The Art And Science Of PASSION

by Jerrico_Usher

Do we need to have the passion talk? I wrote this because I had that talk with myself years ago and this is the result. I hope to share my awareness of passion with you here.

To understand true passion lets define what that is first. Passion, the experience of it, is (in the loosest sense) the networking of all your senses including the emotions and chemicals releasing in throughout body that synergize. This creates an incredible experience. That experience (to maintain and build up) not only demands sharp and often willful discipline of everything at once (both your body and awareness of your lover, environment, and more), but most powerfully, naturally, and intensely it is the most efficient use of your entire network of pleasure centers all over your body and mind.

Passion is not just physical nor is it just emotional, chemical, or even a string of sayings, poetry, and the like. It's the convergence of mental, physical, and spiritual bodies that make up your life- expressed simultaneously outward towards something or someone. (this article is about romantic passion but all passion follows similar formats).

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Passion Exists In Pure Love
Passion Exists In Pure Love

(based on the first comment, I thought I'd add some love to the page- from the beatles themselves)


Body language and the Psychic connection

Senses are over stimulated in kissing; Its what makes it so darn sexy! Indulge in your lovers taste, smell, texture, and of course look at them, don't close your eyes the whole time! Connection and appeal is way deeper than just how someone looks, it's how they feel, taste, smell, look, sound and their personality. I believe that if you've gotten to know someone this is much more intense due to a rapport and psychic connection that rapport creates. (psychic doesn't mean new age in this article but rather rapport, connection, and a meeting of the minds, body language, and the like). Being on the same page means being tuned into each other to the point where body language and yes even the thoughts in your head are read more easily. Click the Google Penguin to read more about rapport/body language.

Physical telepathy
Physical telepathy


Telepathy? Psychic abilities?

Maybe... but for the sake of this article I'll keep this purely scientific.. There is a connection but it's not due to magic human abilities; Its very basic human behavior, science, and body language! 

There is a corresponding body movement, or network of movements for every thought in your head, so if you don't buy into the telepathic definition of "connection of minds" then realize that physically our bodies are telling the other person what we're thinking in intimate detail through pure body language.The deeper your understanding of their words, word patterns, background/perception base, awareness of their needs and wants/desires, and especially the connection between body and mind (physical telepathy).

How Does Physical Telepathy Work?(I call it Love telepathy)

When you get to know someone you start to like them, and you start to pay closer attention to their movements and things they say. This usually happens subconsciously but it can also be purposeful. You start to, due to intense attraction, bridge the connections (realize subconsciously) between what they say (actual words, language) and how they move and depending on how much time you've had (quality time together) together, you will be able to absolutely read them. Regardless of being consciously aware of this or not. Think of it like when you see someone point to a door you automatically know they are saying something whether it's leave, go away, that's our home entry etc...

There is an unspoken language and correlation between the thoughts in your head and your physical body language. Finishing another's sentence, for example, is just knowing what body language they are putting out and being able to guess pretty close to what they are ABOUT TO SAY BEFORE THEY SAY IT VERBALLY.

This is the reason when I meet someone in person I'm pretty quiet- in observation mode so I don't say anything that may sway them from saying what they were about to. I don't want them to decode my language before I get a chance to decode theirs!


Lover's Language:

The Deeply sensual and unspoken language of lovers that "Outsiders" cannot decode! 


Lovers Language
Lovers Language

The Language of Lovers is the intimate reading of your lover's body language, and connecting it to the thoughts associated with those movements. Like I said above if you spend quality time with your lover you develop an aptitude for reading their "intimate signals" pretty readily.

 Love Means Not Being Jealous- Because You Realize What You Have Nobody Else Can Give Them

How many married couples that are still very much in love and trust one another after 25 years do you see worrying about their partner looking at sexy people? I think it's pretty rare in couples who are confident in what they have.

The fact is if your truly in a remarkable relationship superfluous things like sex appeal, newness, intrigue, mystery, even sex, all don't even contribute a molecule in comparison to true love between two people.

There's literally nothing to worry about their lover straying because they both have something so far beyond earthly pleasures it would be ridiculous to cheat! They say Jealousy is more self love than love and this paragraph decodes that statement (if you didn't catch the meaning read the last few paragraphs again).

This is also how you seem to know "intuitively" or "instinctively" when they're not being true, when they are fantasizing about others, or when the passion in the relationship seems to be waning.

I describe the killers of passion in the "Decoding Jealousy" article, and although I touch on jealousy here I'd like to keep the passion alive in this article by not buzz killing it with the negative and selfish world of jealousy. (the jealousy article was once a part of this one and was removed to its own article for this reason).

Decoding Jealousy- click image to read


Strip Away The Lust, The Emotions, And The Infatuation And There is A Lot Of Rational Stuff Going On Here Most People Don’t Realize (and this is the core of what makes the sensual pleasures possible, powerful, and to what degree!)

The First Kiss is VERY Important! Use as many senses as possible

The first time you kiss someone you're very passionately attracted to (with all your senses) it's a shockingly wonderful and all encompassing feeling- like you found the gold at the end of a long beautiful rainbow! But as you develop more respect for them, the feelings you have for them increase and the sensory stimulation also increases. See my other article on: Intoxicating Kisses.

Sometimes different aspects of the person stick out.  Their smell, how they look, how their voice sounds when they talk to you softly or sexy in your ear. How they feel when they touch your skin, the softness of their hair, the sound of their breathing, the thumping of their heart, how they squeeze your arms, and sometimes its their taste that turns you on the most. I guarantee you though the more senses you're aware of the more intense you will feel them and remember the experience. The same goes for any memory forged in emotional carrier signals.

The very memory of the last kiss can make the next kiss twice as intense. Before you even kiss them dopamine is released based on the brains reward center's function. When you anticipate something you really want, then get it dopamine is released to force you to remember the successful event so you repeat it. If you don't successfully achieve your goal you feel like crap and that's to punish you so you work harder to achieve it the next time.

This lends some intense variety to kissing someone each time. It's like watching a movie and picking up where the story line left off- enhancing all the moments after it with the information before it!

Each Time You Kiss Your Partner or Make Love To him/her Especially The First Time...

If you know you're going to be kissing someone for the first time, realize this kiss will be a filter through which all following kisses will flow (unless a future kiss is so passionate it will override the first kisses "first impression"), so make it good. Utilize ALL her senses (and yours) in the interaction, especially the first time! (no nothing of an on a super intimate level (rounding the bases?) but in good taste for how long you've known him or her. 


Now that we've covered the art and science of passion, let's talk a bit about one of the most powerful "triggers" of emotion where love, intimacy, and memories are concerned- Music. I'll go slightly off topic to explain how music can help you build powerful passion.




The Power Of Music

The power of music is beyond what many realize. Music shapes how we feel, it's used a lot as a companion to learning more easily (memorizing) and our life's emotions are imprinted in our mind based on music we hear when we felt that emotion. Emotions are actually at the core a chemical reaction you express as emotion, but it's triggered- meaning music can be sculpted to trigger emotions on purpose. Think about how a movie would be without sound or sound effects, music beds/background music (supporting music).

That deep bass "fall" (from high sub sonic bass to the lowest earth shattering variety) is a perfect example of how we can quickly change emotions while watching a scene. THX the famous intro to most movies (to tell you it's using that technology) is another- that is one powerful track that reminds you of a lot of great movies! Triggered.

The Power Of Music

 In my journey to discover how sensory perceptions stimulates the different feelings of love I generated a retail CD I called "Dopamine: Ecstasy IV" (after watching a movie called dopamine!) and discovered that the actual emotions of love can be renditioned and re-experienced through calculated rhythms and binaural beats technology (emotion rendering among others technologies) and the right instruments (this and other products will be available eventually on

It works on the principal that your body makes all the sensations by triggering chemicals and interpreting sensations based on the information fed to it by the 5 senses mixed with your perceptions of life, good bad and so on..

This is clearly evident in hypnosis experiments where someone can both be told they're  drinking alcohol but in reality would be drinking water, but they are convinced its alcohol and this can make them think they're drunk. Their body chemistry will trigger as if alcohol was actually introduced into the body. They won't, of course, really be drunk or impaired (well maybe impaired), but they will "REACT" as if they were drunk based on memories of being drunk once upon a time. Try this, remember the last time you were drunk or out of sorts, and really crystallize that feeling. You will start to feel it if you focus enough and trigger your brain to start feeding you imagery or reverse sensory (feeling it from memory) input.

One can be told the seat they are sitting in is a stove and yet they cannot move, and when the person is snapped out of the hypnotic state their mind believed they were sitting on a hot stove and so the skin is red and even hot.. The power of the mind is staggering! These are actual case studies I read about (paraphrased of course). Google it for more information.

The Power Of Music




Brain Port - Remapping visual information to the tongue!

Proof that the senses can be swapped! Its all just signals interpreted by the brain! Each sense is multi-lingual!


The fact that you can rendition emotion by tricking the senses and mind shows how much control you have over making your partner feel wonderful!

I believe any emotion or feeling can be renditioned using stimulus not just actual experiences we're familiar with associating with the moment. This doesn't mean those experiences aren't much more natural and potent. This lends insight into how we experience a kiss, love and intimacy, and gives us insight into how to better experience it.

It also gives the other person more pleasure out of us by heightening our projection (through our senses like how we touch her, taste her look at her etc..) towards the other person.

The bottom line of passion is that it's almost pure information and emotion/chemical reactions that sustain it but to keep it you have to work at it and open your mind to what's actually happening in your romance, passion, and overall emotional balance and what triggers all of them.

Good Luck!

Updated: 02/03/2013, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 02/03/2013

...All you need it love... love... love... :) ah if it were that simple to just say that and people knew what it meant exactly- there'd be no war, no sourness... I just finished the counter article to this one (it's mirror image)- Jealousy...

Guest on 02/02/2013

"all you need is love"

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