Wizzley Tutorials

by nightowl

A collection of some of the best Wizzley tutorials, all in one handy package.

We'd like to think that Wizzley is easy and very intuitive to use. Your first stop for information should be our Help (FAQ) section. However, newbies to our community might appreciate having a collection of more in-depth tutorials about specific features, or the quality requirements of our site.

Most of these tutorials and guides were written by our members to lend a helping hand to fellow Wizzley authors. We'll curate and amend this list as necessary, so be sure to bookmark this page now for future reference.

Wizzley Basics, Official Rules of Engagement

To provide maximum value to authors and readers, Wizzley has established extended quality requirements and Wizz-Nots.

A Writer's Guide to Wizzley

by JoHarrington

One of our own, JoHarrington, has written an excellent book about the ins and outs of Wizzley. It's the perfect handbook for beginners and intermediate authors, but seasoned online writers will also find many useful tips to perfect their craft.

A Writer's Guide to Wizzley is available for download as ebook and now also as hardcopy print edition on Amazon.

Earning Money on Wizzley

With our revenue partnerships
Authors make money on Wizzley through impressions, clicks, and sales and share impressions with Wizzley. Do you understand how this works?

Wizzley Modules

Wizzley only has one Amazon module, but it can be used a number of different ways to add interest to your page. Join me to discover the various looks of Wizzley’s Amazon module.
Learn to add Amazon products to your sales pages in a catchy interactive format that looks great. Plus follow the ongoing study determining if it converts.
A Tweets RSS feed can add value for the reader to your article. It provides constantly updating content on your page.

Stats and Tracking

No, don't run screaming now, it is really not difficult to connect your Adsense and Analytics accounts and the benefits of doing so are huge!

Wizzley Community 101

These tips will help you write online profiles that are taken seriously by your visitors. Avoid creating a bad first impression and turning away your hard-earned traffic.
Offers three core ways to make quality comments on Wizzley and other social media sites to enhance the author's self-esteem and build relationships and community.

Quality Matters

Now more than ever
Writing quality articles that reach and engage your audience is not hard at all. It's actually very easy if you follow this list of basic do's and don'ts.

Promote Wizzley

For love (and money)
Promote Wizzley on your websites and blogs with these standard sized creatives. Generate additional income from your referrals.
Founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit is a social news website which has the potential to drastically increase your page views - but only if used correctly.


Didn't find the answers to your questions? Come visit our forums, a very helpful and friendly place, and we'll take care of you. Think you can write a better tutorial or have an idea for a new one? Awesome! If we agree we'd be happy to add it to this list.


Updated: 07/10/2014, nightowl

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