Lego 21102 Minecraft Micro World

by TerriRexson

Yes, it's official. We're getting Lego Minecraft sets. Preorder now.

Lego 21102 Minecraft Micro World is the new Lego Minecraft set based on a project suggestion on Lego Cuusoo. The Lego Minecraft concept has passed Lego review and is now in production.

Lego Minecraft is available to preorder now and will ship in summer 2012.

Watch the Lego Minecraft video trailer below to see what the set looks like.

Why Lego Minecraft?

Well both Lego and Minecraft involve building cool stuff with blocks. They're both about using your imagination and technical skills and being actively involved in your entertainment. 

Lego Minecraft just sort of makes sense. 

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where you build things with blocks. It's a virtual world where you can go on adventures and fight monsters or just admire the scenery. Watch the trailer and take a look around. 

Lego Minecraft Available to Preorder

You can now preorder Lego Minecraft to ship in Summer 2012. 

"Help Steve survive his first night in a strange new world. Avoid the creeper and start mining for resources that will help you survive and thrive. Configure your four micro-scale LEGO Minecraft modules any way you like. Build your own mines and hills, and expand your world with multiple sets. Includes four LEGO Minecraft modules, hidden resources, extra pieces for wood, dirt, and stone, two "Micro Mobs;" Steve and a creeper."

Price: $34.99. 
Number of pieces: 480
Recommended Age: 10+

More Fun Minecraft Gear

While you wait for the Minecraft Lego
Minecraft Foam Pickaxe
Only $29.99
Minecraft Periodic Table T-Shirt S
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Minecraft Sheet Magnets
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When will Lego Minecraft be Released?

Update: Lego Minecraft is due to ship in Summer 2012!

Lego said that once a set got approval (which happened at the end of January 2012) it would take 'several months' to go through the production process. We thought a 2012 release date might be too optimistic, but it looks like we'll be getting the Lego Minecraft set this summer. 

LEGO Minecraft is available now

LEGO Minecraft 21102

Build a mini model of the game that's sweeping the Internet with a LEGO microbuild version of Minecraft...the LEGO Minecraft Micro World (21102)! Selected by LEGO CUUSOO members...

$69.95  $54.99

View on Amazon

Lego Minecraft Announcement on Feb 16th 2012

 On February 9th 2012, Lego sent out invites for a Lego Minecraft announcement in Copenhagen on Febraury 16th 2012. 

"Please join LEGO CUUSOO and the Mojang team for a first look at the third LEGO CUUSOO model release, 21102 LEGO Minecraft Micro World." Lego Minecraft to be revealed

So we now know the name and title of the Lego Minecraft set, but not the details. 

Hmm Micro World, I wonder what that means. Does it mean a Lego micro scale set with microfigures? We'll have to wait and see. 

Lego Minecraft Passed the Review

On January 24th the Lego Cussoo project posted to their blog saying that the Lego Minecraft project has passed the Lego review stage

"We're happy to announce that the Minecraft project on LEGO CUUSOO has passed the LEGO review and we are now developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft. We can’t wait to show it to you—but it isn't ready just yet."

Lego Minecraft gets 10000 Votes on Lego Cuusoo

The Minecraft project on Lego Cuusoo quickly got the required 10000 votes to make it eligible for review by Lego. 

Lego issued a press release on Dec 7th 2011 which lays out the process that then takes place to hopefully get from the concept and into production. 

"A go/no-go decision should be reached within the next few weeks. Assuming it is given a “go,” then development on any new sets will begin. During this time, LEGO model designers refine the product, while packaging, instructions, and marketing are developed ready for a production run. This will take several months."

Minecraft project hits 10,000 votes on LEGO® CUUSOO: Lego Minecraft Press Release

Lego Minecraft Project Submitted to Cuusoo

In November 2011 Mojang submitted the Lego Minecraft concept to Lego Cuusoo (Beta). Lego Cuusoo allows anyone to submit a concept for a new Lego project. If you can get 10000 supporters to sign up to the idea then Lego will review it to be considered as an official Lego product. 

Minecraft fans submitted some really cool design concepts for Lego Minecraft sets. 

Lego Cuusoo Page for Minecraft

Minecraft Gear on eBay

There's lots of fun Minecraft Gear on eBay. T-shirts, jewelery, a head Steve, lots of cool creeper stuff. 

Lego Minecraft Texture Pack

Make your Minecraft world look like virtual Lego

Minecraft Game Official Trailer

What is Minecraft?

New Lego Sets 2012

More cool new Lego
2012 is an amazing year for Lego. We've got the Ninjago Snakes theme, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit Lego, a Lego Star Wars Game, Lego Friends and lots more.
LEGO Monster Fighters is a new Lego theme introduced in summer 2012 featuring mummies, vampires, frankenstein and other monents. Perfect for Halloween Lego builds.
The Lord of the Rings Lego sets are new for summer 2012. You can now collect the whole Fellowship of the Ring, plus orcs, ringwraiths, Gollum and more.


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BrickRoad on 09/16/2016

The LEGO Ideas project is probably one of the best things the company has brought out. Gives cool things like this a real chance of ending up on a shelf in the LEGO store!

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