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Are You A Flower Gardener?
Beautiful flowers and beautiful pictures. I can almost smell them. We used to live right by Iowa border in IL. I like the MidWest but can't stand the winters. We eventually ended up coming back to SoCal. Great page. Thanks for sharing.
CHalloran, on 06/03/2011
Growing Garlic
A friend of mine bought something called elephant garlic. It is a giant garlic, so so big. However it is not as strong as the regular ones. Have you ever heard of that?
CHalloran, on 06/03/2011
Low Carb Ham and Egg Pie
Looks delicious. I make something similar with just veggies. But I love ham too.
CHalloran, on 06/03/2011
Common Job Interview Questions and Interview Tips
Excellent interview questions and you are so right, practice makes a big difference!
petunia, on 06/03/2011
Hemifacial Spasm - Our Daughter's Story
Oh wow, I love for you to tell Kathy's story. She is so beautiful inside and out and I am so thankful that she is spasm free!
ohme, on 06/03/2011
The Inner Game of Tennis
Ron, I like the idea of "redirect negative energy ... into positive energy"... it is applicable in a lot of other activities as well. So very important are: the attitude, determination, and believing in ourselves. Thanks for a great ...
Michey, on 06/03/2011
Hemifacial Spasm - Our Daughter's Story
Amazing story. Thank you for sharing.
WebWriter, on 06/03/2011
Hemifacial Spasm - Our Daughter's Story
What a moving story and a great smile - Kathy has a lot to smile about today. It's a tale of expert diagnosis, a persistent and caring mother and the wonders of modern medicine. I have never heard of either the medical problem, Hemifacial ...
ronpass, on 06/03/2011
Very informative and great presentation of the post Regards
Michey, on 06/03/2011
Disney Stamps
Disney characters are adorable, I grow up with them and I love to use the stamps. You present your post very well. Thanks
Michey, on 06/03/2011
Coconut Macaroons - Tres Leches Recipe
Soooo delicious. I will definitely try this. coconut and chocolate is the perfect marriage.
CHalloran, on 06/03/2011
Posing Guide for Better Portrait Photography
Thanks for this. I'm very camera-shy, so I welcome any advice to help me feel more confident about being photographed.
_Joan_, on 06/03/2011
Building Self-Esteem Through Social Networks
Great tips and information. Social networking can be quite helpful for some people, I completely agree.
CHalloran, on 06/03/2011
Horseshoe Bend / Canyon Posters and Prints
Horseshoe Bend looks simply stunning - its depth, colors, perspectives and shapes are awe-inspiring. The photography in the posters is superb.
ronpass, on 06/03/2011
Poppies in Spring
Beautiful shots!
PeggyHazelwood, on 06/03/2011

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