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by TerriRexson

A selection of fun party favors for a pirate party. Pirate swords, gold coins, eye patches and lots more ideas.

A pirate party is lots of fun for a wide age range of kids. Preschoolers and little kids love to dress up as pirates and older kids love to hear scary pirate stories.

A pirate party needs pirate party favors and I've collected together my favorites on this page. I've included selection of filled pirate party favor bags and individual pirate party favors you can use to fill your own pirate party bag or box.

I've also included lots of fun party activity ideas that you can run using the party favors. You don't have to just give them out at the end of the party. Some can be collected during the party as kids complete activities, or given as prizes.

Pirate Party Favor Set

Filled pirate party favor bag

Pirate Party Favor Set


If you want a quick and easy way to get fun pirate party favors for your pirate party then you could choose this filled Pirate Party Favor Set

You get a pirate party favor bag with an inflatable pirate sword and eye patch for role play, a pirate flag and figure, stickers and a stamper. 

You could consider taking the pirate swords out of the party bag and blowing them up and giving them out in the last few minutes of the party - you don't want your little pirates going too crazy before that!

The inflatable sword is more impressive when inflated and you can pop a piece of cake and some candy in the favor bag. Choosing a prefilled party bag saves time.  

More Pirate Party Favors

I find that eBay is a great place to get party favors. You can often buy small packs of 12 small items that you can pick and mix to create your own pirate party bag. 

Pirate party favors to look out for include:

  • Pirate bandanas
  • Pirate temporary tattoos
  • Pirate eye patches
  • Pirate stickers
  • Pirate telescopes

See: Pirate party favors on eBay

Pirate Party Favors on eBay

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Favor Pack

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Favors

For the preschool and kindergarten crowd, Jake and the Neverland Pirates party favors will be a popular choice. You can usually find a 48 piece favor set on eBay which includes favor bags and official Disney licensed party favors. You get pencils, backpack clips and other favors for eight children. 


Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Supplies

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party Supplies for a fun pirate party for little kids.

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Favors

Or perhaps your pirate party is for older kids? You could choose a Pirates of te Caribbean 48 piece pirate party favor packs. 

The party favor bags are included and you get official Disney Pirates of the Caribbean party favors for eight party guests. The favors include pencils and eye patches and other small gifts. 

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Party Favor Pack

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Party Favor Pack

Pirate Telescopes

Pirate telescopes are a classic pirate party favor which kids will have lots of fun with.

This set of 12 red and black pirate telescopes is inexpensive and includes telescopes that extend just like a real pirate telescope. 

12 Pirate Party Favor Telescopes

12 Pirate Party Favor Telescopes. 5"
$7.99  $5.35

Pirate Inflatable Balls

Inflatables are always lots of fun and look impressive for the cost, especially if you blow them up before giving them out. 

You could blow up these pirate beach balls and then hang them in a net from the ceiling as a party decoration. Then at the end of the party, let the net down and let all the kids grab a ball. It makes a fun alternative to a pinata. 

Gold Dubloons

Of course you'll want some gold dubloons at a pirate party! You could just give out a drawstring bag of gold coins to each child as part of their party bag, but I think it's more fun to incorporate the gold coins into your party games and activities. 

A few ideas:

  • Give the pirate coin bags out empty at the beginning of the party and then hand out a coin to each child for each completed party game or activity so they earn their treasure. 
  • Bury all the coins in a sandpit and let the kids dig for treasure. Tell the kids how many coins they are each allowed. 
  • Hide the coins and send the kids on a pirate treasure scavenger hunt to search for treasure. You could hide piles of coins (one per child) so that each child gets a coin when a stash is found. Or for older kids you could give clues that must be solved. 

One Dozen (12) Pirate Drawstring Bags with Gold Coins

One Dozen (12) Pirate Drawstring Bags with Gold Coins
Only $16.32

Pirate Duckies

With pirate party activity

Rubber duckies are a popular party favor and these fun pirate rubber duckies are great fun for a pirate party theme.

Why not turn them into a party game. If you're outdoors you could put some water in a paddling pool and let the kids take turns with a fishing net to catch a pirate ducky. If it's a hot day and okay for kids to get splashed, you could let them take off their shoes and roll up the legs of their pants like a pirate!

Having a water-based activity is perfect for a pirate party. (Be careful with water safety. Have an adult stationed at the paddling pool while it contains water.)

If you are indoors you could still use a paddling pool just leave out the water. You could fill it with play balls or packing noodles and still let the kids catch a duckie with their nets. 

12 Mini Pirate Rubber Ducks Duckie Ducky Party Favors

One Dozen (12) Mini Pirate Rubber Ducks Duckie Ducky Part...
Only $8.69

500 Assorted Pirate Foam Craft Stickers

500 Assorted Pirate Foam Craft Stickers

Pirate Foam Stickers

Pirate foam stickers are an inexpensive and flexible party favor. You can pop a few in a pirate party bag so kids have a few extra things to discover. You can give them out as small prizes during a pirate party or you could use them for a craft activity. 

If you pick up some small notebooks then you can let kids decorate them to create a pirate log book. 

A craft activity is a good way to entertain kids for a while at a party, but you don't want anything too complicated. The kids need to be able to complete the activity quickly so you can fit in other party activities and games. 

Sticking pirate stickers on a log book is quick and easy and the kids get their own pirate log book to take home. 

Pirate Party Favor Boxes

Of course you'll want somewhere to put all the pirate party favors. These treasure chest treat boxes are perfect. 

You get 12 treasure chest party boxes in a pack and kids will love to leave the party holding their own mini treasure chest full of goodies. 

Treat Boxes, Treasure Chest Design

Treat Boxes, Treasure Chest Design (1 dz)
$16.97  $7.79

More Pirate Party Ideas

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party Supplies for a fun pirate party for little kids.
Make your own pirate party picks, flags and decorations to print out and assemble. And a selection of pirate party supplies to buy too.
Instructions for making a pirate ship cake with template, pictures and recipe. Quite easy to make but looks very impressive.
Instructions for making a Pirate Island Cake with Treasure Chest. Pictures and recipe are included.
Updated: 03/30/2012, TerriRexson
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Shaz on 03/31/2012

Such a fun idea for the kids! I love the little rubber duckie pirates, so cute!

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