LEGO Torch

by SeanMac

LEGO are innovative and have developed a cute mini figure torch in a variety of characters. The 3" key ring torch featured is a nice collectible as well as being very useful too.

Lego torch mini keyring
Lego torch mini keyring

Lego Light

Light up your life with a Lego minifigure torch

The toy manufacturer Lego has created many wonderful toys in the building block range. Many of them are collectible, especially those sets that contain Lego minifigs like the Batman Lego or Harry Potter Hogwarts and Star Wars sets. There are many others too and all have the tiny 2 inch minifigures as part of the building block sets. These figures have become so popular that they are collectibles in their own right. The addition of the torch feature is very clever. 

Lego men torches

Many of the Marvel and DC comics characters are now available as stand alone toys. Especially popular are Batman, Robin, Spider-man and many of the henchmen or baddies that do battle against the superheroes. To compliment these collectible figures Lego have incorporated a torch into the figure which is larger than the tiny minifigures used for play. 

Large LEGO Torches

7.5 inch tall Lego light including a dynamo wind-up version
LEGO TorchLEGO Hand Crank Dynamo Flash Light To...
Only $50.48

Big torch

These torches are large at over 7 inches long and are very good as reading lights because of the bright light they produce. The lighting battery and bulbs are contained securely in the product and are quite robust. The switch is contained on the breast plate and a torch bulb is contained in each leg. They legs are adjustable so that the beams can shine in two directions at once. the dynamo version allows you to charge the light source by cranking the arm of the toy by winding it.

Smaller key ring Lego torch

LEGO City Key Light Fire Fighter
Play Visions
Only $20.0
Play Visions Lego Darth Vader Key Light
Play Visions
$13.99  $12.0

Small 3 inch torches

These smaller ones are key rings and stand 3" tall. They are ideal for use on a dark night when you are fumbling about for the lock to your door. The tactile toy will provide all the illumination you require to unlock your premises. This Lego key ring version contains 2 batteries (CR2025) which are neatly inserted into the back of the figure. Two tiny screws hold the back plate in place securely. The torches are boy orientated in design but Lego Friends is trying to get girls more interested in building toys. 

LEGO Dynamo Light

LEGO City Dynamo Torch Construction Worker
Only $30.0

Twist and go

The dynamo figure works on the old bicycle dynamo principal to provide illumination. The hand crank system is used and you simply turn the arm of the mini figure to generate to power to light the LED bulbs in the feet of the toy. The advantage with this model is that a few cranks of the arm and the light is charged and ready to go. No depleted battery problems with this one, which is a big plus where kids are concerned.

Handy Lego blocks

This reliable source of Illumination and is so convenient as it can be kept in a pocket or purse quite easily as it is not very bulky. Don't let the size distract you either, as a powerful light beam is given off by the white LED light.

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Comments on Lego

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kimbesa on 06/01/2013

Ah, flashlights. I get it now.

SeanMac on 07/30/2012

Alas, the DVDs and Video games are interrupting kids natural development and imagination. Building toys like Lego, Meccano, Kreo and so on do have some educational value but it seems that kids just want electronic gadgets and almost surreal graphics in games now. Maybe I'm just a fuddy-duddy and should just remain a Luddite and be done with it. I still like to buy my grandchildren Lego and Thomas & Friends toys and they have stood the test of time.

katiem2 on 07/29/2012

Lego's are a great quality toy we can depend on for countless hours of fun and development. I love the torch figure, lot of fun for kids in the car. Much better than video games or dvds.

SeanMac on 05/28/2012

Hello Tolovaj, thank you for reading about my Lego lights. They are amazingly powerful with a strong beam in each leg. I am delighted with mine.

Tolovaj on 05/25/2012

Wow, I didn't know there are Lego torches available. They are cute and practical and I want one for my b-day!

SeanMac on 03/02/2012

Hi kinworm, thank you for your visit and comments. They are dinky little torches, the kids love them.

Marie on 03/02/2012

These lego torches would make great stocking stuffer ideas.

SeanMac on 02/15/2012

Hello humagaia, thank you for your comments and help with my writing. I do find the Wizzley modules easy to use and the overall feel of the site is pleasant. Thank you for the welcome and I also wish you every success here.

humagaia on 02/14/2012

For a new writer you seem to have grasped the affiliate program method and the Wizzley modules very quickly. The layout looks good to me, but what would I know, I write mainly for adsense.
Welcome to Wizzley, you will find everybody here is friendly and helpful.
Good luck with your online writing.

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