Best Dinosaur Toys for Kids Age 4-8

by TerriRexson

The best dinosaur toys for boys and girls from toddlers and preschoolers through to older children. Recommended gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs.

I'm Mom to two small boys who love dinosaurs. The older one is hugely knowledgable about carnivores and herbivores and the little one isn't far behind. On this page I've recommended some of the best dinosaur toys that we have come across.

I've been happy to encourage my kids' interest in dinosaurs. It has lead to a strong interest in nature and science. I've enjoyed learning about dinosaurs too.

Dinosaurs are classic toys, my boys love to see their Dad's toy dinosaurs from the 70s! And there are lots of modern dinosaur toys too featuring electronics and we even have a new LEGO dinosaurs theme.

LEGO Dinosaurs Theme

Age 5-15

As well as being dinosaur fans, my kids love LEGO. In 2012 LEGO brought out a new range of LEGO dinosaurs. 

The theme includes explorer minifigures as well, so it's a dinosaurs back in time theme. OK, so this is not historically accurate, but it is imaginative. Kids love to pretend and think about what would happen if they could go back to the time of the dinosaurs. 

The LEGO dinosaurs in this theme are molded rather than built from bricks so they are suitable for younger dinosaur fans. There are sets that can be build from age 5 up to more complex sets that will appeal to older kids. 

More LEGO Dinosaurs.

LEGO Dino Ambush Attack 5882

LEGO Dino Ambush Attack 5882
Only $11.99

LEGO Dinosaurs Theme

There's a new Lego Dinosaurs range for 2012. The range includes dinosaurs and people living at the same time and some of those dinos look scary!

Schleich Dinosaur Figures

Age 3-15

For a more realistic toy, the Schleich dinosaur figures are excellent. These toy dinosaurs are well researched and hand painted and they are high quality. My son got the Schleich Brachiosaurus from his grandad and it's definitely one of my favorite toy dinosaurs. 

You can collect a whole range of Schleich dinosaur figures including T-Rex, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus and more. 

A collection of toy dinosaurs is lots of fun, and educational too. 

Schleich Brachiosaurus

Schleich Brachiosaurus
$7.60  $4.53

Best Dinosaur Science Toys

Age 4-8

Dino dig kits are very popular with paleontologists in training. Dinosaur bones are embedded in 'rock' and the child uses field tools to dig out the fossils and build a dinosaur skeleton. This Dinosaur Science Set has some extra educational features and a glow in the dark dinosaur. Great for encouraging a child's interest in dinosaurs and science.

Scientific Explorer's My First Dinosaur Science Kit

Dino Dig and Dinosaur Learning Set
Scientific Explorer's My First Dinosaur Science Kit
Scientific Explorer
Only $26.95

Playmobil Adventure - Spinosaurus with Dino Nest

The biggest carnivore
Playmobil Adventure - Spinosaurus with Dino Nest

Dinosaur Playset

Age 4+

We love the Playmobil dinosaur range. This Playmobil Spinosaurus with Dino Nest includes a huge Spinosaurus with her babies and a nest.

It also includes paleontologist figures and as always with Playmobil, lots of accessories. My boys play with their dinosaur Playmobil for hours, going back in time and rescuing dinosaurs! Highly recommended.

Paleontologist Costume

Age 5+

And our fifth and final recommendation is a paleontologist vest. This Backyard Safari Vest works really well, lots of pockets for paleontologist field tools.

My boys love pretending to be paleontologists and going on dino digs in the sandbox. A paleontologist costume is great fun for everyday roleplay or as a Halloween costume for a boy or girl who loves dinosaurs.

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

Dress up as a paleontologist!
Backyard Safari Cargo Vest
Only $32.88

A Robot Dinosaurs

Cruncher is a cool robot dinosaur. Cruncher is recommended for kids aged 6-14. This isn't a trivial toy with a few buttons to press. 

Cruncher the dinosaur is interactive, makes lots of sounds and movements and can be trained bu his owner. 

Unlike a lot of electronic toys, Cruncher gets great reviews both for his quality and durability and his play value. Great for kids who are ready for a toy that requires a bit more thought. 

My older son loves scary dinosaurs. He prefers carnivores and loves to see teeth. Cruncher comes with his own fish skeleton so he's definitely a carnivore. Probably a Spinosaurus judging by his back crest. 

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur

Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur
Only $125.0

More Dinosaur Toys

The Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs are big and sturdy and lots of fun. Let's take a look at the latest Dino Riders range.

Dinosaur Toys on eBay

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We hope you enjoyed the dinosaur toys

We hope you enjoy these dinosaur toys as much as we have. Raah!

The Dinosaur Toys Store

Dinosaur Toys Store

Updated: 04/01/2012, TerriRexson
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