Planning Christmas Decorations Can Be a Pleasant Experience

by blackspanielgallery

Christmas may well be different this year, but there are things one can do to prepare for Christmas, and lift the spirits, regardless of the form it might take.

Planning for adding Christmas Decorations is like planning for most pleasant activities. The anticipation brought about by thought and actively planning can exceed the activity or event in happiness.

In 2020 we need diversion from the restrictive lifestyles we are enduring. A good diversion is to plan for a happy event.

One unknown is what Christmas might look like this year, or in any other year in the future. We can consider the strong possibility that large gatherings might be out, even if the virus is under control. Large gatherings can be expensive, and many people and companies will likely still be feeling adverse effects.

So, what can we do to make the season enjoyable?

Drive Through Christmas Displays

Here, we have a large park that is decorated for Christmas.  People drive past Christmas decorations at a slow pace, and if the weather permits opening the windows Christmas music can be heard.  Whether walking among the lights this year will be allowed is uncertain, but the area is so large it may well be.  

Decorating outdoors offers a way of sharing Christmas with others.  And, you can enjoy your own decorations as well as those provided by others.  So, add tasteful outdoor Christmas decorations and brighten the season. 


Decorations can include lights, path markers, Christmas inflatables, and other lawn decorations.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorative lights can be easily found in low energy LEDs, but did you know there are now solar power, environmentally friendly decorative light readily available?
Christmas lights lining the walkway to your home, or decorating your garden can add so much to the brightness and cheer your Christmas decorations exude.

Indoor Christmas Decorations

Indoor Christmas decorations should include a Nativity Set and a decorated Christmas tree.  Other items like centerpieces and Christmas village pieces certainly can add much.


Decorating a Christmas tree can be done with a theme, or decorating a Christmas tree can use of a mixture of ornaments.  Some very nice Christmas ornaments can be added for a special touch.  For some quality Christmas ornaments there are some other articles that address various types.


Quality Christmas Ornaments

Murano glass Christmas ornaments are quite artistic pieces, and come is a multitude of styles.
Thomas Kinkade Christmas art and Christmas decorations inspired by Thomas Kinkade can really brighten up Christmas. These pieces simply must be viewed to be appreciated.
Kurt Adler beautiful art pieces include glass Christmas ornaments. These Kurt Adler glass ornaments represent world famous scenes from many countries and cultures.
Nativity sets are popular during the Christmas season, but adding santons is unique to just a few places. It is a practice well worth considering.

Christmas Aromas

The aromas of Christmas dinner cooking, Christmas cookies baking, or even the scent of a Christmas tree add to the pleasantness of the season. 


Having small Christmas dinners, at least smaller than normal, might be necessary.  But aromas from the cooking can still permutate the home.  One might enhance these aromas, especially when no cooking is in progress, with scented candles. 


Having a small group gathered in the presence of the Christmas decorations, perhaps with curtains open so the beauty of the outdoor decorations can be seen from inside the home while singing along with Christmas music, can be enhanced by Christmas aromas.  

The Aroma of Christmas

Candles are popular at Christmas, and with the wide variety available they can be used in a multitude of decorative ways.
Pies are perhaps the easiest food to bring to a family dinner. Many pies can be kept at room temperature for long travel, and can add delight to the meal. Pies are tasty.

Preparation Is Fun

Remember, planning and preparation is part of the fun.  I personally find it quite enjoyable to look at the decorations available, scrolling from one to another.  Perhaps you too will find this a rewarding experience.


Related Activity

I recently added an article to Wizzley on Halloween decorations, and preparing for no trick or treaters.  It is similar in that the planning, and viewing of what is available in decorations, will help with giving a pleasant experience. 


The important thing is to stay in good spirits and have a good time by not letting the events of the times dampen your spirits.

Related Article for Halloween

Imagine a Halloween without trick or treat, and that could become the new normal. How can we adapt to the times?

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Updated: 07/22/2020, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 08/10/2020

Lockdown is affecting all of us. Yet there are those who gather in large groups and extend it by spreading the virus. The rest of us must find passive activities to cope, which is what was intended.

frankbeswick on 08/07/2020

If my gift is the usual one, which I thoroughly enjoy,it has to be made near to the point of giving.

Veronica on 08/06/2020

Frank .... yes of course i am ... although your christmas gift is always made on Dec 23rd .

Veronica on 08/06/2020

BSG Yes very true . Lockdown has affected me poorly and i have had little enthusiasm for anything. So ty for this .....
watch this space ...

blackspanielgallery on 08/05/2020

Thanks both of you for stopping by. I recall a few months ago Frank released an article just to uplift the reading community. I thought it a good idea. If we who are writing do not produce light pieces from time to time, who will?

frankbeswick on 08/05/2020

You are well-organised!

Veronica on 08/05/2020

How lovely to see this Christmas article amidst the gloom of the Crisis. TY BSG.

I have bought my first Christmas gifts for my great nephews and nieces and have parcelled them up already this week. I want to do things a bit more slowly this year.

blackspanielgallery on 07/24/2020

Thanks for the comment. Full planning is early, but seeing what is there if a good distraction.

Tolovaj on 07/24/2020

It's never too early to plan a Christmas! In our country some people say it's always a good time to wish somebody a happy new year - till 30th June for the current and after 30th June for the next one. Thanks for so many great decorating ideas!

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