Vee Van Dam and a Weird dream of rabbits

by BardofEly

Dream analysis is a popular subject and there are many theories about what our dreams can tell us.

A dream of rabbits reminded me of Bagpuss
I had a very weird dream last night. It was in full colour and very surreal and I haven't a clue what it all meant but thought I would share it here.
My dream was like something out of a TV programme for children or a story book. It could have come straight out of the minds of the creators of Bagpuss, Peter Firmin and the late Oliver Postgate or from the Alice books by Lewis Carroll. Its characters had that combination of the fantastic with a friendly appeal to a child's mind. There was nothing horrible or scary here.

Rabbit dream described

Dream images

The dream began when I was shown by someone invisible into a large room. As I entered I saw a very big cupboard or shelf-unit that was up against one of the walls, the wall at the topmost part of the room where the door was situated. It was made of ordinary pale brown polished wood like so much household furniture.

But what immediately struck me was that each unit was full of stacks of big colourful rabbits sat one on top of another. I was so amazed at seeing them I didn't pay much attention to the colour of the walls but I think they may have been a pale blue.

I don't recall anything else in the room. There were no items of furniture.

The rabbits were all colours from yellow to black and pink and looked like cuddly toy rabbits. I can distinctly remember a particularly big and fluffy yellow rabbit. They were all just sat there on the individual shelves in each division of the unit.

They seemed happy enough just sat in little towers of bodies and looking out on the room. I had the impression there was a very big open window at the opposing end of the room and that was where the light came from.

In one stack of rabbits there was a hedgehog though. Just a normal hedgehog but with a rabbit below it and above it. What did all this mean?

I wondered what all the rabbits and hedgehog lived on - what did they eat? I looked around and saw loaves of brown bread on the bare wooden floor. Some were broken into smaller pieces.

I saw some of the rabbits eating the bread and when they finished they went back onto the shelves. I assumed that this went on day after day but how the bread got there was not explained.

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Matt the Hatt

A little man

Often in my dreams I am with people I cannot see but I can hear them speak to me and so it was in this one. In one of the towers of rabbits there was another creature that didn't belong. I could see a small dark figure like a little man with a hat on his head and a body of some blackish material that matched his head-gear.

As I looked more closely I could see that he was really a reel of thread and that his body was made up of black cotton. The voice said: "This is Matt the Hat."

Then he was on the floor and all the thread became unravelled and then was reeled in instantaneously so he was whole again. Because his whole body was made up of the cotton reel I was wondering how he managed to feed himself.

This wasn't explained because at that point I woke up. The dream was so vivid it has stayed in my mind.

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