Wild Safari Animal Party Supplies - Roar!

by TerriRexson

A collection of wild safari animal party supplies to make your birthday party go with a roar! These party supplies work well for jungle and zoo birthday parties too.

A Safari Animal Party

My nearly five year old son is fascinated with wild animals, especially African animals - he got this from watching Go Diego Go! and lots of animal documentaries. The carnivores are his favorites. For his fifth birthday he has asked for an African birthday cake (I'm still designing that) and safari animal toys so I've been looking at wild safari animal party supplies to fit the theme. 

On this page I'll include lots of ideas for creating a wild-animal themed party. 


Zoology Deluxe Party Pack for 8

The Zoology Deluxe Party Pack for 8 is a perfect design for my son as it features a gorgeous leopard and other African animals. It's brightly colored but grown-up enough for my 5 year old animal lover. 

The basic set includes: 8 invitations, tableware for 8, 8 activity placemats (that's a nice touch), 18 balloons in Safari colors and a tablecover. 

The deluxe set adds more matching decorations, candles, confetti, centerpiece and a foil balloon. 

Click to Order: 

            Zoology Deluxe Party Pack for 8

Zoology Party Favor Box

Safari Party Favor Boxes - Filled

You can also get these prefilled party favor boxes to match the Zoology range: Zoology Party Favor Box.

The kids will love those binoculars and you could hand those out at the beginning of the party and use them in a safari (treasure) hunt game where kids have to find hidden safari animals. 

Do check the description as items do get substituted (for something appropriate) from time to time. 

Safari Jeep Photo Prop

Jungle Safari Photo Prop


I was thinking of making the front of a Jeep from cardboard as a prop. I'm not particularly artistic but could probably come up with something reasonable. 

This Jungle Safari Photo Prop is cheap and effective though. And it's available from the same place as the Zoology party supplies. 

Taking a photo of each child on safari to use in a thankyou note would be a nice touch. 

Click to order: Jungle Safari Photo Prop

Pith Helmets for Safari Rangers

Pith Helmet (set of 8)


Every Safari Ranger needs a Pith Helmet! If your budget runs to it then the kids will have a lot of fun wearing a Pith Helmet and they can take it home as a party favor too. I've also got my son a Safari Ranger Vest for his birthday so we can wear it at his party.  

Buying a set of 8 keeps the cost down. 

Click to order: Pith Helmet (set of 8)

Foam Safari Stickers - Decorate a Field Journal

Foam Stickers - Safari


A craft activity always goes down well with kids. Nothing too complicated or messy for this age group though. 

I'm going to make the kids simple field journals and let them decorate them with foam safari animal stickers. I'm using the foam animal shapes that are sticky so we won't need glue.

This is a good activity to offer as the children are arriving.

Click to Order: Foam Stickers - Safari

Lion Sleeps Tonight - Hippo

Musical Safari Rangers

My boys love the Lion Sleeps Tonight video with Hippo and Stan. It's very funny. We'll use this for musical safari rangers.

This is like musical statues except you're a park ranger who needs to keep still when the music stops so the animals don't see you. 

Getting kids to copy Hippo and Stan's dance moves is very funny!

Backyard Safari Camouflage Net

Backyard Safari Camouflage Net - Summer Gold

Create a Hide for Watching Wild Animals

We're going to use a camouflage net to create a hide in an area of the room. Five year olds love any kind of den. 

The backyard safari net in gold is perfect for camouflage on the Savannah! The kids can hide behind it and look for animals. 

The picture shows it draped over a play tent. That could work if you have enough room. 

African Animal Sounds

We found a great African animals sounds album on MP3. You can use this as a soundtrack or turn it into a game where the kids have to guess which animal is making the noise. Some of them are quite tricky!

African Kids Party Music

If you want to creat a real African atmosphere then this African music kids album is brilliant. The title track Drum like an Animal could be used as an activity to see who can do the best drumming - on tables, knees, pots and pans, the floor!

Safari Animal Birthday Gifts

Safari Animal Birthday Gifts
If you're looking for birthday gifts for a child who loves wild animals then you'll find a huge range here including animal figures and play sets, role play ideas, jigsaws, games and more.

Snake party favors for a snake themed party. Snakes work well for nature, safari and reptile themed parties.
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TerriRexson on 09/15/2011

Thankyou happynutritionist, comments like that really remind me to enjoy it while I can and create some great memories.

happynutritionist on 09/15/2011

I miss being able to give kids parties now that mine are grown...this looks like a wonderful theme for a party. I love animals.

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