New Lego Sets 2012

by TerriRexson

2012 is an amazing year for Lego. We've got the Ninjago Snakes theme, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit Lego, a Lego Star Wars Game, Lego Friends and lots more.

Lego 2012 Themes and Sets


We've got some amazing new Lego themes and sets for 2012. Lego really is going strong. We're really enjoying the new Ninjago snakes theme. And there are some brilliant sets coming out later in 2012 including Lego Hobbit and Lord of the Rings sets, and the spooky new Monster Hunters theme which arrives in plenty of time for Halloween 2012. 

Lego Ninjago Snakes!

New for 2012

2012 is a brilliant year for Ninjago. The theme has been kept fresh with the introduction of a new enemy - the five ancient snake tribes of Ninjago. There were new sets out at the beginning of 2012 and lots of new sets being released throughout the year. 

Have you seen the new Lego Ninago 2012 theme? It's the year of the snake. There are new snake enemies and who is the green Ninja?

Lego Star Wars

The Lego Star Wars theme is as strong as ever with lots of new sets being released in 2012. Notable new releases include the first Lego Star Wars board game, The Battle of Hoth. And a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2012 (read the article below to find out who Santa is this year!)

There's a new Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2012.
There's a Lego Star Wars board game! New for 2012, The Battle of Hoth game includes 32 LEGO Star Wars microfigures.

Lego Friends for Girls

The Lego Friends range has been introduced in 2012, specifically aimed at girls. It's hugely popular and seems to be introducing lots of girls to Lego building. 

The new Lego Friends range has created a lot of controversy. Are these cool Lego sets for girls, or stereotype enforcing toys to be avoided?

Lego Lord of the Rings

The Lego Lord of the Rings range is set for a summer 2012 release. This looks like an amazing range. It ties in with Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies so the sets will be influenced by the film sets. We're getting Lego hobbits, Gandalf, Orcs and lots more. 

The Lord of the Rings Lego sets are new for summer 2012. You can now collect the whole Fellowship of the Ring, plus orcs, ringwraiths, Gollum and more.

The Hobbit Lego

We're also getting a Lego Hobbit range to tie in with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first Peter Jackson Hobbit movie which is coming out in December 2012. We'll surely see Bilbo Baggins, lots of dwarves and Gandalf and Gollum. Very exciting for a Tolkien fan like me.

Lego have confirmed that there will be a range of Hobbit Lego to tie in with the 2012 Hobbit movie, An Unexpected Journey. What do we know about the Lego Hobbit sets?

Lego Monster Fighters

Lego Monster Fighters is another new Lego theme for 2012. It features classic movie monsters versus Monster Fighter adventurer-type minifigures. You'll see Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, ghosts and mummies and more. 

LEGO Monster Fighters is a new Lego theme introduced in summer 2012 featuring mummies, vampires, frankenstein and other monents. Perfect for Halloween Lego builds.

Lego Superheroes

Lego Superheroes is a new theme based on licensing deals with both Marvel and DC Comics. So we're getting new Batman Lego, The Avengers, Wolverine, Captain America and more. Lots of fun to be had here. 

LEGO Marvel The Avengers

Movie Tie-in Theme
There are new Marvel Avengers LEGO Sets out in April 2012. Captain America, Thor, Hulk and more of our favorites are featured.

I'm Mom to two boys who absolutely love Lego. They have plenty of other toys, but the Lego gets played with far more than anything else. They're young at the moment so we've got lots of years of Lego ahead of us and we're loving it!

I didn't have much Lego as a child, so I'm enjoying it now! And so is my partner, he loves making Lego models with our boys. 

There's so much amazing Lego coming out in 2012 that one of our main problems is going to be where to put it all. We need some serious Lego storage!

Updated: 04/01/2012, TerriRexson
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