Knight Costumes for Kids

by TerriRexson

A selection of the best knight costumes for kids for Halloween or role play. Perfect for fighting dragons and or protecting a castle.

Dressing up as a knight is a fun activity for kids from toddlers and preschoolers to big kids and tweens.

On this page you'll find a choice of knight costumes for boys and girls and play swords and shields and other accessories too.

I'm Mom to two boys who love dressing up as knights and visiting renaissance faires and watching jousting tournaments.

I've also included some facts about medieval knights to help with role play.

What Did Knights Wear?

A knight wore metal armor over his whole body including a helmet with a visor. The armor was very heavy and he needed help getting dressed and getting on to his horse. 

The armor was very uncomfortable so he would wear padded clothes underneath. He would also wear chainmail, made from small loops of metal, under his armor to cover any gaps. This made the knight's suit of armor even heavier and more uncomfortable. 

Luckily knight costumes for kids aren't heavy or uncomfortable! You can look like a brave knight in a soft costume that just looks like armor and chainmail. 

Aeromax Knight Costume

Age 2-14
Jr. Knight with Hood @ Amazon

A Realistic Knight Suit

Role play, Renaissance Fairs

The Aeromax Knight costume is a realistic looking suit. The main costume is an all in one suit with chainmail, armor and boot covers attached. You also get a chainmail hood (it's made from fabric really.) The sword in the picture isn't included. 

This is a good quality costume and gets good reviews (unlike most Halloween costumes.) It can be washed if saving the villagers from a dragon gets a little messy. 

This is a good costume for regular role play and dressing up for a renaissance fair. It also makes a superb Halloween costume. 

The price varies depending on the size of the costume. Click on the picture to check the price for your child. 

Knight Role Play Toys

We have a set like this Small World Knight Playset and it has been great fun. It says suitable from age 3 and that's probably about right. The armor is still a bit big for my 3.5 year old son (not that that stops him!)

The sword and shield get the most use. The helmet tends to fall off, I could probably attach some velcro but the kids seem to manage. 

We've trained the kids to use the sword safely. Yes, it's plastic, but it can still hurt if someone gets hit with it. You can make the training fun and tell your child they're learning how to be a knight! The rule in our house is that the only thing you can hit with the sword is the shield.

So you can get someone else (usually Mom or Dad) to hold the shield and then hit it. But not too hard - when you're training, you're learning to be accurate with the sword. It's actually pretty good for motor control. 

Toy Sword, Shield, Armor and Helmet

Knight Playset
Small World Toys Imaginative Play Knight in Shining Armor
Only $18.79

At What Age Did Knights Start Their Training?

Noble children as young as 7 or 8 would be sent to a nearby castle to being their training as a knight. They would learn to ride a horse well, to fight with a sword and shield and in hand-to-hand combat. They also learned archery. They would also do work around the castle to help out and improve their strength. 

I'm sure younger children started to practice their skills before their formal training started. We can imagine medieval toddlers and preschoolers (though they wouldn't have been called that!) playing with toy swords and shields. 

Knight Costume for Preschoolers and Little Kids

Age 3-7

The Melissa & Doug Knight Costume and Role Play set is a great option for preschoolers and little kids to have in their dress up box. 

The costume has a red and blue tunic with attached chainmail. This costume doesn't include pants, but can easily be popped on over regular clothes. This is great for little kids who want to be a knight one minute and a pirate the next!

You also get a foam sword and shield set so your knight will be all set for a battle. 

Melissa & Doug Knight Costume Role Play Set

Buy at Amazon
Melissa & Doug Knight Costume Role Play Set
$29.99  $29.75

Mike the Knight Costumes

My boys love watching Mike the Knight (he's a brave young hero ...) Lots of kids would love a blue knight costume just like Mike's. 

At time of writing you can't buy a Mike the Knight costume, but they should be coming out later in 2012. (I'll update this page when a Mike the Knight outfit and accessories is available.)

If you need a knight costume before then, the Melissa & Doug costume above works well for preschoolers and little kids - the age of most Mike the Knight fans. 

Watch Mike the Knight

Video on Demand at Amazon
Mike the Knight and the Mission Mess/Mike the Knight and ...
Only $1.99

Knight Costumes for Girls?

Of course dressing up as a knight is popular with boys, but lots of girls will enjoy wearing a knight costume too. 

Were there any girl knights? There were certainly women who knew how to use a sword and shield and crossbow to defend their property and family. There also seems to be evidence of women knights in medieval times. And of course Joan of Arc wore a suit of armor. 

You could always add a gorgeous dragon claw necklace to a knight costume for girls who want to be knights. 

In fiction, we have Jane, from Jane and the dragon. Jane is training to be a knight. We love the Jane and the Dragon TV show (available on DVD.)

More Knight Costumes for Kids

Kids Knight Costumes on
Lots of choice and free super save delivery on many items.

Kids Knight Costumes on eBay
You might find a cheap knight costume if you're lucky.

Need Somewhere to Store Costumes?

A selection of storage solutions for children's costumes. Have you built up a big collection of kids costumes with lots of bits and need to organize them?

More Knights and Dragons for Kids

A selection of my favorite knight and dragon party supplies for a fun medieval kids party. These work well if you have boys coming to a knights and princesses party too.
A dragon hoodie is a fun gift for kids or adults who like dragons. You can get fun hoodies that make the dragon breath fire when you wrap your arms around.
Looking for the Playmobil Dragon Knights range? We've got lots of great toys to choose from whether your on the side of the Green Dragon Knights or the Red Dragon Knights.
Dragon toys are very popular with kids who love the stories and legends of knights and castles. Let's look at some of the best toys for kids who love dragons.
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Tara on 02/08/2013

Is the Mike the Knight costume available yet?

BrendaReeves on 02/21/2012

I could see my grandsons in these costumes. They'd love it.

Marie on 02/20/2012

My daughter would love these - she loves Mike the Knight and we enjoyed making her a cardboard sword and shield not so long back. I'd love to get her a proper dressing up set for her birthday. There are some excellent books on learning about knights and castles as well.

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