Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

by lou16

Why not make your Christmas tree sparkle with some Disco Ball Christmas ornaments this year. Disco Ball Ornaments come in lots of colors and are suitable for any Christmas tree.

It really doesn't matter what color theme you want to go with on your Christmas tree you can find a Disco Ball ornament to suit. The great thing about this style of Christmas ornament is that with it's multi-faceted edges it manages to catch all of the magic of your Christmas lights and magnify it.

While hanging a disco ball from the ceiling may date you, pop a disco ball ornament on your Christmas tree and it's becomes a classic Christmas decoration that fits with any holiday decor you have.

Silver Mirrored Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

The silver Disco Ball ornaments are probably the most commonly used disco ball ornaments.   Silver is a color that goes well with a wide range of other colors which means it's easy to add a few to your Christmas tree without looking out of place.

The little mirrors around this Christmas ornament reflect the lights on the tree and around the tree beautifully casting a little Christmas magic out into the room.

These Christmas ornaments can come in a number of different sizes so that you can choose the ones that best suit you.   I have a few larger silver disco ball ornaments on my tree, but the majority of mine are the smaller sizes.

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Silver Christmas ornaments are a great accent to any themed tree and I’ve compiled a lovely selection of silver ornaments here for your family’s Christmas tree.

Red Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

As well as smaller silver disco ball Christmas ornaments I also have a few small red ones and they are very festive.   Red really is one of the main colors associated with Chrismtas and these red disco ball ornaments look awesome on a Christmas tree.

As with the silver ones the red ones can also be found in a number of sizes and can be used with other colored disco ball ornaments such as silver, gold and green or as the only disco balls on the tree.

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Red Christmas ornaments are a very traditional color ornament to hang on your Christmas tree and when you choose red you're assured of a great look.

Gold Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

Gold is a classic color for Christmas trees and fits in well with most themes both traditional and modern.   I personally don't have any gold mirror ball or disco ball Christmas ornaments on my tree, but I do have a number of different styles of gold ornaments and they work particularly well with red and green.

Like the other disco ball ornaments the gold ones are also available in a number of different sizes ranging from 1.5" to 6" and I think using at least two different sizes can add a great element to your tree decor.

I think the mirrored ball look is going to be a classic Christmas decoration for years to come which means buying a few now is basically investing in future Christmases!

Green Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

You don't get more Christmassy than red and green ornaments and these green disco balls really help to jazz up a Christmas tree no end.

Not only does green go well with red, gold and silver it's also a great Christmas tree theme when paired with purple and lime green.   Take some green and purple disco ball ornaments and throw in a few matte lime green round Christmas ornaments on a traditional green Christmas tree and you have a great looking tree for people to admire.

Not sure if this color combination would work?   Check it out on the card below ........ only yours would be better because you'd have a few disco ball ornaments on the tree!

Blue Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

I love blue and blue Christmas ornaments look particularly nice on white trees.   Last year I was quite taken with the look of some aqua blue Christmas ornaments that I saw, but I haven't seen any disco ball ornaments in that color.

There are two different blues that seem to be available in the mirrored ball style of Christmas ornaments as you can see opposite.

The ocean blue as well as the peacock blue.   The ocean blue is the color of Christmas ornaments that I've been using for years whereas the peacock blue is a newer color for Christmas.   It's become popularized with the rise in popularity of the peacock and goes beautifully with other peacock ornaments if you want to create a peacock themed tree this holiday season.

Pink Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

I love a mix of pink and purple Christmas ornaments on a white Christmas tree as it just has a really young, fresh look to the tree that's almost exciting.

The bubblegum pink of the pink disco ball ornaments that's on the market is just perfect for the design.   Both the design and the color invoke a youthful vibe and I think they'd even inspire hubby and I to start 'rocking around the Christmas tree'!

If you're after a fun theme for your tree then add a bubblegum pink disco ball ornament or two and you'll be very glad you did.

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Pink Christmas Ornaments
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Purple Disco Ball Christmas Ornaments

Purple is one of my favorite colors which is why I'm surprised I don't yet have any purple Christmas ornaments to hang on my tree.   I'm going to remedy this with a set of purple disco ball ornaments as I think they look pretty good - don't you?

Purple ornaments look good on any color Christmas tree from green to white to black and more, so what are you waiting for?   Buy a purple Christmas ornament today!

What Color Disco Ball Christmas Ornament Do You Prefer?

Can't Decide Which Color Mirrored Ball Ornament to Buy?

There's a solution here for you if you can't decide what color disco ball ornament you want to hang on your tree - buy them all!

The set below features 8 different colored mirrored disco ball ornaments which are bound to look gorgeous on your Christmas tree.

Mr. Light Assorted Colors Mirror Ball Ornaments, 64 Count, 8 Colors, 1-Inch Each

Illuminate your Christmas tree with the sparkle of 64 assorted mini mirror ball ornaments! These dance floor favorites mirror the glow of the lights on your tree for even more h...

View on Amazon

Multi Colored Disco Ball Christmas Ornament

Another option for you if you can't decide what color to get is to buy a multi-colored mirror ball ornament like the one below - isn't it cool?

Not Just For Your Christmas Tree

These cool disco ball ornaments don't have to be hung on trees either, they're also great to decorate your holiday tables and sideboards.

Fill hurricane vases with a mix of Christmas ornaments to add some festive holiday cheer into your decor.

As these ornaments are basically mirrored balls they are also great when combined with Christmas candles like below -

As you can see opposite you can pop these disco ball ornaments around the base of a candle.   When the candle is lit the mirrored surface of the ornaments help to diffuse the candle flame really well and adds an ambient feeling to the room.

You can use any color ornament to achieve this look and even if you don't end up lighting your candles I'm sure you'll agree the look is really simple and elegant.

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Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas decorations as they make the Christmas tree feel dressed and festive.
Updated: 10/20/2012, lou16
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