Where to Buy Lego Online

by TerriRexson

A guide to where to buy Lego online. Find out where to get the best deals, free postage and free offers with your Lego sets.

I spend a lot of time researching the best places to buy LEGO sets, in this article I'll share what I've found about buying LEGO online.

I'm Mom to two boys who love LEGO. It's the first toy they head for each morning when they wake up and it's the last to we have to drag them away from to go to bed in the evening.

As parents we're loving getting back into LEGO too. We are more than happy to be asked for help with a complex build and often join in and make models with the kids.

LEGO is the toy that my kids save up their pocket money for. And it's something we're willing to buy for the kids as we think it's a great toy for imagination, technical thinking and interacting as a family.

We always want to get the best deal when we're buying anything though.

Where's the best place to buy LEGO?

Where's the best place to buy LEGO? At a LEGO store of course! Sorry, bad joke, but the LEGO Emporium is a cool set. 

In this article I'll go through the four best places to buy LEGO in the US and the UK based on my experience as a LEGO shopper and industry observer. 

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211
Only $573.99

Buy LEGO at Amazon

If the price is right then our top choice for buying smaller LEGO sets is usually Amazon. Why? It's the free shipping that does it. As I write this we've just ordered a new LEGO Marvel The Avengers set from Amazon. 

Amazon.com: Spend $25 on eligible items to get free super saver shipping (if your LEGO is under $25 then just add a household item you'll use.) Or free shipping on most items for Amazon Prime Members.

Amazon.co.uk: Free super saver shipping on items sold by Amazon and many more. 

For smaller LEGO sets, shipping costs are a big deal and free shipping can outweigh a slightly cheaper price elsewhere. I've found that Amazon often has good prices on LEGO but it's not always the case - do compare with some of the other vendors I mention.

I also like the Amazon customer service. I prefer to choose Amazon itself as a vendor rather than third parties as I've had third parties on Amazon accept an order and then not actually have stock. But I've had lots of good experiences with third parties too, so it's just a preference. 

Amazon and their third parties also carry a large range of back catalog LEGO. You can often find sets that are no longer sold by regular toy stores or the LEGO store. 

Buy LEGO at LEGO.com

LEGO.com sell a range of their latest LEGO sets online. You'll find the latest and current LEGO ranges there. You'll also find some exclusive LEGO sets. And they also have a Sales & Deals section which is worth checking out - you can find some bargains on fairly recent LEGO sets. 

LEGO.com often have offers on. They might offer free delivery or a discount over a certain order size. But the ones we like are the cool free gifts. They have given away LEGO posters, small LEGO sets, a LEGO tote bag and other stuff. This can make it worthwhile to shop at the official LEGO shop. 

LEGO.com won't necessarily be the first place to list new LEGO sets though - they wait until their official release date whereas other vendors may allow preorders. 

FREE Exclusive 'The Hulk™' Minifigure with a $50 purchase. Valid 5.16 - 5.30

Buy LEGO at ToysRUs

ToysRUs can also be a good option for buying LEGO. They often have early availability of new sets so they can be a good choice for collectors who want to get in their first!

The shipping can be off-putting on smaller sets. ToysRUs.com do offer a ShopRunner subscription service where you pay an annual fee and then get free 2 day shipping. This could be an option for regular LEGO collectors. 

ToysRUs do run deals on shipping for larger purchases so if you're buying a lot of LEGO or one of the really big sets then it's worth checking to see what deals they have. They also run promotional deals and offers which can make a big difference. ToysRUs generally have a good selection of recent LEGO sets. 

Buy LEGO at eBay

eBay is another place that is worth checking out when you are looking to buy LEGO online. At eBay you'll find a mix of new and used LEGO so check carefully what you are buying. 

When a new LEGO theme is released eBay vendors will often offer them for preorder so you can reserve a new set. But the prices are often inflated. You won't necessarily get the set any sooner, so be careful. 

eBay can be good for bargains on new LEGO sets. 

If you're looking for older and discontinued LEGO sets then eBay is the place to try. 


We're rather excited about the new Lego 2012 range. Lego Super Heroes, Ninjago Snake People and even a new Lego Dino Dinosaur range! Let's take a look.
Updated: 05/20/2012, TerriRexson
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BrendaReeves on 04/03/2012

Thanks for the info. I have grandkids with birthdays coming up.

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