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by TerriRexson

My two boys love watching Playmobil knights videos, but it can take ages to find the good ones. Here's a list of our favorite videos featuring Playmobil knights.

Watch Playmobil Knights Online

My sons are 4.5 and nearly 3 and they love watching Playmobil Knights videos online. In fact they are watching them now as I write this page (thank goodness for my widescreen laptop!) The problem is it takes some time to find the good videos amongst the ones that aren't suitable for little kids and the ones that are just not very good!

On this page I've collected together our favorite Playmobil Knights videos so that we can easily find them again and others can watch them too. We'll add more as we find them. Have fun!

Playmobil Dragon Knights Video

This Playmobil Dragon Knights Video is over four minutes long and shows an action-packed battle between the Red Dragon Knights and the Green Dragon Knights. This is really well made and the toys on the Playmobil Dragon Land range are clearly identifiable. My boys love to watch this and then recreate scenes with their Playmobil knights. 

The voiceover isn't in English but there's very little dialogue and the boys love it anyway. (Besides it doesn't hurt for them to hear other languages.)

Playmobil Dragon Land Video

More about the Playmobil Dragon Knights

Looking for the Playmobil Dragon Knights range? We've got lots of great toys to choose from whether your on the side of the Green Dragon Knights or the Red Dragon Knights.

Playmobil Knight Video Game

The next video is the trailer for the Playmobil Knight Video Game for Nintendo DS. The boys love to watch it. They have an older friend who has a Nintendo DS and they love to watch him play.

It won't be long before the older one is asking for a DS of his own and this does look like rather a good game. 

Playmobil Knights Game Nintendo DS

Playmobil: Knights
DreamCatcher Games
$6.34  $18.0

Playmobil Knight Video Game Trailer

For Nintendo DS

Playmobil Crusades Video

The next one is a stop motion video by a Playmobil fan, Playmobil:The Lost Crusades. It's very well made and my older son really enjoys it. Note that that Playmobil figures do get injured in this video. We recommend you watch it first and decide whether it's suitable for your child. (We're hoping to see a Part 2 at some point.)

Playmobil Legend of Dragon Land Video

See below for instructions
Playmobil Legend of Dragon Land
Playmobil Legend of Dragon Land

Playmobil Legend of Dragon Land Video

The story of the Dragon Knights

Saving the best until last, it's Playmobil Legend of Dragon Land. This video animation tells the story of Dragon land and how the castle and its dungeon got separated and the Green Dragon Knights and Red Dragon Knights became enemies. 

Now this one is a little tricky to get to, but it's worth it. You're going to need to click on the link below and then find the magician guy in the picture above and move the mouse over him. A sword will appear saying The Legend of Dragon Land - click on it and the video will play. 

Click Here to watch: Playmobil Legend of Dragon Land

Playmobil Dragon Land Castle and Dungeon

Watch the video above to find out how they got separated
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More Playmobil Knights

Looking for Playmobil Green Dragon Knights? This range includes dungeons, dragons, knights, a cannon and more. Everything you need to ensure that the Green Knights win!
Looking for Playmobil Red Dragon Knights? This range includes a castle, dragons, knights and more. Everything you need help the Red Dragon Knights to win!
Looking for the Playmobil Dragon Knights range? We've got lots of great toys to choose from whether your on the side of the Green Dragon Knights or the Red Dragon Knights.

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