Decoding: When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear - Defining What This Means Exactly

by Jerrico_Usher

This Phrase Is Well Known To Many, But Few Really Know What It Means or Why It's Likely One Of The Most Important Things You Need To Know To Truly Become Enlightened In Life!

I've heard this phrase over and over again growing up, by teachers, my parents, and many other people that seemed wise at the time, but whom couldn't actually define the phrase when I challenged them. When asked what that means they often all give me a sheepish grin and pretend to be some kind of spiritual leader giving me an aloof catch phrase and hiding the meaning. Many would say, when you discover that, you will be ready for the teacher. Even at 8 years old I knew they were full of it. To me this is a cop out. Often those that told me this seemed to have very little grasp of handing "teachers" (explained later in this article) that came their way so they didn't even practice what they "preached".

Student Teacher


The Teacher Is Always Ready And Waiting...


I don't agree that being aloof about this phrases true nature, definition, and philosophy is the right way to help enlighten someone. People tend to say things they heard that sounded cool or that they saw helped someone else find insight, but when they spout it out as just a catch phrase and can't explain exactly what it means it's of little value to anyone.

I suspect half the people that said it, themselves didn't truly know or comprehend it beyond it's more obvious meaning i.e. when I'm ready "someone" will appear to show me the way. The meaning is very easy to understand as it's a literal description of an intangible awareness, but without certain other awareness's it may not make sense.

I hope this brings someone peace of mind and helps you to find your way if you feel lost in this complex world. In this article I will break this saying down based on my research, experience, and comprehension of it.


What Does This Mean? Who Is The Teacher? How Does The Teacher Know To Appear?

This is actually much simpler than it appears. This saying is a metaphor for an amazing process that happens to everyone and that happens in surgical precision based on our own individual progress, goals, and growth. It's not so much a teacher, a person, or even an entity- but an awareness unlocked.

When I started to learn about things that always eluded me I started to hear all kinds of sayings like this. The brilliance of this statement is that it is absolutely true.

I spent years quoting it knowing only that it was true but never took it apart to really define it. I had an idea of what it meant but no real concept of its philosophy. In short I said it to sound smart but had no idea what it meant exactly.

The simple truth is it means when you're ready for something (meaning when your eyes open due to your education, a shocking aha moment, an awareness that reaches into your knowledge-base and says "ohhhhh!", or simply that you were blind and now you see), then the teacher- awareness, will show you the path.

The teacher is both there to give you resources (information/hunches/intuition) and to punish you when you go against the grain. The real lessons happen best in failure.

WhenThe Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear

This is not someone teaching you but rather your ability to now learn from your own free will and pursue your destiny. Whatever it is you've been wanting (and took the time to stop and figure out "why") has now unlocked your intuition and core being to the truth that has always been there, but you simply weren't "open" to it.

Until you learn to walk you can't "trip" over a crack in the sidewalk as you walk down it BUT when you do walk and you DO trip over that crack- the teacher- that nice fall on your face, likely stopped by your knee or hands only after you learned that these resources (other teachers) could stop the hard slam of your teeth into the sidewalk. It could mean even the ability, agility, and dexterity to simply adjust your body weight to prevent the fall if possible, or control it are possible. 

All of these things are the teachers "appearing". Teachers are awareness's that allow you to take advantage of learning, growing, and enlightenment opportunities. You didn't think a magical ferry teacher would appear and start schooling you in the answers of life's complex maze did you? Silly rabbit...

The teacher appearing is in reality a block disappearing, your mind opening to the possibility of its existence. It's also another possibly different reality than your used to is showing where the information is more useful, healing, or in some way powerful enough for you to invoke it's power to push you forward down a new path and open up your self-awareness more.

This new information is not right or wrong, good information or bad information- it's just, personally, useful or needed and thus a resource you allow to now exist in your awareness (That's the teacher).

How much it "teaches" is up to you, dependent on your needs and your desires at any given time. Your always in control of whether or not the lesson continues (teacher remains) or disappears again (teacher, that particular realm of lessons, dissipates likely to later appear again when needed). The lessons you learn can stick with you or disappear too. It's a complex matrix, and a fascinating tool to someone aware of its very nature.

Deeper down the rabbit hole...

When you're in alignment with something you start to see it everywhere, you start to align with what you need to grow. When you're ready to become a writer you start to see a lot of writing jobs because now you're looking for them, they were there the whole time but you didn't see a writing job you saw a service you didn't need.

Right now there is a million dollars that's yours but until you're ready to move through the matrix of life in the pattern needed to "acquire" the wisdom, take the actions, and the necessary paths to claim it- well, it will remain in circulation in the pockets, businesses, and banks that are holding it for you!

My Ford Probe '93
My Ford Probe '93

You ever buy a car you never even expected to buy, say it was a friend selling theirs for a price YOU could afford so you became a bit obsessed with that model of car? Started seeing it everywhere? Why do you think that happens?

To put this concept into perspective, when you have a friend who is obsessing over a model of car you never really noticed before, although they are everywhere you never gave it a second thought but now that they have talked about it and you've been to the dealership with them looking at this car in detail you will notice that there are actually A LOT of these all over town.

You will see them and realize you never really noticed them before, as if all of a sudden they are everywhere you go. They were always there but now your open to seeing them more clearly, focus is sharpened and now you almost feel like your actively looking for them.

Teacher Appears

When the student is ready:

This basically means when you're open to the information, or growth. The teacher will appear: This means that you will be able to accept and actively seek out the people, places, and information that will help you towards enlightenment. It also means when your eyes open, your interests change, or something becomes important to you; it changes your awareness and focus and you start to focus on it and "see" where you were "blind".

I bought a Ford Probe, 93' GT (above picture) and started to notice them all over the place where before I didn't see a single one. Do you think all the Probe owners stopped driving just around me before? Of course not.

Until writing this actually, 3 years later (I'm editing this article again in 2012) I owned that Probe, but it was stolen in 2011 never to be seen again. Now I realize I haven't seen a single Ford Probe around town in over a year! Just owning the car means you will likely see others. Like attracts like.

When you're not ready to learn something you're closed off to the information. Your mind is closed (and opens or closes with intensity equal to your interest and desire or even need), and you don't correctly perceive it unless it's appropriate.


We Actively Manifest Awareness Of The Teacher.. Who Was Standing There The Entire Time Waiting For Us To Accept Its Existence.

When you're ready your mind opens up and is thirsty to learn more. You're perceptive to the information and thus you start to do things that attract the right resources. Your actions, your decisions and your very stimulation externally with the environment and the outside world, people; everything generates reactions.

A severe belief that an "angel" is following you around saving you will likely one day manifest in your "seeing" one. It doesn't mean it will really be there or that you'll even see a "real" angel- but your mind will make it real, and you may see one and rationalize that it's an/the angel that's always saved you.

You may see a glimmer of something in the corner of your eye and think that was the angel. You may smell something and think it was the "angel's" perfume. Some people force hallucinations out of belief alone- but the very reality of your "chasing" the truth is the teacher in action as well!

Every action creates an equal and opposite "reaction". This is the secret to "the teacher will appear". The awareness makes all these things, these "teachers" like breadcrumbs to your destiny, or whatever it is you're chasing. Your destined path self-inflicted.

Perception is reality...

The teacher is perceptions 


What we see in our world is based on our perceptions of our world. Our perceptions color our reactions to things we perceive through our sensory perceptions. When we process this information and give it meaning we then react to that information accordingly. If we're interested in absorbing more information we proactively react in a way that invites more information. We go out, we start reading, we educate ourselves, we ask questions and so on.

Every movement we make pushes out into the world an action that generates a series of reactions until our own actions set into play a symphony of reactions that come towards us perceived as random actions. We are affected and react to them in ways that generate more and more things.

If we lose interest or become overwhelmed the teacher backs off, rather our reactions change and the environment no longer supports the old views. Our internal processes change what were interested in and we no longer pursue whatever it was, this changes the environment and in turn changes everything else.

When you're ready to learn something, your motivated to grow, you snow ball your actions/reactions and the world moves in sync with what you need. You don't realize it but you are making it all happen.

The teacher is not some external object or person it's the symphony of your reactions, your internal guidance vibrating your world to a certain rhythm. Since your open to the awareness training of whatever it is, you're putting out there that you want more, that you are open to more. When you integrate the new information your reactions become more intelligent and focused.

You start to make things happen through resonance.Almost as if by magic people and situations are then magnetized to you. You find yourself constantly in the right place at the right time. You think your just lucky and that what you want, and what is happening are in perfect sync but the reality is you set it up that way  subconsciously (desired something setting things in motion;a plan was formed)and through conscious and physical actions you made it happen (seeds planted became trees of resources).

It's like throwing a tennis ball against the wall and catching it. The difference is that you throw out a lot of tennis balls and they all intuitively return as situations, opportunities and so on. Knowing this is empowering and this is a "trust" in the universe.

You know that you will ask for something and the universe will provide, but you're asking is an outward manifestation of actions that cause reactions. We truly are completely in charge of what happens to us and how we react to it. Trusting in the universe is about also recognizing the returning tennis ball so to speak and being grateful for its power and use.


The teacher is powered by your own intuition

When you align yourself especially with people who are knowledgeable about things they can sense your dedication and are happy to help you out, to teach you, to offer you assistance. You find ways to "teach" them as well as they may be partially your teacher but you are partially there because they needed you as well in another area.. the universe works in mysterious ways..

Updated: 02/26/2013, Jerrico_Usher
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kimbesa on 05/30/2013

I agree, the universe is mysterious. And when it lines up, amazing things "happen."

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