Winter Animal Hats for Kids - Knit and Plush

by TerriRexson

There are some really fun winter animal hats for kids around. You could choose from a lion, monkey, wolf, penguin and lots of other cute designs in wool and plush.

Animal Hats for Kids

These animal hats for kids are just so cute! We just bought my sons aged 3 and 5 animal hats as early Christmas presents. We figured they might as well start wearing them as it's already getting cold. 

My older son chose a plush wolf hat - one of his favorite animals. He got lots of attention the next day when we went to visit a wildlife center in the forest that has wolves! 

My younger son chose a fleece-lined knit lion hat. This looks seriously cute on a preschooler and he got so many smiles and comments when he wore it. 

Although they are proper winter outdoor hats, the boys have both worn them indoors and pretended to be animals. 

Children's Brown Bear Animal Hat

Also Tiger, Monkey, Lion and More
Children's Soft n Plush Winter Animal Hats (Brown Bear)

Kids' Plush Animal Hats

These kids plush animal hats are such good fun! They're practical too, they keep kids really warm - especially their ears and neck which can get cold with a normal hat. My son likes the pom poms on the long ear flaps of his wolf hat - the pom pom on one of the dangling pieces fits through a slot on the other. 

This hat comes in lots of different animal styles (click on the Brown Bear hat to view the other animals):

  • Baby Tiger
  • Bunny
  • Dalmation
  • Gold Bear
  • Lion
  • Monkey
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Pig
  • Ram
  • Snow Leopard (left)
  • Polar Bear
  • White Tiger
  • Wolf

Warning: Your kid will look very cute in one of these hats and people will look and smile!

These hats work well for little kids and big kids, boys and girls. My son is only five but because of the style of the hat it stays on well, and it will last him for years if we manage not to lose it!

Lots of tweens love these hats, and they're even fashionable with teenagers and adults too, especially if they ski. 

Kids Snow Leopard Plush Hat

Also, Polar Bear, Penguin, Panda and more
Children's Soft n Plush Winter Animal Hats (Snow Leopard)

Woollen Animal Hats

My three-year-old just loves his knit lion hat with tassles - he loves to hold on to them. Most of the knit animal hats have a fleece lining which means there's no itchiness and they are lovely and cosy. 

There are knit animal hats it lots of designs, I've chosen a few of my favorites here. The toddler tiger ski hat is very cute - love those ears.

The monkey is a classic kid hat choice and the owl is very fashionable at the moment. 

We found that it was fine for these hats to be a little large - you don't want to choose one that will be too small. 

These hats make great gifts for kids. They're ideal for families that ski, but they're great as regular winter hats too. 

Knit Animal Hats for Kids

Tiger, Monkey, Owl
Toddler Animal Wool Ski Hat -Tiger W15S10F

Our Rust White Tiger Toddler Wool Animal Ski Hat is fun and cute style winter hat for any kinds of winter outdoor activities for your toddlers. Made with thick and chunky wool ...

Only $29.99
DeLux ~ KnitWit Kid Size ~ Monkey Face Wool Pilot Animal Cap/Hat with Ears and Poms

DeLux ~ KnitWit Kid Size ~ Monkey Face Wool Pilot Animal Cap/Hat with Ears and Poms

deLux The Kids Owl Pilot Hat,Kids for Unisex, One Size,Brown

deLux The Kids Owl Pilot Hat,Kids for Unisex:

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FinancialTips4U on 11/22/2011

These are adorable! A very creative idea for Christmas gifts. Thanks!

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