Ninjago Hypnobrai Snake Tribe - Sets and Story

by TerriRexson

The Ninjago Hypnobrai snake tribe are one of the five Serpentine peoples of Ninjago. Find out all about them and where to collect Hypnobrai minifigures and spinners.

Ninjago Hypnobrai Snake Tribe

The Hypnobrai Snake Tribe are one of the new enemies for the Ninjago Ninjas in 2012.

There are 5 Serpentine snake tribes altogether. The Hypnobrai have the power to hypnotise their victims.

In this article we'll find out all about the members of the Hypnobrai snake tribe and look at which sets you can find them in to build your collection of Hypnobrai minifigures, spinners, vehicles and locations. 

Lego Ninjago 2012 Characters: Hypnobrai

Ninjago Hypnobrai Tribe

The Ninjago Hypnobrai Tribe are one of the five ancient Serpentine peoples of Ninjago. The snake people are the 2012 enemy for Ninjago Ninjas. 

The Hypnobrai snake people are blue with yellow and white detail. 

Their special power is hypnotism! When fighting the Hypnobrai the ninja must be careful not to look them in the eye or they will fall under their power. 

There's an anti-venom that acts an an antidote to Hypnobrai hypnotism but it's in a vial in the Golden Hypnobrai Staff. 


New for Summer 2012

Mezmo is a Hypnobrai guard.

We get the Mezmo minifigure in the Lego 9555 Mezmo booster pack for Summer 2012. Available now. 

This is a booster pack so it includes the Mezmo minifigure and lots of weapons and accessories, but not a spinner. 

LEGO Ninjago 9555 Mezmo

LEGO Ninjago 9555 Mezmo
Only $84.99

Hypnobrai Snakes

You can find out more about the Hypnobrai snake tribe and the other snake tribes in the Lego Ningago Reader Book: Rise of the Snakes. 

Rise of the Snakes Reader #4 shows to Hypnobrai snakes on the cover. They are being dealt with by Kai, the Ninja of Fire. Don't look at their eyes, Kai!

Lego Ninjago Rise of the Snakes

LEGO Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes (Reader #4)
$1.24  $9.99

LEGO Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 9446 with Hypnobrai Slithraa and Skales

LEGO Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 9446

LEGO Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 9446
Only $79.99

Destiny's Bounty with Fangpyre Snakes

The Ninjago Destiny's Bounty is one of the large set in the Ninjago 2012 snakes theme. 

This is a Hypnobrai-themed set featuring Hypnobrai General Skales and Hypnobrai warrior Slithraa. 

Serpentine generals don't have legs so the Hypnobrai minifigure with a tail is General Skales. It wasn't always this way though ...

(Former) General Slithraa

General Slithraa was in command of the Hypnobrai but he was defeated by Skales, then his second in command. 

Serpentine Generals don't have legs, they grow a tail instead. As a General, Slithraa has a tail and no legs. When he lost command he lost the tail and grew legs. 

Ninjago Hypnobrai Rattla

Rattla Minifigure and Spinner

Rattla is a member of the Hypnobrai tribe. The Rattla minifigure can be found in the Ninjago Snakes Spinjitzu starter set #9579. 

Rattla has a blue face with red eyes and fangs. Careful, don't look into the eyes of a Hypnobrai - they can hypnotize you with a stare!

In this set Rattla comes with 3 weapons including a Hypno Viper snake staff (actually a live snake minion!)

Rattla has a yellow Spinjitzu spinner with a cool purple and yellow snake crown. 

LEGO Ninjago Starter Set 9579

LEGO Ninjago Starter Set 9579
Only $19.99

Rattla Spinjitzu Game Card

Rattla Spinjitzu Game Card
View Rattla's Spinjitzu Game Card online and check out his powers.

Hypno Viper Weapon

The Hypno Viper Weapon is actually a Hypnobrai minion snake. When used as a weapon a Hypno Viper can put victims into a state of confusion which makes them easier to hypnotise by a Hypnobrai snake. 

This weapon appears in both the Lego 9579 starter set and Cole's Tread Assault. 

Lego 9444 with Hypnobrai General Skales

LEGO Ninjago Cole's Tread Assault 9444

LEGO Ninjago Cole's Tread Assault 9444
Only $248.88

Cole's Tread Assault with General Skales Minifigure

In Lego 9444, Cole's Tread Assault, there's a Hynobrai General Skales minifigure.

Skales is trying to stop Cole from taking the Hypnobrai Golden Staff which contains a powerful anti-venom which can reverse the effects of Hypnobrai hypnotism. 

Golden Hypnobrai Staff

The Golden Hypnobrai Staff belongs to the Hypnobrai General Skales. It's a powerful weapon and also contains a vial of anti-venom which can reverse the effects of hypnotism caused by a Hypnobrai stare or tail shake. 

Hypnobrai Rattla in Kai's Blade Cycle

LEGO Ninjago Kai's Blade Cycle 9441

LEGO Ninjago Kai's Blade Cycle 9441
$28.99  $24.99

Kai's Blade Cycle with Rattla

The Rattla minifigure is also available in the Kai's Blade Cycle set. This is a good way to get the Rattla minifigure for kids who are interested in collecting the Lego Ninjago model sets. 

This time Kai is trying to get the Hypnobrai golden staff with it's anti-venom back from Rattla. 

Lego Ninjago Hypnobrai Sets

LEGO Ninjago Starter Set 9579

bPower up your Spinjitzu battles with the Starter Set!/bSpin your way to victory with the Starter Set! Build the Spinjitzu Arena, pick your character and play the cards to ...

Only $19.99
LEGO Ninjago Cole's Tread Assault 9444

bCapture the Hypnobrai snake staff and zoom away in the Tread Assault vehicle with the LEGO Ninjago Coles Tread Assault (9444) building set!/bThe General of the Hypnobrai ...

Only $248.88
LEGO Ninjago Kai's Blade Cycle 9441

Lego Ninjago Kais Blade Cycle.

Only $14.99

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