Kids Craft Supplies - Ideas for your Craft Box

by TerriRexson

Lots of ideas for your craft box. My kids love making and craft activities. Our collection of kids craft supplies comes in very handy when they want to make something.

Kids Love Craft

Kids love craft activities don't they? I always knew this was the case, but until I had my own children I didn't realize quite how much kids enjoy making, sticking, cutting and gluing. Actually, I didn't realize quite how much I would enjoy it either!

Craft kits are fun, but can get quite expensive. As we do lots of craft projects it's worked out much better for us to buy craft supplies from which we can make lots of things. In this article, I'll share our favorite craft supplies. 

My Kids Craft Supplies

My Kids Craft Supplies
My Kids Craft Supplies

Craft Activities for Kids

Our craft activities follow up on things the kids are currently interested in. Dinosaurs, pirates, knights and castles, and wild animals feature a lot! Let's look at some of the things we make and then we'll look at the craft supplies we need. 

I have a number of basic activities that can be adapted based on what the kids are fascinated with on a particular day including:

  • Decorate a paper doll shape as a pirate, paleontologist, knight, zookeeper, etc. This can involved paint or cutting and sticking. Often the kids will request shapes that I need to cut out from paper or card. 
  • Make a collage - I cut out some shapes from construction paper and the kids arrange them and stick them down on a painted background. My preschooler often cuts out some of his own shapes too. 
  • Decorate an animal. A favorite is to print out an outline of a big cat and then decorate as a tiger, leopard, cheetah, snow tiger, lion, lynx, etc. 
  • Print out a themed coloring picture and decorate it. A Chinese Dragon and a Pirate Treasure Map have been very popular. 
  • Sticky foam mosaic. Print out a coloring picture or draw a picture if you can. Cut out squares or other shapes from sticky foam and have the kids stick them down to make a picture. You can get kits for this, but making your own is fun and you can tailor it specifically to your kids interests. 
  • Finger puppets. Make basic finger puppet shapes from card and decorate as knights and princesses, safari animals, pirates or whatever you've been talking about. 
  • 3D models. We've made a castle from cardstock, a knight's shield, a pirate ship and a medieval tent for a jousting knight. We do this together the kids stick things down and hold things in place. These get played with afterwards until they disintegrate!

What's in our Craft Box

Here are our essential craft supplies that we use regularly:

Sticky Foam Sheets!

Sticky foam sheets are great for cutting up into shapes to suit any project. We use them for mosaics, adding interest to collages, building up layered animal pictures. 

Sticky Back Foam Sheets

Sticky Back Foam Sheets Value Pack-Assorted Colors
Only $22.99

Colored Craft Card Stock

Wausau Creative Collection Classics Specialty Cardstock Starter Ki...
Wausau Paper
$9.99  $9.97

Colored Card Stock

Some projects like 3D models are better with card stock rather than paper. Great for picture frames and finger puppets too. 

Washable School Glue

Elmer's Washable No Run School Glue, 7 5/8 oz. (E308)
$5.99  $2.96


We find washable PVA school glue to be the most versatile. A glue spreader is handy for moving in around. It dries clear and is easy to wash off. 

Roll of Paper

Alex Paper Roll White, 12"X100'
Only $24.95

Plain Paper!

We have a roll of paper for painting, collages and other big projects. It's easy to store and easy to cut off the right size for a particular project. 

Washable Kids Paint

Crayola Washable Kid's Paint Sets set of 10
$13.25  $5.5


Washable paint is brilliant. As I was writing this page, my toddler asked to do some painting. I cut some paper off our roll and gave him some green and red paint and a painbrush. 10 minutes of hard work later and we had lava pouring through trees (the volcano was out of shot!)

Kids Scissors

Crayola Blunt Tip Scissors
$4.27  $2.99


Kids love cutting things up with scissors. My boys will sit for ages with construction paper and scissors cutting out shapes and sticking them to make a collage. 

Googly Eyes / Wiggle Eyes

Chenille Kraft Wiggle Eyes Classroom Pack, 1,000 Pieces per Pack
Chenille Kraft
Only $27.72


Wiggle Eyes or googly eyes as we call them are great fun. Add them to animals, people, dinosaurs, dragons and monsters. 

Construction Paper!

Coolored construction paper is great for collages, dressing paper dolls, or as the background for a picture. 

Brightly Colored Craft Feathers

Bright Hues Feather Assortment, Approximately 325 Feather...
$6.99  $4.6


We love using feathers in our crafts. They can be stuck on a bird or a pterodactyl. You can stick a red feather in a pirate's hat. Decorate a princess dress. Make a native American head-dress. Make chicks at Easter. 

Making Gifts with Craft Supplies

Craft supplies can be used to make homemade gifts for family members, teachers and friends. 

A few homemade gifts ideas for kids to make:

  • A picture frame for a photograph
  • A collage of something the recipient likes - flowers? trains?
  • A covered notebook, pocket diary or recipe book
  • A bookmark 
  • A sign like 'Grandma's Kitchen' or 'Grampa's Tools'
  • A covered keepsake box

Craft Supplies as Unique Kids Gifts

I've started giving craft supplies as gifts to nephews and nieces and friend's children. And also asking for craft supplies for my own kids. Everytime we get out craft supplies that were a gift, we talk about who gave them. 

Washable paint with paintbrushes and an apron makes a great gift. So does construction paper, googly eyes and glue! Or colored card stock and kids scissors. 

Craft supplies are a nice thing to ask for as a gift as people can spend as much or as little as they like. And it's always a nice surprise to see what they come up with. 

Updated: 08/15/2011, TerriRexson
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Jimmie on 07/16/2011

My essentials would be similar to yours. I'd add craft sticks, though. My daughter LOVES those. We do lots of crafts at home. I saw an ad for a STORE that allows kids to come in and do all the crafts they want for a fee. People were raving about what a great idea that is. The supplies available were the things you've listed above, things I consider staples for a craft cabinet. I was mystified that anyone would GO somewhere and pay money to do simple crafts. The big plus was the fact that the moms didn't have to clean up. Sad. Some things are well worth the clean up.

Michey on 07/15/2011

Very nice craft idea, those will keep kids busy over the summer.
I enjoy your post.

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