Stick Pony and Hobby Horse Toys for Kids - Yee haw

by TerriRexson

A selection of our favorite hobby horses to buy online. A hobby horse makes a great toy for kids who want to be knights or cowboys or who love horses.

I'm Mom to two boys who love dressing up as knights. They have lots of fun riding around on their hobby horses pretending to go on exciting adventures to find dragons.

The hobby horse or stick pony is a classic ride on toy that has been popular with generations of children. Originally hobby horses were carved from wood and you can still buy wood hobby horses which make a nice gift.

Stick ponies with a plush horse or pony head are popular today. It's amazing what fun toddlers and preschoolers can have with a stuffed horses head on a stick!

A hobby horse makes a great gift for little boys who want to be knights or cowboys and for little girls who love ponies and horses and dressing up as a cowgirl.

The hobby horses we have are plush with an electronic galloping noise which the boys think is great fun. You'll often find my boys in the knight costumes galloping around the living room!

Wood Hobby Horse

Traditionally hobby horses were wooden. Kids originally played with hobby horses before there were motor cars, so horses would have been a part of everyday life. 

This solid pine hobby horse has a nice traditional look to it. Being wooden means this hobby horse is quite heavy so it's probably not the best choice for really little kids. But preschoolers will have lots of fun with it. 

Solid Pine Hobby Horse

Wood Hobby Horse @ Amazon
$52.99  $46.99

Hobby Horse with Sound

This Melissa & Doug Deluxe Gallop-N-Go Stick Pony w/Sound is very popular. He has a soft brown head and a lovely striped pole. He also makes horse sounds when you press his ear (don't forget the 2 AA batteries he'll need.)

This pony will be at home in the wild west but we think the stripey stick makes him look just right to be the horse of a medieval knight. 

My boys love pretending to be Mike the Knight and doing knightly things on their hobby horses. They are 3.5 and 5 years old - just right for a hobby horse! (They've had them a couple of years now.)

This Melissa & Doug hobby horse is for kids ages 3-6. 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Gallop-N-Go Stick Pony w/Sound

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Gallop-N-Go Stick Pony w/Sound
Only $32.95

Pink Hobby Horse

Some little girls just love pink don't they! This pink plush hobby horse is perfect for princesses who need transport, lady knights who want to fight dragons and get all their treasure, and cowgirls. 

This pink plush ride on pony has purple reins and make horse sounds too. She's even got a pretty flower. 

Aurora Plush 37" Pink Fantasy Stick Pony with Sound

Aurora Plush 37" Pink Fantasy Stick Pony with Sound

Talking Stick Pony

This Tek Nek Sing Along Brown Stick Pony is a fun choice! He has an animated plush face and sings his own pony song!

He has a parental volume control too, which is a welcome touch. There's nothing you can do about the volume of the kids as they sing along with him though! (But it is cute.)

Tek Nek Sing Along Brown Stick Pony - Talking, Animated Plush

Tek Nek Sing Along Brown Stick Pony - Talking, Animated P...
Only $31.29

More Pony on a Stick Toys

Or how about this lovely mottled brown and white stick pony. Or even a unicorn on a stick for fantasy role play. 

Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross

Did you know that the cock horse in the nursery rhyme 'Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross' refers to a child's Hobby Horse?

I had no idea until I did some research for this article. I'm very familiar with the nursery rhyme. I heard it regularly as a child and have shared it with my own kids. 

I guess it's obvious when you think about it, but somehow it had never occurred to me. 

Hobby Horse Toy on Wikipedia

History of the Hobby Horse
A hobby horse is a child's toy horse, particularly popular during the days before cars. Children played at riding a wooden hobby horse made of a straight stick with a small horse's head, and perhaps reins, attached to one end. The ...

Dress Up Ideas

A selection of the best knight costumes for kids for Halloween or role play. Perfect for fighting dragons and or protecting a castle.
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Sharon on 03/03/2012

I loved my hobby horse as a young child, I still have fond memories or 'galloping' around the house! Nice article :)

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