter would love this! She loves raw carrots, cucumber and tomatoes so that's a perfect combination.

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