Snake Crafts: Fuse Bead Snake

by TerriRexson

Are you looking for fun snake crafts? How about an fuse bead snake (ironing bead snake) that you can make from Perler beads or Hama beads.

Snakes are a favorite topics in our house at the moment. My older son (aged 5) has always loved reptiles and he's currently fascinated by snakes.

He got a big bucket of fuse beads and boards for Christmas so we thought we'd get them out and make a snake design.

You can use Perler beads, Hama beads or other ironing beads to make this fun snake. It's only small so younger kids should have the patience to make it.

I made one for my younger son (3.5) as I knew he would want one as well.

These ironing bead snakes make a fun craft activity at a birthday party, and they are fun favors for kids to take home too.

Fuse Bead Snake Design

Ironing Bead Snake Design
Ironing Bead Snake Design

You will need: Ironing Beads (Perler, Hama)

For each snake you will need:

  • 5 beads in the tongue and eye color (or you could do a different colored eye)
  • 27 beads in the color used for the head (and body)
  • 24 beads in the color used for the tail (and body)
  • ironing paper

Plus you'll need a fuse bead board. I used a hexagonal one. You'll need a board that uses a triangular layout of the pins if you want to follow my design. Or, you could adapt it for a board with a square layout. 

UK Links: Hama beads - Ironing Paper - Hexagonal Board (all

Make Your Fuse Bead Snake

To make your fuse bead snake choose your colors and copy the design pattern above. Or you could make up your own variation. You could try a spiral snake. 

You could make a snake first and then have your child copy it in different or the same colors. 

Then follow the instructions for using your ironing paper to fuse the beads together - an adult must do this part. 

It's a very quick activity and kids love to have a snake that they made themselves. 

Fuse Bead Snake after Ironing

Fuse Bead Snake after Ironing
Fuse Bead Snake after Ironing

Fuse Bead Snake - Finished

Fuse Bead Snake
Fuse Bead Snake

A Snake Craft for a Party Activity

This snake craft is small and quick enough to do at a snake or reptile themed birthday party if you have an extra adult on hand to do the ironing safely. 

You'll just need to supervise carefully so you take finished designs away quickly for ironing so they don't get knocked over. You might want to set up a craft station with an adult and let kids take turns making a snake during the party. Then they'll all get to take their snake home as a party favor. 

TIP: Write each child's name on a sticky note or piece of paper and place the finished snake on top so you know which snake belongs to which child!

More Fuse Beads

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Marie on 03/17/2012

We have lots of fun with fuse beads. Love the snake project :)

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