The home planet is not like this world

by BardofEly

Many people feel they are not from this planet and do not fit in here at all well. Some of them believe they are from a class of beings known as "Wanderers."

Not of this world but in it
It has been said that I am not like a person from this planet. It has even been suggested that I am an alien being. I have felt all though my life that I do not belong here and this is because I am probably not from this world for I am likely to be what is known as a "wanderer".
I present here my feelings and ideas about the subject of wanderers and what my understanding of the term is.
Wanderers are beings who leave their home worlds, which may be on higher frequencies or densities to live on a world like the Earth, with the purpose of learning and also to do what they can in the service to others and to all life and the universe. It is their chosen mission but if they fail in any way there is no penalty for doing so, however, whilst they are incarnate they must abide by the physical laws of their new home.


Past lives

Indigos are very similar to wanderers and besides having great difficulty at fitting in here they may have partial memory or feelings of other planets they are from before they came to this one. Wanderers and Indigos may well have had past lives on this planet, as well as on others but they tend to feel at home on their previous home worlds.

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Space Woman

Painting by the late Janice Pugsley
Extraterrestrial woman in a city on another world
Extraterrestrial woman in a city on a...

The pathways of a Wanderer

Problems of living in a third density world

Wanderers agree to accept these hardships they must encounter before they take incarnation on a world such as this one and they also agree to shutting off their memory and natural abilities and knowledge so they can become as the other beings on their new home. They are not to have any special advantages.
Wanderers may have great difficulties in their new lives because they are not used to living as they now must do. Wanderers have forgotten that they are not where they came from before any longer and that what they could do on their past home world no longer applies here where they are now.
They may feel great isolation and also frustration on not being understood. They may find it hard to accept that others cannot read what they are mentally projecting.
Wanderers may fall victim to the lies and deceptions of other people they encounter because wanderers do not expect such behaviour and so are therefore very trusting or naive in Earth terms.
Wanderers may have powerful emotions and be extremely sensitive and find that these senses and feelings they have are a source of pain in their new world. Because of this many wanderers may suffer extreme depression and may turn to drink and drugs to help escape from their own senses that are picking up so many sources of suffering.
Many wanderers are drawn instinctively to spiritual pathways, mysticism and the paranormal. Wanderers may also be gifted artists although their abilities are by no means a guarantee of success or happiness in a world governed by material values. Many wanderers will feel pain and sorrow at seeing how life suffers so much on their new home. They may feel they have to do what they can to help alleviate the suffering of people and animals and to do what they can to help conserve nature and natural habitats.
On the original home world a wanderer may well come from all of the problems that Earth humans must cope with do not exist. There is no war, their is very little in the way of ill health or suffering. Their is no greed and no fighting to get money or any of the other temptations of Earth or a similar third density world.

Secrets of the UFO —Don Elkins & Carla Rueckert. Atlanta 1978_PRT 1

Free energy


Free energy powers the planets wanderers come from and because all are telepathic there can be no lies or deception because what is in another's mind can be read like an open book.Thus there is no crime.
As little children and animals are trusting to strangers, so too are wanderers in their home worlds because all other beings truly are their friends and there is no reason to fear or mistrust anyone.

Remote viewing

Secrets of the UFO

Because having full mental capacity and what are known on Earth as psychic powers are the norm everyone is able to create changes in their physical world by focusing their minds. Remote viewing is a normal means of travel and of experiencing as an aid to study and learning.
There is no pollution because the energy used to fuel the planet does not cause any, nor does it harm the environment in any way. Because people live happy and non-stressful lives in balance with everything and everyone they do not get diseases such are prevalent on a planet such as Earth, and thus they live much longer in their current bodies.
Wanderers may often feel that they want to go home but they must also realise that where they are now is their chosen home and make it theirs as much as where they were from in a past life.
Footnote: There are a series of books about Wanderers by Don Elkins and Carla L. Rueckert for anyone wishing to find out more. I came across their work and ideas many years ago in the late '70s in a book I still treasure entitled Secrets of the UFO .

Carla Rueckert The Law of One Part 1 of 3

If you feel you are a Wanderer

"What is a wanderer? Some wanderers are ETs who have come from elsewhere to planet Earth for this incarnation or at this time. Many other wanderers are earth natives who have matured spiritually to the point of awakening to their metaphysical identity, thereby making the worldly identity less real, and creating the sense of being a stranger in a strange land."
The quote above is part of a message from the L/L Research site here:

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BardofEly on 01/02/2013

Thank you for commenting and I am glad you can relate to what I have posted and experienced!

Guest on 01/02/2013

Hello Bard - I feel a kinship with you. Points of intersection: 61 years old, huge fan of the Incredible String Band in their heyday and follower of Robin Williamson on his journey, psychedelics, UFO/crop circles/anomalies, singer-songwriter, cat lover, feeling like an outsider., wanderer and seeker in time and space, poetry lover and writer. Thanks for your words and visions of a life lived well. Peace and love to you, brother!

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