Dinosaur Doggie Dental Chew

by JoHarrington

These durable dental chews for dogs are best-selling items on Amazon, and with good reason! Fun and designed to keep canine teeth clean.

Tyrannosaurus rex was once one of the most ferocious creatures to walk this Earth. But it's no match for your canine. And each bite protects those doggie teeth too!

Nylabone's Durable Dental Dinosaur Dog Chew Toy is precisely what it says on the packet. The dinosaur might change - brontosaurus and stegosaurus are also on offer - but each one contains the same features.

Dental nubs and bristles keep your dog's teeth in the peak of health, and the toy's hard-wearing. Some dog-owners have reported the toy lasting three to four months. Others have said their dog destroyed it in hours.

Nylabone recommends the dinosaur doggie chew toy for breeds up to 50lbs. Take advice or do your research before deciding it's a product for your own pet.

Dogs - Protecting Your Home from Dinosaur Attacks

A dinosaur in the house is a dangerous thing, and your dog knows this. It will lie in wait, scanning the doorway, alert to the heavy thump-thump of an approaching T-rex.

There is life and limb at stake here. We know how this ends. We've all watched Jurassic Park. At the very least, a brontosaurus in the living room will play havoc with the furniture, not to mention all interior walls, and the exterior ones too.

Only your pet dog stands between your family and annihilation. Then here it comes.... thump... thump... thump... can you hear it?  (I know it sounds remarkably like a dog's tail wagging hard against the carpet, but work with me here.)  The steady approach of a great and terrible creature intent upon chaos!

Your dog strikes!  In a frenzy of barks and flying saliva, paws knock it to the floor and a powerful jaw clamps upon the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex. There's not been such an epic battle since King Kong faced down Godzilla, but your canine is equal to the task.

Snarling bites and nips subdue the dangerous dinosaur, and the gnawing may commence.

Your family is saved!  Hurrah!  Hurrah!  Hurrah!  And your home too!  Bravo that dog!

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Note about Nylabone Dental Dog Chew Toys

Amongst the thousands of enthusiastic reviews about this product, there are some which constitute dire warnings. The stories told by these dog owners were alarming enough for me to initially decide not to write about these dental chews. I didn't want to be responsible for dogs with broken teeth and sore mouths!

But then I looked into it further. I couldn't understand why so many other pet owners were thrilled to bits, if these dogs did all of that. Were those people evil or something?

It turns out that the toys come in various sizes. Some pets were getting injured, because they'd been bought dental chew toys that were too small for them.  As Nylabone puts it:

The pressure exerted by a dog’s jaw is considerable, and when directed straight down can put tremendous stress on the teeth. It is recommended that non-edible chews be large enough to encourage chewing from the side rather than the top and bottom.

In short, please be responsible pets owners, when choosing the size of your dental dinosaur chew toy for dogs. Then all will be good.

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Updated: 07/28/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 09/10/2014

From what I've heard, these last for quite a while. In relative terms anyway.

Ember on 09/10/2014

Neat! My parents have three dogs and one is a massively huge dog who can destroy a chew toy in literally a matter of seconds. I brought him home a tennis ball to play with him and just in fetching it twice, it was utterly shredded.

This might be worthwhile for him if he'd be able to chew on it for more that 4 seconds, give or take, before it was destroyed.

JoHarrington on 08/02/2014

That is very sensible and forward thinking of you. One can never be too prepared for all eventualities.

AbbyFitz on 08/02/2014

I have to say, these things are amazing. My dog loves them, although he's only used the bone shapes. Maybe I ought to buy the dinosaurs so he'll know what to kill should we ever be attacked by a T Rex :)

JoHarrington on 07/28/2014

Thank you very much. :)

TheWritingCowboy on 07/28/2014

Cute article.

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