CTX MiSEETX Mini-Computer with Projectors

by TerriRexson

The CTX MiSEETX is an interesting new mini pc with a built in display projector and keyboard projector. Is this the computer of the future?

The Future of Mini Computers?

The CTX MiSEETX Mini-Computer is a fascinating new computer. It looks very futuristic but it's due to be available to buy later in 2012. 

The concept is a mini PC which has a small touchscreen embedded and a pico projector for projecting a larger image.

The MiSEETX also includes a keyboard projector so you don't even need to plug in a keyboard. 

This makes for a very compact portable computing solution. This could be the first step towards having easy access to a full-featured computer while traveling very light. 

It's a cool concept and I'm sure early adopters will come up with some fun ways to use this innovative device. 

MiSeeTX Mini Computer Video Demo

MiSeeTX Specification

The MiSeeTX has an Intel Atom 1.2GHz mobile processor (as used in tablets and other mobile devices.) It runs Window 7 so you get a full PC experience. 

The built-in Pico Processor has a brightness of 80 lumens which is at the top end for a portable Pico projector so should perform well. The projector is embedded in a hinged section of the device so it can be angled as needed. 

On the top of the device is a 4.3 Inch LCD touchscreen which can be used on the move. This is a key difference between the MiSeeTX and pico projectors with Windows CE or Android built in. 

The built-in virtual keyboard is another novel addition to this device. You could add a standalone virtual keyboard to other pico projector devices, but having one built in is much more convenient. 

CTX MIseeTX computer (hands-on)

MiSeeTX Capabilities

The MiiSeeTX has a full Windows 7 operating system so it can be used for many business and office tasks. 

You can watch movies on the projector or the small LCD screen. 

You can also plug in external devices like a games console for big screen gaming. 

This device is an innovative portable office computer and a interesting option for business and leisure travel. And of course it's a cool new gadget for people who like to try out new technology concepts. 

CES 2012: First Hands-On CTX MiSEETX Micro-Computer Projects iPhone 4

MiSeeTX Release Date

When is the MiiSeeTX available?

When is the MiiSeeTX available? There is no official release date at time of writing, but the MiSeeTX is expected go go on the market in 2012. This isn't just a concept, it is close to production. 

MiSeeTX Price

How much does the MiiSeeTX cost?

The official MiiSeeTX price has not been released yet, but there are reports that the MiiSeeTX will cost around $600. 

This seems quite reasonable when a higih spec Pico Projector costs around $300, a virtual keyboard costs over $150 and a tablet PC costs $200 and up. 

More Pico Projector Devices

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Updated: 01/27/2012, TerriRexson
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TerriRexson on 01/27/2012

@graceonline I agree completely about worker treatment, but I don't think the answer is taking the work away from non-Western countries. Global businesses are a much better way to improve the situation.

TerriRexson on 01/27/2012

@graceonline The company is not purely US-focused and has an Asian subsidiary so I doubt your goals are aligned with theirs (or mine since I'm in the UK) - they are clearly looking to a global market.
The green question is one that interests me a lot though. It has occurred to me that projection technology should consume less resources (no large screen or keyboard to build) and have lower shipping costs. A projector should use less power than an equivalent sized monitor too. Technology like this could be important for reducing environmental impact. It's something I've been wondering about.

Michey on 01/27/2012

This is great, I want one too, it will solve a lot of needs and it is ingenious.
thanks for shearing with us

DrDarko on 01/27/2012

I Want One! :-)
I can imagine hundreds of interesting uses for such mini PC running Windows OS. Great find and very interesting review...

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