Top 10 Rock Star Action Figures

by TilenHrovatic

Don't like Barbie and love to rock n' roll? Check out these amazing action figures of the biggest rock stars in music history!

Amazing Collectibles of Rock Stars

Are you tired of collecting boring action figures and toys? Are you ready to rock N' Roll and turn your collection of action figures into a wild rock concert? Here you can find the best action figures and collectibles of top rock start in music history. Make a collection of your favorite musicians and buy some of these high quality figures online to have a little part of your role models at home!

1. Jimi Hendrix

God of the electric guitar

I'm sure you all know who Jimi Hendrix is. He is one of the most talented musicians and guitar players in music history and you surely know songs like Hey Joe, Little Wing, Purple Haze or Foxy Lady. Jimi Hendrix action figures and statues are must have collectibles for every true fan of this guitar God and these figures can be purchased on Amazon for really affordable prices!

On the right you can see my favorite figure from this collection and this is a replica of Jimi burning his electric guitar on stage. If you want to find the whole collection of his collectibles please visit my page Jimi Hendrix Action Figures.

2. Kurt Cobain

smells like action figures

Who doesn't like this singer and guitar player of Nirvana, of of the most popular grunge band of all time? Kurt Cobain was a role model of the generation and a great figure in the history of rock music. And now you can have his action figures and statues in your collection of your favorite musicians.

On the right you can see Kurt Cobain with Skyblue guitar. To find more great collectibles like this one please visit my page Kurt Cobain Action Figures and Statues.

3. Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page 7" Action Figure

Jimmy Page made some of the most popular guitar solos of all time and his style and performance surely left a remarkable signature in music history. Led Zeppelin is one of the best rock bands and Jimmy Page is surely in the top 10 list of the best rock guitar players. And now you can have action figures of this great guitarist and put a nicely designed Zoso statue on your shelf.

4. The Beatles

The Beatles is surely the greatest band of 20th century and here you can get action figures and collectibles of all four members. This is a great deal for fans of legendary music and this amazing band and this will complete your collection of the best rock bands!

Check out my other page Beatles Figures and Statues to find more great collectibles of your favorite band!

5. John Lennon

John Lennon was and still is a prophet, teacher, revolutionist and one of the best songwriter in music history. A man of peace now has some really great collectibles and figures that you can get online and bring him into your home and put it in your collection.

6. Metallica

Metallica is maybe the most popular heavy metal band that is still perfoming before crowded statiums. You surely know some of their popular hit songs like Nothing Else Matters and Fade to Black! Check out this awesome collection of Metallica action figures that features all four member of this great band. The figure of Lars Ulrich actually features his drums with drumsticks! Priceless!

To find more action figures and collectibles of this fine heavy metal band please check out my page Metallica Action Figures.

7. Elvis

The King of Rock N' Roll is here! Action figures of Elvis Presley are must have items for every true fan of this music genre. Go back to the roots and collect all collectibles and statues of this important character in the history of rock music and music in general.

8. Jim Morrison

Here comes the Lizard King! The singer of The Doors will never be forgotten and his thoughts and spirit lives in today's generations and people still follow his words. Jim Morrison surely was and always will be one of the biggest rock start and a great American poet. Here are some really great statues and figures of Jim for your to collect!

9. Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden are one of the most popular heavy metal bands of 20th century and their official mascot Eddie is one of the most known symbol of this music genre. And Eddie has some really nice action figures and statues that you can buy online and complete your collection of Iron Maiden merchandise and collectibles. Every true metal fan loces to collect everything that can be collected from their favorite metal bands and I'm sure that most of you love Iron Maiden.

On the right you can see one of Eddie figure. To find more please visit my page Iron Maiden Statues and Figures.

10. AC/DC

The last but not least is the band named AC/DC. One of the most known Australian bands and one of the best hard rock bands in the history of music. Hells Bells, Highway to Hell and Back to Black are just three songs that you surely know and here you can get some really awesome AC/DC action figures and statues to complete your collection of Rock Star Action Figures.

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Your Favorite Rock Star Action Figure?

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BettyLouise on 01/14/2016

I'm searching for Scorpion figurines....(Rudolph, Klaus, Mathias.....)..any ideas where I can find or order?

Arin on 04/10/2012

Any idea where I might get the James Brown figurine? He's in a blue suit singing... we broke ours (bought in Japan)

WiseFool on 01/14/2012

This is fabulous! I never knew there were such things as 'Rock Star' action figures. Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world, Tilen.

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