Winter Animal Hats for Tweens, Teens and Adults - Plush and Knit

by TerriRexson

Animal hats are popular on the ski slopes and they've now the cool winter hats for tweens, teens and young adults to be seen in. Let's look at a selection of winter animal hats.

Plush and Knit Animal Hats

Plush and Knit Animal Hats are really popular. They started out on the ski slopes as a bit of fun. Young adults and teenagers wore them at home too and now they're everywhere. 

Cute animal hats are very fashionable for tweens at the moment and make a great Christmas gift that's practical and lots of fun. 

You can choose between plush animal hats that look like a big stuffed toy head, and cute wool knit animal hats that are usually lined with fleece for warmth and comfort. 

The woollen hats have dangled tassles or sometimes knit scarves and the plush hats have long ear flaps with pom poms or sometimes scarves and gloves. 

Hat-imals Plush Winter Hats

One Size Fits All

These plush Hat-imals are very popular with the tween crowd. Lots of teens and young women are wearing them too, especially if they have a favorite animal. 

The Hat-imals range includes loads of different animals to choose from. Each hat has long ear flaps to keep your ears warm. Each ear flap has a pom pom on each end and one of them has a slit for the other pom pom to slide through - this keeps the ear flaps close to the head to make sure you're nice and cosy!

Click on the Gray Wolf Hat or the Black Bunny hat above to see the full range which includes:

  • Brown Bull, Chocolate Bull, Brown Bear Cub, Brown Reindeer,
  • Frog, Grey Fox, Kangaroo, Lion, Tiger, Spotted Bear,
  • Spotted Cub, Tan Ram, White Bear, White Bunny, 
  • White Cheetah, White Poodle, White Ram and Yellow Ducky!

The Brown Reindeer makes a fun Christmas gift, or hat to wear throughout the holiday season. And I particularly like the Kangaroo and the White Cheetah. 

DeLux Woollen Animal Hats

These DeLux wool knit animal hats are seriously cute! Each one has an adorable animal face and ears. 

The hats are made from 100% natural wool and lined with fleece so they are warm and comfy and not scratchy. 

Each hat has long cosy ear flaps with fun wool tassles on the end.

The hats are very fashionable and are worn by young men and women as well as tweens and teens. 

I can't decide which one I like best! The racoon is very popular, and the cute modern owl design is very fashionable at the moment. 

And that moose is just adorable! He could definitely pass as a reindeer at Christmas. 

Animal Hats with Scarves and Gloves

Polar Bear Hat with Soft Plush Paws and Claws

Korean Polar Bear Animal Costume with Soft Plush Claws

Delux Giraffe Animal Hat Hood and Scarf

Delux Giraffe Animal Hat Hood

Want to keep your neck and hands warm too? These adorable animal hats have built in scarves. 

The cute Polar Bear has paw gloves with soft claws at the end of a furry scarf. 

And the giraffe has a long knif scarf and with pockets for your hands at the end. Somehow the giraffe hat manages to look stylish!

Animal Hats are Popular with Little Kids Too

There are some really fun winter animal hats for kids around. You could choose from a lion, monkey, wolf, penguin and lots of other cute designs in wool and plush.
Updated: 11/24/2011, TerriRexson
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