Ninjago Constrictai Snake Tribe Sets and Story

by TerriRexson

The Constrictai are one of the five snake tribes of Ninjago who have returned to challenge the ninjas. Find out all about them and which sets they are in.

On this page we'll take a look at the Constrictai snake tribe who are causing trouble for the Ninjago ninjas in 2012.

The Constrictai minifigures are starting to appear in Ninjago sets from Summer 2012. We'll highlight the sets that you need to collect to get the Constrictai tribe minifigures. (They are included in some brilliant sets.)

Lego Ninjago Constrictai Trailer

Constrictai Snake Tribe

The Constrictai are one of the five ancient snake tribes of Ninjago. They are one of the later tribes to start appearing in the sets, but now in Summer 2012 we are starting to see Constrictai minifigures. 

The Constrictai colors are black and orange and some of them have spikes. 

The Constrictai have the ability to make it hard for people to breath - they choke or strangle them. (Like a boa constrictor.) The Constrictai staff can undo this effect. 

The Constrictai also have the ability to tolerate toxic bogs. 

The Constrictai have underground caves and tunnels. 

Constrictai Skalidor

Skalidor is the Constrictai General. This means he has a snake tail rather than legs like the warrior and scout Constrictai. 

Skalidor is a black snake with an orange front and lots of spikes. He also has fangs. 

He's the one in the Constrictai video above. 

General Skalidor appears in the Epic Dragon Battle set along with Chokun, a Constrictai warrior. 

The Epic Dragon Battle set is the big set for the Summer 2012 Ninjago range. 

LEGO Ninjago 9450 Epic Dragon Battle

With General Skalidor and Chokun
LEGO Ninjago 9450 Epic Dragon Battle
Only $119.99

The Epic Dragon battle includes the Great Devourer and the huge 4-headed dragon. The set has 7 minifigures including the two Constrictai:  Lloyd ZX, Jay ZX, Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon, General Acidicus, General Skalidor and Chokun. (Note that Lloyd ZX is wearing green!)

Constrictai Chokun Appears in this 2012 Weapon Pack

Get the Chokun Minifigure

There's a new Ninjago Weapon pack out for Summer 2012 which includes the Constrictai Chokun minifigure. 

Chokun has an orange body and legs with dark gray arms and head. And he had fangs. His head is a different style to the cobra-type headpieces we have seen on previous snake minifigs. 

Chokun is a Constrictai soldier so he has legs. 

You also get a Constrictai spinner with weapon attachments and Constrictai orange crown in this set. And also a snake weapon. 

LEGO Ninjago Weapon Pack 9591

LEGO Ninjago Weapon Pack 9591
Only $19.99

Samurai Mech with Constrictai Figures

The Samurai Mech set is awesome for Constrictai minifigures. Well it's a very cool set anyway - you get Samurai X with her amazing Samurai Mech. 

But you also get two Constrictai snake minifigures: Snike and Bytar. They also have a snake catapult in this set. And you also get the Constrictai fang blade with its orange anti-venom capsule (handy when the Constrictai are around!)

Snike is a Constrictai scout and has a small head with lots of scaley detail.

Bytar is a Constrictai Warrior. He's black with a big head with lots of spikes - very cool! 

LEGO Ninjago 9448 Samurai Mech

With Bytar and Snike Minifigures
LEGO Ninjago 9448 Samurai Mech
$184.9  $179.4

The Golden Constrictai Staff

The golden Constrictai staff appears in the Rattlecopter set. 

Constrictai on eBay

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