Dinosaur Costumes for Kids

by TerriRexson

A collection of the best dinosaur costumes for kids. Boys and girls of all ages love to dress up as dinosaurs for everyday roleplay or for Halloween.

Children's Dinosaur Costumes

My toddler and preschooler boys are serious dinosaur fans! And they love dressing up whether it's Halloween or just for fun. In this article I'll highlight the best dinosaur costumes for this year based on reviews by people who have bought the costumes and the factors I know are important as a Mom. 

If you want a wider choice, I'll also point you at a broader selection of choices. I know that toddler and preschooler requests can sometimes be quite specific. Right let's take a look at the costumes. 

Rubies Triceratops Costume

Silly Safari Costume, Triceratops Costume,Toddler
$33.0  $32.51

Kids Triceratops Costume

This kids Triceratops costume is a favorite with adults. Triceratops is a very recognisable dinosaur with it's armored head frill and three horns. 

This Triceratops costume from Rubies is very cute. Its jumpsuit style makes it easy to get on and off which is really important for little kid costumes. 

Rubies costumes are well made. They're not just one-off costumes for Halloween, they can be used for roleplay too. 

The costume comes in two sizes, suitable for toddlers aged 1-2 and preschoolers aged 3-4. 

Rubies Kids Costume Sizes

Toddler: Age 1-2
Small: Age 3-4

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Rubies T-Rex Costume

Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Silly Safari Costume, Cutiesaurus Costume
Only $24.95

Kids T-Rex Costume

T-Rex is the most popular dinosaur with kids. There are a few tyrannosaurus costumes for kids on the market. We've chosen this one by Rubies because of their reputation for good quality costumes and because the color scheme looks amazing. 

Scientists don't really know what color dinosaurs were so this vibrant blue is just fine! 

We also like that the head is a separate piece that can be taken off if your child needs a rest. Or worn separately on occassions where a full costume is not needed! The gloves are a separate add-on too so they can be take off if your child needs to use their hands. 

We think this Cutiesaurus costume (as it's called) is excellent value for money, and yes very cute. But scary too ;-)

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Pterodacyl Costume

Toddler Pterodactyl Dinosaur Costume (Medium)
BrandsonSale Halloween Costumes
Only $29.99

Kids Pterodactyl Costume

OK, we know, the Pterodactyl wasn't actually a dinosaur, but it did live at the same time as the dinosaurs and is closely associated. 

We love the bright colors of this red, orange and yellow Pterodactyl costume. Reviews indicate that this costume is good quality. It's sized at 3-4T but reviews suggest that it's sized quite small. 

The wings are just brilliant on this costume. Great for flapping! And the matching hood with beak is separate so it can be worn or its own, or removed if a child gets too warm from all that flapping!

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Need Somewhere to Store Costumes?

A selection of storage solutions for children's costumes. Have you built up a big collection of kids costumes with lots of bits and need to organize them?

More Costumes for Kids

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Jimmie on 07/04/2011

Those are so fun. I agree with you about creative play. Dressing up is fun anytime of the year.

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