Gift Ideas for iPad Owners

by TerriRexson

A selection of gift ideas for iPad owners. Quality iPad accessories that will make an iPad lover happy.

Do you need a gift idea for someone who loves their iPad? On this page you'll find a variety of quality accessories that make good gifts for someone who uses an iPad.

You'll find iPad gifts for travelers, accessories for media addicts, something for the green iPad owner, and ideas for tech enthusiast iPad owners and style-conscious iPad owners.

Lots of people own iPads now so you'll find gift ideas for mothers day and fathers day, Christmas gifts for your husband or wife, graduation gifts, birthday gifts and more.

Someone who loves their iPad will really enjoy a gift that enhances their favorite gadget. There are some unusual ideas here so you should find something a bit different.

Solar Charging iPad Case

Green, Travel

The Solar Charging iPad Case.


Is your iPad owner environmentally conscious or a regular traveler? Or perhaps they're like me and forget to charge their gadgets? How about a solar charging iPad case? It's he perfect gadget accessory for someone who likes to use their gadgets to read magazines on vacation, or have access to technology on a remote adventure. 

This Solar Charging iPad Case has a solar panel built in to the front of the case which tops up the battery of an iPad2. You can go up to 10 days between plugging in for a charge. 

It will charge indoors or outdoors and the case has been designed to make the iPad2 ports accessible. The case also has a built-in stand and will protect an iPad on the move. 

The Only iPad USB Flash Drive

Media, Photos, Business

The Only iPad USB Flash Drive. The Only iPad USB Flash Drive

This USB Flash drive plugs in to a desktop or laptop computer and allows an iPad to access files stored on an SD drive via Wifi. It's a handy gadget for increasing the storage capacity of an iPad. 

Up to six devices can view the files on the flash drive which supports streaming media and accepts SD cards from cameras. 

It's great for photo sharing or watching movies around the house and also for transferring documents that you need for business. 

The Virtual Keyboard

Business, Social Media, Tech Lovers

The Virtual Keyboard.

Anyone who regular types on their iPad will appreciate an external keyboard. But how do you get a full-sized keyboard that's easy to type on but not bulky to carry around?

Try the Virtual Keyboard which projects a keyboard onto a surface and monitors keystrokes. Yes it works!

This is a clever little gadget which is very practical and will also appeal to tech lovers and geeks. It's a great gadget to show off with!



The iPad Leather Satchel

The iPad Leather Satchel. The iPad Leather Satchel

Are you buying for someone who needs a stylish way to transport their iPad with them on the move?

Do they want to take their iPad when they go out for the day or meet someone for coffee? Do they take their gadget with them to business meetings and social gatherings?

This Colombian Vachetta cowhide leather satchel is a stylish way to transport an iPad. 


The Touchscreen Compatible Gloves

Winter, Christmas, Travel

The Touchscreen Compatible Gloves (Women's).


You've probably seen cheap tech gloves that allow you to use a touchscreen gadget like the iPad while keeping warm. But perhaps your iPad owner would prefer to be seen in something rather more stylish. 

These touchscreen compatible gloves for ladies and men are made from lambskin that has been treated to make it conductive. Very clever!

These iPad gloves make an excellent Christmas gift for an iPad owner. 


The Powered Rotation iPad Stereo Dock

The Powered Rotation iPad Stereo Dock. The Powered Rotation iPad Stereo Dock

This iPad dock turns an iPad into a media player and alarm clock (using a free app.)

But the really cool feature is that you can switch the dock between portrait and landscape mode using a remote control!

Fun for show offs and tech lovers. 

An iPad Kitchen Stand

Is your iPad lover a keen cook? Or a messy one! I've written a separate article on gadgets that make it practical to use an iPad in the kitchen. 

Using a tablet or iPad in the kitchen is a great idea! Get some ideas for keeping your iPad or tablet safe in the kitchen and making it convenient to use.
Updated: 03/22/2012, TerriRexson
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