When Love Is Not Enough song lyrics

by BardofEly

Love songs have always been popular and singer-songwriters often write lyrics for such songs. When Love Is Not Enough is an example of this type of writing.

Cardiff Singer-songwriters
Back in 1998, I co-wrote a song with a musician friend of mine who went under the name of Koko Zaunt, though his real name was George Constantinou. When Love Is Not Enough we hoped to record and market, although this never happened for one reason or another. It was our collaboration as Cardiff singer-songwriters hoping to come up with a commercial song that could become a hit given the right exposure.
Koko played bass and guitar and wrote the tune and I came up with most of the lyrics. We spent a lot of time working on it in an effort to come up with the right arrangement. My song-writing partner was a far better musician than I, and also far more of a perfectionist and was never satisfied with our song but always wanted to re-arrange the chords or add to it. In many ways that was a reason I eventually shelved the project. I had grown tired of it never being good enough in Koko's estimation and him coming up with a whole new way of playing it.
I was recently in Wales visiting my father and found one of the arrangements of the song stashed away in a cupboard among a lot of books and papers I had left behind when I moved. Anyway I thought I would give it a new lease of life and share it here.

Love is a word

Love at Glastonbury Festival

When Love Is Not Enough

Lyrics to my song

Verse 1:

When love is not enough we pray to Heavens above.

When love is not enough we pray to Heavens above.

I thought you were the only one but are you just a fantasy

In the broken dream?

Sometimes it's so hard to see...

So what have I got to do now to get you close to me?


I know it's only rock 'n roll but I love it so.

I know it's only rock 'n roll but I love it so.

Verse 2:

When love is not enough we pray to Heavens above.

When love is not enough we pray to Heavens above.

You are always on my mind

No matter where I am or what I do,

Sometimes success means nothing

If you can't ensure your aim is true.

By Steve Andrews and Koko Zaunt 27/8/98

What will happen in future?

Time will tell

Perhaps I will record this song in future. I would like to because it has a great tune and we both spent a lot of time working on this one.

It has happened with other songs of mine that I ended up doing a recording of them very many years after they were first written. The songs have come back into focus for me after I have dug out the old lyrics from notebooks left behind at my father's house in Cardiff. 

I lost touch with Koko Zaunt many years ago, so who knows what happened to him or whether he ever found that elusive break so many of us songwriters and musicians dream of one day finding? But wherever he is, I am sure he would welcome seeing our song When Love Is Not Enough resurrected and recorded!

Updated: 04/13/2018, BardofEly
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