Ninja Costumes for Girls

by TerriRexson

A selection of cool ninja costumes for girls. I've included ninja accessories she'll love too. Ninjas definitely are for girls too!

Girl Ninja Costume Ideas - for preschoolers up to teens

Girls Red Dragon Girl Geisha Costume - Japanese Geisha Costumes


A female Ninja or Kunoichi as they are called is a superb costume for a girl who doesn't want to be a princess!

You can make the costume pretty, but there's plenty of girl power when she needs it! Or you can go for a dark stealth Ninja look. 

A Geisha costume like this can be a starting point for a girl Ninja costume as long as she's going to be able to move freely in it. 

In this article we'll show lots of different Ninja costumes for girls from preschoolers and little girls though to big girls, tweens and teens. 

And there are lots of cool Ninja girl weapons and accessories to complete the costume. 


Girls Red Dragon Girl Geisha Costume - Japanese Geisha Costumes

Black and Pink Ninja Costume for a Girl

Age 4-6, 7-8, 10-12

Dragon Ninja Child Costume - Medium (7-8) Dragon Ninja Child Costume

What an awesome costume! This Dragon Ninja girl costume has a black oriental style dress with pink and gold details. 

The sash has a beautiful dragon design on it - perfect as 2012 is the year of the dragon. 

The headband and legwarmers are included and the other accessories shown can also be purchased. 

This costume comes in kids small, medium and large sizes. So it's a good choice for preschoolers, little girls, big girls and tweens. 

It's a nice combination of very pretty, and rather dangerous! If this costume is going to be worn out trick or treating then adding some black tights or leggings under the costume would be a very good idea!

Unlike so many kids costumes this one actually gets very good reviews. 

Were there really female Ninjas?

Were there really female Ninjas? Well yes there were and they were called Kunoichi. They were trained in the martial art of Ninjitsu and the art of stealth. But they were also given additional training in psychological techniques. This was a powerful combination which made female ninja very dangerous indeed! 

Teal Dragon Ninja Costume (Turquoise Blue)

Small, Medium, Large Child Sizes

Teal Dragon Child Costume-Medium 8-10 Teal Dragon Ninja Girl Costume

Not all girls want to pink! This gorgeous teal costume offers a good alternative. 

It features a long teal top with a dragon design. The top is very long at the back to give a train. You also get the black obi sash and matching teal headpiece. 

Note that the black pants are not included so you will need a pair of black leggings or pants to go underneath. 

Would Female Ninjas have Dressed in Pretty Clothes?

Would female Ninjas have dressed in pretty clothes or just black Ninja outfits? Well it would have depended in their mission. Because they used techniques of persuasion, they would certainly have dressed in beautiful clothes that fitted the part they were playing. But they would have needed freedom of movement in case use of their ninjitsu training became necessary. 

Black and Red Girls Ninja Costume

Girl Ninja Costume - Girls Ninja Costumes - Asian Costumes



Girl Ninja Costume - Girls Ninja Costumes

This red and black girl Ninja costume is very striking!

The face covering makes it very dramatic. 

This costume comes in small, medium and large sizes. 

It's definitely sophisticated enough for older girls and tweens. 

The very cool boot tops are included - they are attached to the jumpsuit. 

The black velvet and red foam armor look amazing together. 

Famous Female Ninjas

Are there any famous female Ninjas that you can dress up as? Definitely, well fictional ones anyway. Here are a few ideas:

  • Nya from the Lego Ninjago Universe is skilled in Spinjitzu and fights with two daggers and a staff. She doesn't have the training that her brother does, but that doesn't stop her!
  • Ten Ten is a female ninja or Kunoichi in the Naruto anime and manga series. She believes that girls can fight as well as boys. 
  • Amanda from the Supah Ninjas TV show is a modern day Ninja character. 
  • In the Crouching Tigger, Hidden Dragon movie, Jen (Zhang Ziyi) is skilled in an ancient martial art and is seen in a black ninja costume when she needs to use stealth and disguise her identity. 
  • Venus de Milo is a female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 
  • Jinx from G.I. Joe comes from a Ninja clan and has expert skills. She's in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie in 2012. 
  • There have been lots of female Power Ranger Ninjas through the different shows.
  • Many more female Ninjas have appeared in Japanese video games, anime and manga.  

More Ninja Costumes for Girls

Red, Purple, Pink, Blue
Purple Dragon Ninja Child Costume
Only $26.09
Child's Pink Dragon Ninja Costume - M...
Only $19.98
Jewel Dragon Ninja Costume by Califor...
Only $30.99

This Ninja Costume comes in lots of different colors: purple, pink, red, blue. I know lots of girls have a favorite color and want a Ninja costume that's just right!

These ninja costumes include black pants and a black Kimono with a dragon design and colored edging. The matching headband in also included. 

Ninja Girl Wigs

California Costumes Vampire Child Wig
$15.11  $10.5
Ninja Girl Child Wig
$17.59  $6.99

Lego Ninjago Nya Costume

The black and red dragon costume above works well for a Ninjago Nya costume. Nya has darked bobbed hair so you can add the red and black vampire wig for an amazng Nya costume. 

Nya from Lego Ninjago

She doesn't let the guys have all the fun
Lego Ninjago 2172 Nya
Only $49.95

Ninjago Nya Costume
More ideas on dressing as Nya from the Lego Ninjago universe. The girl knows how to fight!

What Weapons did Female Ninja Use?

A trained female Ninja would have been dangerous with any Ninja weapon! They often used smaller weapons like daggers because they could be concealed more easily. They also used hair pins, fans and parasols as weapons or at least to buy then some time. They might look pretty, but in the right hands, they become weapons. They would also been knowledgeable about different poisons and subtle techniques to disable their enemies. Kunoichi (female ninjas) would also have engaged in information warfare - they would have gathered and kept information that could be used against someone. 

Ninja Weapons

A girl Ninja needs some weapons!
2 in 1 Hidden Ninja KnivesRaphael Costume SaisDeluxe Ninja LED Light up Sword with ...
Only $17.99

Concealed knives make a good weapons for a female Ninja. No one will know what they are until she wants them too! Small daggers or sais work very well too. 

But if she wants a flashing ninja sword with sounds effects, well that's awesome!

A wooden hair pin makes an excellent weapon for a girl Ninja. It's easily concealed and looks very pretty. But she can do a lot of damage with that point! (Don't worry these are just ordinary hair pins!)

A Japanese umbrella makes a very pretty accessory for a girl Ninja. But if you get on the wrong side of her, she can use it very effectively!

Female ninjas did use their fans as weapons. If you choose a performance fan, these are quite large and sturdy fans which would be quite effective in battle!

You can get some fun Ninja-themed jewelry. How about Ninja earrings or throwing star earrings! 

I love the Mini Sai necklace and hte Shuriken (Ninja throwing star) necklaces. Another option is to choose dragon-themed jewlery, that fits very well with the theme. Legends of dragons are intertwined with oriental martial arts. 

Ninja Jewelry for Girls - Pendants

Drakon Dragon Pendant Collectible Nec...
Only $10.89
Necklace - Mini Sai
Only $8.99
Naruto: Shuriken Throwing Star Anime ...
Only $13.83

A ninja girl will also need a bag to carry her accessories and smaller weapons. You could choose a pretty silk shoulder bag. The deep pink travel neck pouch is also available in lots of different colors to match any ninja girl costume (click on the picture to see the options.)

A the cute Ninja bunny backpack will work perfectly if you go with a black ninja costume. 

Tabi boots with split toes would be the authentic footwear for a Ninja, and suede snow boots can come quite close to that look. 

But if a female Ninja wanted to blend in then she would have worn more traditional footwear like platform thongs. 

For little girl Ninjas a pair of pretty ballet flats works well. Don't forget some nice thick tights, leggings or thermal underwear under the costume if you're going out trick or treating. 

Kunoichi T-Shirt

For a Black Ninja Girl Costume
Caution: Kunoichi Humor Women's Dark T-Shirt by CafePress
Only $35.50

Girl Ninja Black Costume

One option for a teen Ninja is to dress all in black with heavy dark makeup to the eyes and a few accessories and weapons (see above). 

Wearing the Kunoichi (female ninja) t-shirt above is a nice touch for a teen Ninja girl Halloween costume. There won't be any confusion over what you are and everyone will know to beware!

Makeup for a Teen Ninja

Older girls and teens will like this dark makeup if they are going for a scary ninja look. Very appropriate for Halloween!

Ninja Eye Makeup

Ninja Head Scarf from a Black T-Shirt!

Quick Ninja Headscarf

In this video Michelle Phan shows you how to quickly turn a black t-shirt into a Ninja head scarf for your costume. Very neat. 

Kunoichi Definition

is the term for a female ninja or practitioner of ninjutsu.

Ninjas were assassins up for hire in ancient Japan. They were know for their stealth and ability to infiltrate and sabotage. They were trained in martial arts - their style of combat is known as Ninjitsu.

The kunoichi or female ninjas were also able to use their personal skills to get close to people and either harm them or extract information from them.  

Some modern day female martial experts use the term Kunoichi and it is also used in modern Japanese pop culture. 

A ninja girl costume is a great choice for a girl who practices a martial art such as Kung Fu, Judo or Jujitsu.

It's also fun for any girl who wants an active costume and wants to be able to have fun striking martial arts poses, rather that just being a passive princess. 

More Ninja Costume Ideas

A selection of the best ninja costumes for boys. Lots of costume ideas for kids who want to dress up as ninjas.
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Shaz on 01/20/2012

Really interesting article, thanks for doing all that research. The young girls are going to have a ball with this one!

TerriRexson on 01/19/2012

Thanks Angel! This turned out to be really interesting. I didn't know much about real lady ninjas before. I knew the costumes would look really cool. I wanted to make sure girls are well informed if anyone tries to tell them that ninja's weren't girls.

Angel on 01/19/2012

You have it all covered. Wow.. I never thought there were so many options for ninja costumes for girls. I think I will talk my girls into dressing up like this for next Halloween. Great article. It shows you did your research.. love it.

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